Soviet Patriot 1990 № 94 Ivan.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: A. Krupnov

Operators: O. Pershin, G. Epifanov

Composers: D. Shostakovich


The film, with the help of photographs, tells about the life and fate of the generation of the USSR in the first half of the twentieth century, which passed the Great Patriotic War.

History | World War II | Domestic policy


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The rite of baptism of a baby in an Orthodox church.

Photo: peasant family at the tea table at the samovar.

A poster with the image of Lenin.

Photos: rural rallies of the collectivization period.

Demonstration at the collective farm.

Children at the tractor.

Anti-religious poster.

Photos: children at their desks in the early 1930s.

Pioneer events.

Children behind the Maxim machine gun.

Pioneers with shovels go to a clean-up day.

Sowing and harvesting on the collective farm.

Work on the collective farm for threshing grain.

Work on the grain flow, the face of a young man.

A holiday on the collective farm.

Portraits of a Komsomol member.

Poster "Motherland is calling!".

Photos of 1941: seeing off conscripts in the Red Army in one of the villages, the face of a young man in the photo.

Red Army soldiers in the trenches, fighting on the Soviet-German front.

The retreat of the Red Army.

The fighter wipes his face with a cap.

An abandoned Soviet tank.

The atrocities of the Nazi occupiers in the occupied territory.

Poster "Soldier of the Red Army, save!".

Photos of 1941-1942: the atrocities of the Nazi occupiers in the occupied territory.

Execution of underground workers.

The corpse of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.

Red Army units during the counteroffensive near Moscow.

The poster "Let's defend Moscow!".

Photos of 1941: fighting in the Moscow direction in November-December 1941.

Red Army soldiers on the defensive and during counterattacks.

Counteroffensive near Moscow.

A wounded Red Army soldier.

The wounded are in the hospital.

Red Army soldiers during the fighting of 1942-1943, defensive battles and counterattacks.

Performance of the singer L. Ruslanova before the Red Army soldiers and commanders.

Portrait of a soldier.

Red Army soldiers on the front line write letters home.

A smoking Red Army soldier.

Performance of artists of one of the frontline concert brigades in front of the soldiers of one of the military units.

Photos of the offensive actions of the Red Army units in 1943-1944, forcing water barriers.

A poster with an image of a Red Army soldier drinking Dnieper water from a helmet.

Photos of the rest of the Red Army soldiers between battles.

Photos of the Red Army's military operations to liberate the territory of the USSR in 1943-1944.





Photo collection; Visual Arts
Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos reflecting the work of military doctors in hospitals, performing surgical operations.

Photo of one of the wounded.

Photos of wounded and recovering soldiers lying in hospital wards.

Photo of a film session on the front line.

Poster of the Great Patriotic War.

Photos from 1943-1944: Red Army soldiers are fighting.

Red Army units on the offensive, fighting for settlements, liberation of cities and villages.

Funerals of comrades-in-arms.

A soldier with a rifle in the guard of honor at the grave.

Mourning rallies during the funeral of fallen soldiers and officers.

Red Army soldiers on the march.

Photos of battles for railway junctions.

Soldiers in positions on the railway embankment.

Photos of columns of German prisoners of war.

Photos of the summer of 1941: Soviet prisoners of war behind barbed wire.

Captured Red Army soldiers bury their fallen comrades.

Photo of a column of German prisoners of war in 1944.

Photos of the fighting of the Red Army during the offensives of 1944-1945.

Photos of meetings of the Red Army in Bulgaria in September 1944.

Soviet troops are fighting to liberate European cities from the Nazis.

Soviet troops are fighting street battles in the ruins of Berlin houses in April-May 1945.

Photo of the Victory banner over Berlin.

Newsreel of 1945: the victorious warriors wave their hands from a passing car.

Meeting of the victorious soldiers at the train station, people with bouquets of flowers.

Arrival of the train with the victorious warriors at the Belorussky railway station.

Meeting with relatives and friends.

Soldiers pass by with bouquets of flowers.

Festive fireworks in the sky over Moscow, jubilant people on the streets of Moscow.

View of the river bottom, cartridges fall into the water.

Hands above the water hold the cartridge, throw it into the water, washing hands in the water.

Summer countryside landscape (panorama), views of fields and pond.


1945 1990





Photo collection; Victory Day
Holidays; Social life

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