Faces of Russia 2000 № 4 The feat of a year-long.

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About escape pilot Askhat Abbyazova from Afghan captivity.

The War in Afghanistan

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A man sits in a darkened theater.

Tent, deserted courtyard.

Beds without mattresses, chairs.

The figures painted on the wall.

Street in Afghanistan.

Man says (synchronously) about the events of 1995.

Fighter flying in the sky.

At the airport to greet the men.

Types of Kazan city: street, cars, trams

Woman gives interviews (synchronously) on the arrest of her husband in Afghanistan

Soft toys the piano.

At the piano sits a girl says (synchronously) about the father.

PNRM. the keys of the instrument.

Photos are on the table.

The woman with the girl on her knees gives an interview (synchronously) about Afghanistan.

Wooden houses, smoke coming from the chimney on the roof.

The Imam reads a prayer (synchronous) into the microphone.

PNRM. on the shelves of Church books.

In the mosque Muslims pray.

The janitor on the street with a broom sweeping the sidewalk.

Newspaper articles "the Taliban again refused to release the Russian prisoners", "Moscow try to force to release our pilots".

The life of Soviet pilots in captivity, collect water in the yard well.

Askhat Abbyazov, a former prisoner, gives interviews (synchronously and over) about the elections in which they participated, in Kandahar.

The planes are at the airport.

The story of the escape from Afghan captivity.

Aircraft moving on the airfield.

Operational shooting: inside the aircraft, which fled the Soviet pilots, after landing, the joy of meeting.

Wife Askhat Abbyazov says (synchronous and behind the scenes) how did you hear about the escape.

Husband with his wife and two children are walking on winter street.

Askhat Abbyazov says (synchronously) that never lost faith to return to her family.

A passenger aircraft takes off.




The Republic of Tatarstan