Coup in 1993. (1993)

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Scene №1 Coup in 1993

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Passing cars on the street.

People warm themselves by the fires at night, talking, sleeping - different plans.

Interview people (why they came to the White House).


The House of the Soviets.

People at the White House.

Banner on a metal fence, ""Wake up!

Coup d'etat!


In your hands - the fate of Russia! "

Fencing from a heating radiator.

Posters, slogans on the walls.

Police officers in body armor system.


The crowd at the rally.

Announcement on the wall: "The place for the formation of teams."

The procession of priests at its head.

The imperial flags.

People sing hymns.

People in the area.

Stones on the pavement.

The policemen behind the barrier.

The men dragged a concrete slab.

Dark corridor of the White House.

Cabinet without electricity, candles on the table.

People in offices.

Journalists, cameramen.

People in front of the White House (night).



People at the White House.

Posters on the walls.

Meeting of the Commission of People's Deputies.

Says the chairman of the commission.

Interview Ramazan Abdulatipov.

Riots in the streets.

Clashes with the police.

People break through the cordon.

The crowd in front of the White House.

Chant: "Fascism will not pass."


Performs Rutskoi from the balcony of the House of Soviets, calls for the seizure of Ostankino.

Performs Khasbulatov.

Interview with Ruslan Khasbulatov.


The crowd chanted: "Rutskoi - the president."

People break the fence.

People on the street.

Bloody soldier driving a fire truck.

Activists send people to the White House.

The wounded man lying on the ground.

People near the wounded man.

People on the streets, riots.

Cars with broken windows.

Police with shields covers the bridge.

People squabble with the police.

Screams, riots, clashes with police.

Police trying to calm people down.

Baburin held at the House of Soviets.


They run the war on the stairs City Hall, people running.


Trucks ram the entrance to City Hall on Novy Arbat.


Shoot through the fuel tank of the truck.

People burst into the mayor's office.

People in front of City Hall.

An elderly man playing the accordion, the people sing.

is commissioned police officers in flak jackets.

The crowd in front of City Hall.

The speakers on the roof of the first floor of the building.

There is a system of riot police wearing body armor, wearing helmets.

People on the streets.

Tent on the pavement.

Government House, the smoke on the roof, broken glass.

The tanks on the waterfront.

Storming the White House, firing artillery.

The tanks on the road, military vehicles.

The smoke from the windows of the Government House.

People in the City Hall.

Carry the wounded.

Men are hiding from the shots for the watering machine., Assist the wounded.

Men run down the road, are wounded.

People running.

The House of the Soviets.


City Hall.


The smoke from the windows of the White House.

Smoking White House.

Passes a man on roller skates.

People running.

From the windows of the Government House black smoke belching.

People running.

Key words



A.V. Ruckoj -- statesman and political figure
R.I. Hasbulatov -- statesman and political figure
R.G. Abdulatipov -- statesman and political figure




Moscow, Russia

Defense and internal security; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy