Corn ear eternal. (1984)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Kuznecov V.

Script writers: Kozlova E.

Operators: Shermergor E.


A film about the succession of the corn-producing profession, about a family team of machine operators in the Legostayevsky sovkhoz - the Tsiglimov brothers.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Steam over the field.

Blooming sunflowers.

River view from the meadow.

Village View.

River ferry.

Grain field.

Alternation: S.S.Tsiglimov controls combine photos.

Alternation: growers prepare harvesters to work, inspection ears. S.S.Tsiglimov works for harvesting with his son.

Oversleeping harvested grain.

Khleborob washes his hands. S.S.Tsiglimov son.

Machine operator.

Clothing on the ground.

Lunch break.

Machine operator sits in the harvester.

Alternation: harvesting, machine work with the technique, discussion of working problems.

Combine the sun.


People at the table.

Combine in a field at night.

People sing and rejoice.

Sunrise in the fog.

People unload boards.

Man takes off his horse.

Meadow grass.

The brothers come to visit the graves of their parents.

Steam over the field.

Village View. S.S.Tsiglimov.

Personnel news: mechanic M.P.Dubovskaya.

Alternation: photos, interviews with M.P.Dubovskoy.


The view from the combine cab.

Personnel news: harvesting during the war years.


Tsiglimov SS - Combiner-leader-Soviet agriculture, Hero of Socialist Labor.




Krasnoyarsk Territory



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Woman spinning spikes in his hands.

Farming in the field. S.S.Tsiglimov driving.


The machine crew.

On board the combine paint stars.

Reporter photographs farmers.

Storm clouds on the horizon.

Harvesting in the rain.

Dry wood. S.S.Tsiglimov looks at the clock and leaves.

Storm clouds.

Harvester works in the field.

The younger brother A.S.Tsiglimov.

Harvesting, view from the cockpit.

On board the combine paint stars. S.S.Tsiglimov.

On the bags is a girl.

Boy with cows in the field.

Children riding on a tractor with a trailer.

Herd of horses in the field.

He lit the fire.

Boy tending horses in the night.

A warning light on board the combine.

Harvesting at dusk.

Night work in the fields.

Machine operator exits the combine.

Combine in a field, with snow everywhere. S.S.Tsiglimov sweeps the snow from the combine.

Alternation: Field under snow, tells S.S.Tsiglimov.

Machine-repair technique.

Salvation harvest from under the snow.

Refuelling the combine.

Snow in the field dried grass.

S.S.Tsiglimov on the combine.

Haystacks on the far Farm Plan.

Bucs Wheel truck.

Harvesters working in the field. S.S.Tsiglimov.

The view from the car window.

The festive meeting Tsiglimovym brothers transmit the new processors.

The view from the car window.

Machine operators say goodbye to his friends.

Quote on the background of the photos.

Grain field.


Tsiglimov SS


Krasnoyarsk Territory