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USA - Test missile defense fleet under the name "Eygis" on the southern coast of California. USA - Manufacturing alarm and security systems for private cars. Rhodesia - Increased troop increase at the expense of blacks. From: army Training centers, the African soldiers marching on the parade ground, the white officers watch a training bout. China Rally in Beijing's capital Gymnasium in honor of the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the cultural revolution. Playing the first Secretary of the Beijing municipal Committee Wu both a member of the Beijing city party Committee ting Kuo Yu. China - Arrival of President of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto in Beijing on an official visit, meeting at the airport. Lebanon - Street fighting in Beirut, participating children and adolescents, on the barricades, in the streets; a meeting of representatives of the left forces under the chairmanship of Kamal Jumblatt. Lebanon - patrol the streets of Beirut. Lebanon - statement by the socialist leader Jumblatt to reporters that he rejected the offer of France to send troops to maintain peace in Lebanon. Lebanon - the Funeral of Linda al-Atrash, the sister of socialist leader Kamal jumblat; the shelling of Sabra area of Beirut. England - Israeli General Moshe Dayan, speaking at a rally in London. England - Secretary-General SEATO that member States SEATO decided to keep organization. England, Northern Ireland - At an arms depot discovered a gun with a silencer. Israel - UN Troops serving in the Golan heights; Syria decides to extend the mandate of the troops to stay for another 6 months. Germany - Air show-fair in Hanover, a demonstration of the combat aircraft "Tornado” Franco-Italian-West German production. Portugal - presidential Candidates. Taken: the Train arrives in the city of Porto for a candidate O. Carvalho, Communist rally in the arena in Lisbon, the performance of the candidate from the Communist Pato. South Africa - the Plot to the 15-anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of South Africa. Newsreel 1961-1976. Venezuela - protest against high living costs and police violence in Caracas.

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