The Downfall of the Romanov Dynasty. (1927)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Shub E.


The film about the events of the begining of the XX century: dethronement of the tsar Nicolay II and the February Revolution.

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Reel №1

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Newsreel 1900-1917gg.

The territory of the Kremlin, the Tsar Cannon.

Pass priests.

Are standing military, are armed detachments.

The people at the Red Square.

Is passing bailiff.

The building of the State Duma in St.


The meeting of the State Duma in St.


Big plans for members of the State Duma - Rodzianko Shulgin, Krupensky,

Purishkevich Miliukov Maklakov, Nekrasov, Rodichev and others.

Sleigh rides governor.

Provincial town.

The street are men, women and children.

In a public park.


The building of the monastery.

The priest goes to the apiary.

The priests talk with the boys.

Landed estates.

A herd of cows on the meadow.


Poor villages.

House Kaluga governor.

Peasant women in the field of tying the sheaves.

The Governor and his wife drinking tea in the garden, the servant was clearing the table.

It takes the court to know.

Are standing, talking, senators and officials.

The head of a monarchist press Suvorin - kr.

The newspaper "New Era".

Speaker monarch Illiodor.

Pass off peasants (kulaks).

Newspaper "Russian flag".

Nick 2 takes the bread and salt from the merchants.

Reel №2

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Newsreel 1900 1917gg.

Nicholas 2 with a group of military leaders.

Pass the Life Guards Pavlovsky and shelves.

Nicholas 2 Tsarevich Alexei yacht "Standart" bypass the sailors.

Daughter of Nicholas two Grand Duchesses on the ship's dance the mazurka.

Peasants digging, chopping down the forest, dragging the boat, plowing, mowing, knit bundles

threshed grain.

Smoke smokestacks.

The workers go to work.

Work in the shops.

Miners down into the mine, work in the pit, roll back trucks.

Work in the quarry.

Farmers with bags board the train.

Political prisoners out of the train car.

The guards are prisoners.

The building of the Alexander Central (penitentiary near Irkutsk) - PNRM., LS., CU.

Convicts working in the port - hauling bales on board.

May 27, 1913 - the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty:

Are members of the imperial family, the great princes and princesses - different.

Nicholas 2 pass with the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

"Uncle" is on the hands of Tsarevich Alexei.

Reel №3

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Newsreel 1914 1916gg.


Exchange Building, the people at the building.

Man locks safe.

Stockbrokers on the steps in front of the exchange.

Bank employees are working.

Gold bullion in the vault.

Men unloaded from the conveyor bags of money.

Elegantly dressed ladies out of the crew.

Rich goes public on the red carpet.

Stand, speak foreign generals.

Converse General Joffre and War Minister Millerand.

French President Poincaré and Prime Minister Brian sit in the stands in front of the crew,

crew departs.

The King of England George Y in the carriage.

Carriage rides.

George Y is surrounded by servants.

Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria bypass the soldiers.

German emperor Wilhelm 2 takes the parade.

Prepare Soldiers for war - soldiers jumping over a trench, work out techniques bayonet.

Columns of soldiers through the streets - are different.

Military equipment - balloon aircraft.

Pilot wears a helmet CU.utitsya propeller.

Production of shells in a munitions factory - different.

Finished shells, ammunition boxes - PNRM.

Shop military factory - PNRM.

The launching of a warship.

Navy ships in the sea.


Nicholas 2 generals bypass the cuirassiers, soldiers salute swords.

The Minister of War is in the group Sukhomlinov military talks.

Military Plant Vtorov - smoke smokestacks.

The factory building - PNRM.

Owner plants Vtorov - CU.

The workers on the shop floor at the bench - different.

Production of shells - different.

Finished shells - PNRM.

Warships at the shipyard.

Soldiers fulfill technique bayonet.

Pass "funny" regiments formed of students schools.

Trustee District stands before the troops "amusing" regiment.

Navy ships in the sea.

Sailors drayat deck.

Wardroom dinner in the officers' mess.

Story sailors in prayer.

Officers drink coffee, feed the dog.

Ship gun - CU.

Military ships at sea.

Waves - CU.

Russian Ambassador to France Isvolsky rides in an open carriage.

French President Poincaré, who arrived in Russia, rides in a carriage.

Military parade in honor of President Poincare.

Navy ships in the sea - different.

Reel №4

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Newsreel 1914-1917gg.

20.07.1914g. - Decree of Nicholas 2 on Russia's entry into the war.

The demonstration at the Palace Square.

Pass with banners and slogans of the military, civilians.

Pass priests.

The priest blesses the soldiers before being sent to the front.

Order of martial law.

Smoke smokestacks.

Go through the factory gates workers - different.

Building are troops.

The mobilization of the peasants.

Sail boat off to the shore waving their hands.

Pogrom of German firms in London.

The mobilization of troops in Europe.

Pass the soldiers of foreign armies - Various.

Drive through the military echelons.

Foreign troops in the East, in Egypt.

A foreign military train passes by military field camps.

The foreign legions are going into combat positions.

Passing carts, are soldiers.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Naval ships and submarines at sea.

Reel №5

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Newsreel 1914-1917gg.

Lighthouse (filmed at night).

1st World War:

Explosion - kr.

The soldiers have guns, tanks, cannons firing, soldiers running into battle - different.

Gallops cavalry are armed soldiers, explosions.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Take off airplanes.

An airplane in the air.

Drop the stricken airplane.

Shoot the ship's guns, the sailors load a gun.

Explosions in the water, sinking the ship.

Naval ships are firing.

Immersed submarine.

Dead soldiers in the trenches.

Destroyed towns and villages.

Pass soldiers who are wounded on stretchers.

The injured were put in a hospital train.

Medical personnel train assists wounded soldiers.

Passing convoy of refugees.

Hot cornfields.

2, and General Nikolai Alekseev at GHQ.

The headquarters of the tsarist army.

The commanders of fronts - Generals: Brusilov Yudenich, Admiral Kolchak and Nicholas

N. Romanov.

Rear - are captured soldiers, the women working in a munitions factory, queue for the


The funeral of the victims.


Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1917.


On the streets of Petrograd passing sleigh cars.

People are clearing snow.

First world war:

Sending troops to the front of replenishment.

The priest blesses the flue to the officers and soldiers.

Rewarding the soldiers at the front.

Soldiers hand out parcels.


The February Revolution of 1917.

The people at the Znamensky Square in St.


Are soldiers, passing cars with armed groups.

Soldiers on armored car.

The armed groups coming to the Tauride Palace.

Demonstrators held banners with.

Revolutionist Vera Figner - CU.

Members of the government - Guchkov Milyukov.

Purishkevich MS.edi soldiers.

The text of the Appeal Board Petrograd Soviet of Workers' Deputies, CU.estyanskih - photo.

Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet.

Sitting members - LS.

Chkheidze, Tsereteli, Kerensky - CU.

The revolutionary events in Moscow:

Held by armed soldiers.

Passing car with armed soldiers.

Demonstration in the Holy area.

Demonstrators in CU.asnoy area.

Are columns of workers at Vtorov with "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity", etc.

Pass disabilities first World War.

The crowd on the square in front of the State Duma.

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1917.

Revolutionary Petrograd - are armed soldiers.

With the truck dropped leaflets.

It takes a column with banners.

Are arrested police officer and detective.

Out of prison release as well.

Cost pass militia groups.

Armed guards at the entrance to the building.

The crowd in the square listening to the military, read a document of abdication

Nicholas 2 from the throne.

Text of renunciation.

Jubilant people.

Removed from the building emblems and symbols of autocracy.

Broken parts of the monument.

Are members of the Provisional Government, Kerensky, Chkheidze, Tsereteli - CU.

Burial in Petrograd victims of the February revolution.

Text of the order of Kerensky offensive at the front.

Troops on CU.asnoy area.

Monument to Alexander 2.

On the streets are armed soldiers, passing cars with soldiers.


Kerensky bypass the soldiers.

"Pravda" with appeals.

Newsreel 1917 1918gg.

Demonstration runs.


Lenin stands.

Lenin sitting in a car talking with a man.

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