Your image over Russia ascended .... (1991)

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Producer Film studio Otechestvo

Director: T. Pimenova

Anouncers: Voronov I., Danilina L., Kopchenko I., Kulinich A.


The film is dedicated to the history of the icon the Vladimir mother of God. The film includes shots chronicle of the revolutionary period, the description dedicated to the Vladimir icon of Russian churches, illustrations of Chronicles, archival photos.

Religion | Russian cities and regions | Architecture

Reel №1

The Vladimir icon of the mother of God.

The candle is burning.

Quote from the Revelation of St.

John the Evangelist.

Chronicle of the 1918 year:

Religious procession on red square.

Patriarch Tikhon blessing the people.

The crowd of people.

The view of the river.

Young leaves on a tree trunk.

Dome wooden Church.


Church behind the trees.

The spring flood.

The trunk of the tree.

Types of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

The monks accompany the old lady.

Old woman with prayer book in hand.

The pages of the book.


Book illustrations.

Temple painting.

The view through the grille.

Assumption Cathedral in Lavra.

The ruins of the churches.

Podtopleny shrub.

Temple painting.



The buds on the branches of a Bush.

The ruins of the Vyshgorod Cathedral of the assumption.



Panorama of the river.


Natural landscape.

The alternation of icons, burning candle ritual objects.


The candle is burning.

Fragments of the temple painting.

The natural landscape near the village of Bogolyubovo.


Tikhon (Bellavin VI) - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.




Moscow [820] Vladimir region [772] Kiev [933]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Vladimir assumption Cathedral in the night, the dawn.

The alternation of illustrations, types of Nativity Cathedral.

The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.

Temple painting.

Carved iconostasis.

Golden Gate in Vladimir.

The gate of the temple.

The candle is burning.


Descend the stairs.

Candle in the place of death of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky.

It is raining.

View of the Church.


The hands of the conductor.

The choir of the congregation.

Split screen: the icon above the city.

It is raining.

Staged shooting:

Feet walking on water horses.

Cavalry troops up the hill.

Horsemen outside the city walls.


The Cathedral in the smoke.


The bell tolls.

The candle is burning.



Panorama of the river.


Sretenka street in Moscow.


Sretensky monastery.


Vladimir assumption Cathedral.

Monks ringing the bell.

View of the temples of the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin.


A memorial sign on the Ugra river.

The view of the river.

Illustrations, page of the chronicle.


Moscow [820] Vladimir region [772]


Summer [824]

Reel №3

The car leaves from the Spassky gate, the sentries on duty.

The Moscow Dormition Cathedral.

The pictures on the pages of the book.

Ancient fresco.

The Cathedral of the assumption.

Temple painting.

Chronicle of 1917 year:

The Supreme command of the Russian army at Mogilev, a procession with the icon of the Vladimir mother of God.

Nicholas II, accompanied by officers.


The Church of the metochion of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.


Chronicle 1920-ies:

The explosion of the Church.

Relief bells.

The destruction of the temples.

People in the ruins.

The candle is burning.

The broken window.

Locked gate.

The metal ladder.

The Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Novaya Basmannaya street.

The temple of Martyr Nikita on Old Basman street.

Exit to Lubyanka square.


The vaults of the Tretyakov gallery.

The Church of the Vladimir icon of the mother of God in Yaroslavl.

Vladimirskaya Church on Bozhedomka in Yaroslavl.

Vladimirskaya Church in St.


Church in the village of Vinogradovo.

Church of the Great ascension at Nikitsky gate.

The construction of the temple, the master of the works at the dome.

Parishioners in the Vladimir Dormition Cathedral.

The worship of the Vladimir icon.

Dome of the Cathedral.

Parishioners in the Church, Patriarch Alexy II.

View of the temples of the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin.


The Patriarch blesses the people.

The crowd on the Cathedral square.

Bottom view of the bell tower of Ivan the Great.

Split screen: the icon above the Cathedral square.

Various versions of the Vladimir icon of the mother of God.


Alexy II (Ridiger am) - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. Romanov N.. (Nicholas II) -- the state, political and military leader, Emperor of Russia.


1917 1920е


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] St. Petersburg [814] Yaroslavl region [812] Belarus [845]


Summer [824]