Man is a mystery .... (1990)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: T.Iovleva

Operators: S.Belyaeva

Other authors: G.Gubachyova, V.Sokolov


The film tells about the relationship between man and the cosmos, to the end of the unexplored possibilities of man.

Reel №1

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Part 1.

A reporter interviews the academic A.A.Baeva (sinhr. and frame.).

Academician correspondent answers questions related to the origin of man on Earth and.

Doomsday (sinhr. and frame.).

Interior view of one of the temples; Royal Gates are opened, the priest comes out from the altar; woman holding a baby.

Newsreels: nuclear explosions and effects of explosions: ruined houses, trees with roots vyvorochennye.

Type of children with various malformations.

Midwife derzhin a newborn baby cries.

General view of the Church of the Intercession at Fili. says Fr Mark (sinhr.).

Using animation in the story of the cosmos.

Staged shooting involving Ballet.

Part 2.

Panorama of the spiral staircase in the building.

A reporter talks to academician A.Baevym (sinhr.).

Academician answers the question, devoted to genetically engineered (sinhr. and frame.).

Using animation in the story dedicated to the human genome; Preview genetic DNA helix.

Interior view of one of the laboratories where experiments are conducted on the human genome.

Academician A.Baev holds a meeting on the human genome.

One of the scientists says (sinhr.) on DNA fingerprinting, as a kind of new scientific technology.

Physician Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, talking with the patient, which will be done in vitro fertilization (sinhr.) talks about artificial insemination of donor participation.

Doctors are preparing to artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization is carried out.

Small children.

Part 3.

A reporter talks to academician A.Baevym (sinhr. and frame.). A.Baev answers questions about eugenics, the negative and cautious attitude to the subject and about the fate of the controversial eugenics.

The journalist asks questions about cloning academician brilliant people; A.Baev says that these projects are absurd is fundamentally impossible to predict the genetic content of the cells, all the while talking recombination cells.

German newsreel footage period 2nd World War (Gosfilmofond): a column of prisoners children of one of the concentration camps (next to them is a Catholic nun);

children out of the barracks;

view of a large number of newborn babies on the table, standing next nurses who select children moving conveyor with babies in diapers;

scientists of Nazi Germany conducted anthropological research on the subject of children set out the parameters of purity of the Aryan race: measured parameters heads and limbs in children.

Contemporary newsreels: punks, rock musicians, crying children.

Landscape: forest, river, field.

Children's choir sings in the background of the Smolny Cathedral in St.


Fr Mark (Catholic) says that man is a bit of a deity.

Types of St.

Petersburg: Palace Square, Alexander Column, Lions Bridge over the Griboyedov Canal, views Griboyedov Canal, houses along the canal.

Candidate of Technical Sciences Polyakov holds workshops on extrasensory perception with a group of doctors: teach them the methods of diagnosis by means of electromagnetic fields and biological fields (sinhr.).

Students demonstrate their ability V.Polyakova: in the absence of patient diagnosis put him (sinhr.).

Part 4.

Candidate of Technical Sciences Polyakov holds workshops with his disciples (sinhr.) teaches them the methods of diagnosis using psychic abilities and pandemotornoe letter; V.Polyakova students demonstrate their abilities.

5 part.

Polyakov with a group of his students diagnose a patients (sinhr.).

Types of vintage prints, paintings, icons.

Journalist talks with Academician A.A.Baevym on parapsychology (sinhr.). A.Baev says that parapsychology has no relation to the human genome, called nonsense everything related to UFOs, poltergeist, etc.

Head of the Center of imaginative memory I.Matyugin conducts classes with their students; purpose of these sessions - definition capabilities and capacities of the human (and sinhr. per frame.).

6 part.

I.Matyugin with his disciples in nature: in the yard, two young men kindle a fire, female doctor measures the pressure of the women before practical training; Member Center imaginative memory walk in a circle to the accompaniment of a drum, walking barefoot over the coals; one of the girls dancing on hot coals.

Demonstration abilities N.S.Kulaginoy in the presence of journalists and scientists (in a week N.S.Kulagina died) N.S.Kulagina with your biomagnetic field rotates the compass;  noncontact method, only using biomagnetic field affects the person who is connected with sensors to the ammeter, thus deviating, ammeter arrow indicates the strength of remote actions biomagnetic field N.Kulaginoy.

View the Shroud of Turin with energy after Jesus Christ (the man behind the scenes comments on this phenomenon).

7 part.

Catholic priest Fr.

Mark talks about the theory of the philosopher NF Fedorov, who zaklyuchalast Resurrection people and further their migration to other planets (sinhr.).

General view of NF Fedorov "philosophy of the common cause."

Father Mark says that life is possible on other planets (sinhr.).

Academician A.A.Baev says in an interview with journalist, that immortality is impossible: in nature there is nothing eternal (sinhr.).

Panorama of the field with daisies, girl goes on a country road. M.Perepelitsyn says (sinhr.), referring to the ancient beliefs of people around that person there are iris, consisting of so-called subtle energy bodies that create internal human energy system. M.Perepelitsyn tells of NF Fedorov, his work devoted to the restoration of our deceased ancestors.

Key words

Psychology. Care for the population. Christianity. Parapsychology. Biology. City. Germany. The Second World War. Out of school education. Philosophy.

Movie №1

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