The Winged Ship.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Voroncov A.

Operators: Voroncov A.


About the creation of the new passanger motor ship on underwater wings at the plant "Krasnoe Sormovo" ["Red Sormovo"].

Historical background

New passenger ship "Meteor hydrofoils (150 seats), built at the factory" Red Sormovo "(Gorky) under the leadership of R. E. Alexeev. Designers create and build the plant trehsotmestny winged ship "Sputnik".

Temporary description

River landscapes. Lumber rafting on the river, the movement of ships. City of Moscow. Riverport. Movement of ships through the channel name of Moscow. Movement of the ship "Rocket". The Volga River. Test ship "Meteor", among the passengers of the ship builder - R. E. Alexeev. Khrushchev talks with Robert E. Alexeev. Movement of the motor boat "Lightning". The city of Gorky. Plant Red Sormovo. Construction of the ship "Sputnik. R. E. Alekseev at work in the design office. Personnel chronicles. Movement of the ship. [Boatmen] at work.

Reel №1

On establishment of the factory "Red Sormovo" new passenger hydrofoil ..

Landscapes of the river (probably the Volga) - several different plans.

Along the river is a boat - the general plan.

Barges go to the forest of cranes - the general plan.

Old footage - pulled the barge haulers - some plans.

It takes a boat - the general plan.

The Moscow River Station - the general plan.

Top of the building with the inscription: "Volga-Moscow" - the close-up.

Boat on the river passes - some general plans.

On the river sweeps "Rocket" - a common, medium, large plans.

Captain "Missiles" Hero of the Soviet Union for control of T. Devyatayev - the average plan.

He caught glimpses of water - close-up.

Boats on the river - the overall plan.

Sweeping winged ship "Meteor" - different overall, medium, large plans.

Landscape beach with traffic - the general plan.

"Meteor" is taking place under the bridge - the overall plan.

The passengers in the cabin "Meteor" - different plans.

Sitting with the children the chief designer of hydrofoils RE Alekseev - medium, large cabin plans "Meteor".

"Meteor" is a gateway channel - the overall plan.

Gateway - close-up, removed from the movement.

The management of the "Meteor" Captain B. Poluektov and engineer J. Burkin - medium, large plans.

Multskhema movement "Meteor" - medium, large plans.

Khrushchev, FR Kozlov, NG Ignatov Shvernik, AB Aristov, Mikhail Suslov talk with the designers after the inspection of ships - a common, big plans.

Motorboats "Lightning" is the river - the general plan.

Two girls and a sailor in the ship "Lightning" - medium, large plans.

Boat on the river is "Kazanka" hydrofoil - some general, secondary plans.

River station, the


Sign - city

Bitter berth number 5 - close-up.

Gorky, the view through the house to the Volga - the general plan, removed from the top point.

Sign factory "Red Sormovo" - close-up.

The meeting in the design office of the plant - discussed building a new high-speed vessel "Sputnik" - different overall, medium, large plans.

Figure ship "Sputnik" - panorama.

Workers work on the construction of the ship "Sputnik" - different plans.

Welders are working - some middle ground.

Design team headed by R. E. Alekseev in the shop of the plant - medium, large plans.

RE Alekseev said the construction of high-speed craft - close-up, in sync.

Is the "Meteor" - the general plan.

The water at the stern - the general plan.