Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 681

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Reel №1

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1. Belgium.

Parade "arbayterdinst" ("working life") in Antwerp.

Columns AD members with shovels entrance to the stadium.

Mass gymnastic exercises.

2. France.

Parade of the French Legion of anti-Soviet in Paris.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

3. Germany.

Goerlitz, a concert for the wounded.

Children bring flowers and distribute them to the wounded.

Fragments of a boxing match, spectators and wounded.

4. Norway.

Test the new German reconnaissance aircraft, starting from the airport to the CE northern Norway, flying over the sea.

German convoy of ships at sea (top view).

5. German mine layers in the Arctic Ocean, they lay mines.

Crews have guns, reflection plaque Soviet aircraft.

World War II; Sport; Air force; Fleet
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №2

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Ship's cannon shoots lined vessel of the enemy.

German-graditel sets for mines.

6. Eastern Front.

German soldiers in the forest, the soldiers sleeping in a tree.

Combat crew at the guns, gun charge, shoot.

Lined with Soviet tanks captured pillbox prisoners.

Fragments of battle, are tanks and infantry, firing a machine gun.

Night shooting, travel past the grief-ing technology village.

Battery flame throwers in action.

Morning, artillery hits in six-barrel mortars, the observer looking through binoculars, radio operator in headphones in radio.

On the road leading Soviet prisoners pot of grits from the captive.

German officer interrogates a prisoner.

Prisoners in the boxcar is sent to the rear, give food.

Meeting of officers in the field at the map, Brigadenfuhrer SS Fegelein, etc. ..

Machines in the village.

Start of German planes.

In tanks loaded shells, tanks are systems-em, shoot in the woods.

Heavy bombardment by German aircraft Soviet-you lovyh objects.

Fires caused by bombardment (aerial view).

7. Military operations in Northern Italy.

Movement of the column of German troops to the front line, machine guns and soldiers, cavalry, horse-drawn guns and infantry.

Rum-stranded officers, smiling.

German troops in the city of Reggio.

World War II; The Italian Campaign; Air force; Fleet
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №3

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Germans in Milan, the machine goes through the city.

The road leading to Rome.

Sol-date resting on the road, sitting at the curb, eating grapes.

Soldiers crawling across the street with a gun.

Fragments of the battle for Rome.

Are wounded on stretchers.

Fence building of the German Embassy, the emblem of an eagle with the Nazi soldiers at the gate.

Roman women talking to German soldiers.

Woman gets out of the uniform of a soldier kitten, smiling.

The movement of convoys through the streets of Rome, near the Colosseum.

8. Military action in Southern Italy.

Start a German reconnaissance aircraft.

Aerial-shot English naval convoy.

Fire shore batteries in the Bay of Salerno on the ang-liyskim courts.

Operation of German and Italian forces associated with the release of Mussolini from captivity.

Riding machine with paratroopers, they are going to storm the fortress.

Display the Duce in civilian clothes, go to the plane.

Pilot Skorzeny, the savior of Mussolini, the Duce and in the cockpit.

Landing of an aircraft on the airfield south of Rome and Mussolini transplant German warplane.

The arrival of Mussolini in Germany, he is met Hitler, Mussolini shaking hands.

Vittorio Mussolini, son hugging father.

Mussolini and Hitler in the car ride to the headquarters of the Fuhrer.

Their encounters Reich Minister Ribbentrop.

Musso-line at a reception at Goring, they look at pictures on the wall, talking.

Check out Musso-line from Germany, at the airport with him forgiven Hitler and Ribbentrop.


World War II; The Italian Campaign