Veterans. The memory of the heart. (1995)

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An announcement on the door from the Council of Veterans with a request to provide the available photos of the Second World War.

The office, at the table, veterans look at old military photos and letters.

Close-up - a panorama of photographs, letters, envelopes on the table.

Veterans at the table.

Studio photography.

Veterans discuss photos.

Studio photography.

Studio staff in the screening room.

Veterans enter the hall - Nikolai Sergeyevich Dolgov, Vladimir Vasilyevich Grebnev, Alexander Vasilyevich Egorov, Alexandra Evgenyevna Buryakova, Tamara Borisovna Volkova and others.

An employee of the studio examines the awards, a veteran tells about them.

Faces of studio employees.

Veterans view photos.

The lights go out, the newsreel starts showing.

Chronicle of 1941 - Leningrad, panorama, military on the roof, looking through binoculars into the sky, planes in the sky, residents digging trenches.

Veterans look at the screen.

Chronicle of 1941 - residents of Leningrad dig trenches, build defensive fortifications, trenches, a panorama of the streets of the city, there are guns, military men in shelters at the guns.

The face of a veteran woman.

Chronicle of 1941 - planes in the sky, bombs fall, houses explode.

A veteran woman looks at the screen.

The chronicle of 1941 - the military at the guns, anti-aircraft and artillery guns are firing, a downed plane in the sky, after the bombing, the wounded are carried out on stretchers, the military are loading an unexploded shell, firefighters are extinguishing a destroyed house, transporting a balloon, the military are on the streets of the city, tanks are going, etc.

Veterans and employees look at the screen.

Chronicle of the years 1041-1942 - the streets of winter besieged Leningrad, people with buckets go for water to the ice hole on the Neva, military, sentries, guns on the streets, people in queues for bread.

Veterans discuss what they saw.

Chronicle of the years 1041-1942 - cut bread, which was given out by cards, put on scales, people on the streets.

Veterans look at the screen.

Maria Antonova, veteran - at the workplace in the pass office.

Antonova checks passes, documents, makes entries in the journal.

Chronicle of 1041-1942 - a woman feeds a child, a man walks slowly along the embankment.

Maria Antonova's face.

Veterans in the office at the table, discussing letters, photos.

Close-up - various photos, letters.

A woman is crying, reading a letter.

Drawings in letters.

Says one of the veterans.

Photos of studio employees during the blockade.

Large - a pass to pass through Leningrad.

Faces of veterans.

Says the veteran.

Large-scale travel order for filming (document).

Photos and documents of the director of the studio - Bratukha A. A. Says Maria Markovna Kligman, a veteran, an employee of the film studio.

Group photo of WWII studio employees.

Photo Kligman.

In the frame is a veteran artist of the studio, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky.

Pokrovsky with his paintings, drawings.

Old photos of studio employees.

Veteran, studio employee Tamara Borisovna Volkova at her workplace - in the film processing workshop.

Volkova at the editing table, working with film.

Faces of young studio employees.

Studio staff and veterans look at the screen.

Chronicle of 1942 - residents of besieged Leningrad clean the streets of ice, remove snow, dismantle rubble, people on the streets of the city, an artist with an easel paints on the street.

Large - a certificate in the name of Buryakova.

In the frame - veteran Alexandra Evgenievna Buryakova.

Faces of young studio employees.

Chronicle of 1942-1943 - a number is hung on a tram.

Veterans look at the screen.

Chronicle of 1942-1943 - a tram in Leningrad, people come in on the move, a car driver controls the tram, the streets of the city, a tram rides, cars, people work on the beds.

Veterans look at the screen.

Chronicle of 1942-1943 - people working in the garden beds in the center of Leningrad.

Veterans look at the screen.

In the frame is a veteran, director of the Lednev studio.

Fragments of Lednev's blockade diaries with illustrations.

Large - hands leaf through Lednev's diary, photos and letters are on the table.

Says Kligman M. M. Chronicle of 1941-1843 - a soldier digs into a shelter, soldiers in trenches, shoot, soldiers on the river, board boats, boats, explosions, an airplane in the sky, military vessels on the river, explosions, bullet marks on the water, soldiers in a boat, a shell hits the boat, a machine gun shoots, bandages the wounded.

Photo of nurse Anna Dmitrievna Panova.

Veterans look at the screen.

Chronicle of 1943-1944 - breaking the blockade, soldiers hugging, headlines of Soviet newspapers, people on the streets of Leningrad, reading newspapers on the walls, smiling.

Veterans look at the screen.

Chronicle of 1943-1945 - anti-aircraft guns (katyusha) are firing.

Photo - military cameraman Medvedev.

Chronicle of 1943-1945 - bombs are falling.

Photo - military cameraman Erin.

Chronicle of 1943-1945 - planes are flying, tanks are going.

Photos with the film crew.

Photography is a military debt operator.

Debts in our days, on the street of Leningrad, behind the camera.

Military photos of Dolgov and his colleagues.

Chronicle of 1941-1843 - Ladoga, trucks are driving on the water.

Streets of modern Leningrad.

The operator of debts with a film crew and with a camera in the center of the roadway.

People on the streets of the city.

Vladislav Ivanovich Sinitsyn, veteran, cameraman - nowadays, during the filming process at the studio.

Chronicle of 1941-1843 - Leningrad, artillery guns on the streets of the city, volleys from guns, fire extinguishing, a loudspeaker on the wall of a house, empty streets of the city, a house collapsing, people clearing rubble.

In the frame - Sinitsyn.

Chronicle of 1945 - cameraman in Berlin, near the Reichstag, a group of soldiers with a red flag running up the stairs of the Reichstag, Soviet soldiers at the walls of the Reichstag.

The table is set, the staff applauds the veteran - Alexander Egorov.

Egorov is congratulated, given flowers and gifts.

The veteran gives a speech of thanks.

The faces of the employees.

Employees communicate at the table, drink tea.

Egorov smiles, drinks tea.

Veterans in the screening room, watching the military chronicle.

Chronicle of 1945 - residents meet victorious soldiers, children, women with flowers, a parade in Leningrad, etc.

Photo of a young Egorov.

Photo by Boris Azarov.

Faces of studio employees.

Photos of Dmitry Platonov, David Brun, Valentin Bystry, etc.

Faces of studio employees.

Chronicle of 1945 - volleys of guns, fireworks.

Veterans in the studio screening room.

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Veterans, blockade, military chronicle





Persons of arts; Beginning of the blockade of Leningrad; Siege of Leningrad breakthrough
Biography; Culture and Arts; World War II; History