The City Eustache - Ostashkov. (1994)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Orlova B.

Script writers: Orlova B.

Operators: Zabolotnov V.

Recordist: Matyushin V.


The film is about the city of Ostashkov, which is located on Lake Seliger in the Tver region.

Russian cities and regions

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of Lake Seliger.

The domes of the church.

Panorama of Lake Seliger.

Panorama of one of the islands on Lake Seliger.



The steps of a collapsed house.

The boat sails along Seliger.

Alternating frames with views of the city of Ostashkov.

A sign with the name of a street named after one of the founders of the city, Evstafiy Ostashko.

Panorama of Evstafevskaya Street - wide and green.

A street named after another founder of the city - Timofeevskaya.

The street faces the shore of Lake Seliger.

An old plan of the town of Ostashkov.

From the old town there was a Valsky pillar, an "Obelisk Chapel".

A commemorative plaque on an old building.

Another building remaining from the town is the bell tower of the Transfiguration Church.

Trinity Church is the first stone building in the town of Ostashkov.

The interior of the church.

Details of the decor.

Resurrection Church.

Fragments of the painting and decoration of the Resurrection Church.

Murals in the church to be restored.

Panorama of the island of Zhitnoye on Seliger.

The Zhitnensky Monastery.

An obelisk on the territory of the monastery.

The buildings of the monastery are subject to restoration.

Vintage photos of the Znamensky Convent.

Old wooden houses are former monastic cells.

A memorial sign in memory of Leontiy Filipovich Telyashin-Magnitsky, the author of the first Russian textbook of mathematics.

Cathedral of the Znamensky Monastery.

The iconostasis of the current cathedral of the Znamensky Monastery.

Murals and decoration of the Cathedral.

The holy relics of Nile Stolobensky.

Wooden sculpture of St.


An ancient lithograph of the Nile Desert, a monastery founded by the Holy Monk Nile Stolobensky.

Stolbny Island on Lake Seliger.

Monastery of the Nilov Deserts - view from Lake Seliger.

View of the monastery from the bell tower of the temple.

Chapel on the lake shore.

View of Lake Seliger from the monastery bell tower.

The first stone residential buildings in the city of Ostashkov.

The plan of the city of Ostashkov in 1770.

Coat of arms of the city of Ostashkov.

The general plan for the development of the city.

The architect of the city Ostashkov Starov I.E.

The plan of the county town of Ostashkov.

An "approximate" house at the intersection, in the likeness of which houses were built on this street.

Special signs that house owners marked their buildings with.

Panorama of the street facing the shore of Seliger.

A variety of houses in the city.

Alternating frames with facades of houses.

Key words

Seliger, monastery, church, temple


Tver region



Architecture; History
Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A series of houses in Ostashkov, connected by gates with various architectural elements, creating a single ensemble of buildings in the city.

Many buildings have preserved old metal architectural details.

Signs with street names indicating that metalworkers lived there.

A blacksmith's workplace in a local museum.

Samples of products by local craftsmen.

A church bell cast by the Ostashkov master Fokin.

Vintage photos of the buildings of the leather and shoe industries.

Portrait of the owner of these plants Savin.

An old shoe sewing machine, shoe pads and other items of shoe production, exhibited in a local museum.

Samples of shoe production.

An old commendation sheet.

Modern leather production.

Panorama of Lake Seliger.

A boat with fishermen.

Panorama of the shore of Lake Seliger with boats.

A fisherman walks with oars from the lake.

Household items of residents of Ostashkov, exhibited in the Museum of Local Lore.

Excursion to the museum.

Old portraits of Ostashkov residents, painted by local artists.

Certificates of local artists.

Paintings by Yakov Kolokolnikov depicting a visit in 1820 by Emperor Alexander I to the city of Ostashkov.

Panorama of the Nile desert from the lake.

Bells in the Nile Desert.

An ancient lithograph of the panorama of the city of Ostashkov.

Portrait of the playwright A.N. Ostrovsky.

The book by P.V. Kireevsky "Collection of folk songs".

Portrait of P.V. Kireevsky.

Portrait of Academician N. Ozeretskovsky.

Ozeretskovsky's book "Journey to Lake Seliger".

Map of Lake Seliger.

Portrait of geographer and researcher D.N. Anuchin.

The title page of the research papers "Upper Volga lakes and the upper reaches of the Western Dvina".

Portrait of I.I. Shishkin.

Portrait of the writer Vasily Sleptsov.

The title page of Sleptsov's book "Letters about Ostashkov.

A sample of the urban structure in Russia".

Photo of the members of the city council.

Photo of the building of the first fire brigade in Russia.

The building of the first public theater in Russia.

Memorial plaque on the theater building.

Photos of theater actors - ordinary residents of the city.

Posters of the public theater.

The publication "Woe from Wit" by A.S. Griboyedov without censored notes, published in the Ostashkov printing house of Bochkarev.

Portrait of Bochkarev.

Poster of performances of 2 Ostashkov amateur orchestras.

Photos of the orchestra of folk instruments.

The modern orchestra of symphonic music of the city of Ostashkov.

Posters of tours of modern musical artists.

A memorial sign to K.S. Zaslonov.

Monument to the partisans of the Great Patriotic War.

Panorama of the city from the side of Lake Seliger.

Lake Seliger.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Panorama of the city of Ostashkov in winter.

Winter road through Seliger to the Nile Desert.

Key words

Seliger, temple, monastery, church,


Tver region



Architecture; History; Culture and Arts