Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 531

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Vegetable harvest in Germany.

Harvesting cabbage from the fields.

Women gather potatoes in the basket after the passage of the digger.


Reichsautobahn leads the construction of the road Munich - Linz - Vienna.

Work in the quarry, an explosion rocks the broken stones are loaded in trucks.

Building plot in Salzburg, the work is going.

The 24-metre pillars will support 188 meters span of the viaduct.

A camp for the road builders.

For moral support workers created good living conditions.

Workers take a shower, shave, hair cut in a Barber shop playing chess, read Newspapers, get mail.

Lunch for the workers.

Concert in the camp.

On stage dancing ballet group.


Spitzenberg near Hainburg in Lower Danube.

Gauleiter Hugo, Yuri opens a training airfield of the organization "Hitler youth", there are aeroplanes, which has the names of the military dead pilots.

Pilot removes the sticker from the side of the machine, on it the names of Claus von Sick, Emmerich Sykora and others.

Young men pull the ropes of the glider, the pilot sits in the cockpit, take-off from the hill.


A trip to the southern regions to the chief of staff of the SA, Viktor lutze includes a visit to Malbork castle.

Together with his party he runs across the inner courtyard of the castle.

A visit to the war cemeteries and graves of a former comrade in the struggle, SA obergruppenführer and chief of police in Kiel, the leader of the assault team SA "Nordmark" (Kiel), who died in Poland in the first days of the war, Joachim Meyer-Quaid.

Close-up of the cross and plaques.

In Litzmanstadt (Lodz) Lutz meets with a new unit that celebrates freedom Day.

Ceremonial parade in front of Lutz and SA General Hasso von Manteuffel.


Krakow to the first Polish salute to the Governor General Dr.

Hans Frank, he's giving a speech.

At the residence of the Governor-General set a new flag of an independent Poland.

Frank near the bust of Hitler.


A parade of police and the SS in the square named after Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

Rides the cavalry, the musicians of the orchestra on horseback.

On the podium among the higher ranks of the police and military Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

Residents welcome them.

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Reel №2

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An occupied territory.

The telephone exchange in occupied Paris.

Signaller at work, they connect callers with front and Germany, are receiving telegrams.


Warehouse of military uniforms /clothing and underwear/ captured from the French.

Sorting and sending of clothes of French workers under the supervision of German soldiers.

Loading into cars and sent to Germany.


Sending to Germany a captured French heavy military equipment, tanks.

Broken tank being dragged by chains to the platform.

Leaves compound.


Maneuvers of the German signal corps in the occupied territory.

Soldiers in inflatable boats boost water barrier.

They landed on the beach, unfold technique.

Rush on the ground.

Communications at work, they pull the communication line.

Fragments of conditional fight.

Machine gun firing at the enemy.

Rush soldiers.


The communicators are establishing a connection, check it.


German orchestra Reich labor service running Herms Niel gives a concert for wounded Italian soldiers in Rome.

Orchestra musicians.

North Africa.

After the capture of Sidi Barrani Sollum and Italian construction teams erect a road in the desert.

They unload the stone to build the road.

Ready road.

The truck rides on the road.

Signpost made of stones.

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Reel №3

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Pacific theater of operations.

The Japanese airfield, the pilots in the ranks of the Japanese planes fly in the air.

The Japanese squadron in the air, she heads for Burma, a Burmese aircraft bombed the road.



German submarines return to port after combat operations.

Lieutenant Joachim sake looks from the bridge of the boat.

The emblem of the boat - otter.

On his last account 40 thousand register tons.

Submarine captain-Lieutenant günther Prina, sinking 200 thousand register tons.

The führer awarded him the Knight's cross with oak leaves.

On the shore the sailors are greeted with the orchestra.

Submarine captain-Lieutenant Otto Kretschmer, also reportbased on the elimination of vessels to 200 thousand register tons.

He was awarded the Knight's cross with oak leaves.

The boat leaves the implementation of a new combat mission.


Göring inspects air force part of the English channel, distinguished themselves in air battles against England.

Major Helmut Vik, one of the aces of squadron Richthofen, a report to the Reichsmarschall.

Goering bypasses pilots, talking with them.

He then visits the division name of Horst Wessel, the system bypasses the pilots shaking hands.


Frames old news: captain Oswald Belek, inventive tactics of air combat, the aircraft.

It crashed 24 years ago after his fortieth victory.

Members of the squadron named Belek visit in Dessau along with the hero's mother's grave as the First world war and lay a wreath.


One of the units of the German air force.

The commander of the squadron named Belek reports about readiness to begin operations against England.

The pilots reinforce the bomb.

Aircraft Heinkel-111 taking off into the air, heading towards England.

The pilots open the hatches, the bombs are falling on the territory of England.

The operator removes from the cockpit.

Fires in British territory.

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