Tonwoche 1935 № 251

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

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Soccer match in Cologne, the spectators in the stands.

Teams go out on the field.

Moments of the game, the view from behind the gate when they score a goal.

Racing on the track with the inclined wall and the obstacles in the form of straw barriers.

Rush car.

Stoppages due to a failure.

Finish, the champion is poured into a cup of wine.


The festive costume parade in Lisbon.

On horseback riders ride in knightly armor, are young men in ancient costumes with flags in their hands.

On horseback set palanquins in which carry-dressed ladies.

Procession of musicians with ancient instruments.

Flooding in the US. Water rushes, washing trees.

Top view of the flooded water area.

Bloodthirsty railway, water is suitable from the bottom to the bridge.

People sitting on the roofs of houses.

Stream blows farmhouse.

The rescue of people on the boat.

Boy with things sitting at home.

Youth sports festival in Berlin.

The guys from the "Hitler Youth" is played on a mountain.

Statements guys at the stadium, the boys and girls stand with mass gymnastic exercises.

Girl jumping over the back bent girlfriend jump in length.

Boys in the women's 100 meters, they throw grenades training.

Solstice Festival in Heidelberg.

Views of the City, the stands filled with spectators.

Night at the stadium rally, the aisle are the standard-bearers, the people pulling the hand in a Nazi salute.

Reich Minister Goebbels delivers a speech.

The soldiers and the guys from the "Hitler Youth" held torches.

In the center of a huge fire erupted.

Sings Folk Choir.

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Reel №2

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USA. The squadron of American ships at sea on maneuvers.

The flag on the mast.

In the sky flying aircraft.

Ships passing by the marina, residents waving their hands in greeting.

Ships anchor is lowered.

By the shore of a large boat with sails sailors, they come ashore with the bags.

Salute naval guns.


Trotting race on a closed stadium.

Jockeys riding in a rocking crowd passing by, performing a variety of shapes.


Electric-new races on the tracks, accelerating to 170 km per hour.

The equipment in the cab.

Past flashed station kinds of terrain.

Swiss Guard on parade.

Guard in ancient costumes, helmets and swords in their hands in favor of the palace gates, marching around the yard.

Story guards against the wall, is a group with the standard-bearer, the ceremony at the flag.

Ceremonial Guard pass.


Racing horses with barriers on the racetrack in Budapest.

On horseback riding military and civilian participants in the competition.

On the podium, the audience sitting Admiral Horthy and his wife.

German veterans of the 1st World War II in England.

Veterans lay wreaths on the graves of the German soldiers.

Flowers put the girl scouts in uniform.

The orchestra, the Germans sing the national anthem, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

Residents in the military cemetery watching the ceremony.

Work on the improvement of the yard in Germany.

Workers install benches, caring for plants in the flowerbed, poured earth for alleys.

Recreation workers at lunchtime.

They sit at the tables, a man drinking from a bottle of milk.

People walk in the park, sitting on the benches.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany Ribbentrop in his office.

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