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The Red Cross is always ready!

The teachings of the Red Cross, the wounded man on a stretcher descent from the top floor of the building.

A nurse holds a child.

Children in cribs, bypassing the doctor's with her sisters.

In the house the woman feeding chickens, nurse next to a woman.

Theoretical training of nurses.

Help the Red Cross in the fire.

Soldiers wearing gas masks carry the injured on stretchers, give oxygen.

Parade of the Red Cross Society.


Orchestra 1000 harmonies sounds in Würzburg.

Sights of the city from the height of the bridge across the river, ancient castle Marienburg, the cathedral.

Musicians playing on the background of the fortress on the hill.


Zoo in Berlin added a new sea lion, the bride already living here for the animal, nicknamed "Roland".

From sea lion container is selected on the stage, it moves down to the pool.

See the spectators.

Sea lions splashing in the pool.

Servant of feeding them fish.


Historical view on the parade ground at Aldershot.

View of military camp from the height, the soldiers carried the battle at the castle layout.

Parade participants ahead is a brass band.



Motor Racing on rough terrain with wet grass in Teterove by Mecklenburg.

Moments races.



Derby at Epsom.

A view of the racetrack with the height, the stands which can accommodate 100,000 spectators.

Scenes with the public.

Start 23 participants in the race on the 2.5 km.


Day of the Navy in Germany.

Documentary footage of the 1st World War II: Battle of the Skagerrak.

The explosion at sea, the ship is lit, shoot guns.

The grand opening of the obelisk to victims of the 1st World War in Labe.

Are the sailors, bypassing damaged Hitler and Admiral Raeder.

Vice Admiral speaks, he speaks about the Battle of the Skagerrak, which was attended by German sailors retired von Trotha.

Hitler stands in front of sailors systems.

Speaker Admiral Raeder, he speaks about the responsibilities in relation to their country and that the Germans had learned a lot from their opponents.

Mariner calls the bell.

The ceremony in memory of the fallen, flags at half-mast.

Laying wreaths, Hitler lays a wreath at the monument.

Air parade, fly planes.

Parade of the German fleet at Kiel.

There is a squadron, torpedo boats, submarines, battleships, cruisers.

Hitler and Raeder to welcome ships vessel.

Himmler looking through binoculars.

The sailors on the deck of the ships in the white dress uniform.

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