Theoretical foundations of foundry processes. (1976)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: V.Vladikin

Script writers: I.Kudrova

Operators: A.Romanenko


An educational film commissioned by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education to study the theoretical foundations of foundry processes.

Science | Industry

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

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A ladle with molten metal.

Casting metal from the bucket into molds.

A cartoon explaining the hydraulic casting process.

A mold for thick-walled casting is being assembled.

If the temperature of the metal is high enough, then filling out the form takes place without difficulty.

When a metal moves with low overheating in a thin section, islands of solidified metal and a film of oxides form on the surface of its flow.

A cartoon explaining the occurrence of traffic jams in the form.

A sample of a defective casting by under-casting.

A cartoon explaining the work of the slag collector.

Investigation of the solidification process in the laboratory by measuring the temperature with thermocouples installed at different ends of the casting.

Based on the measurement results, it is possible to restore the course of solidification and cooling processes.

The wires from the thermocouples are connected to a device that records the dependence of the temperature of the solidifying casting on time.

Two thermocouples are installed in the casting, one near the surface, the other in the middle.

Pure metal, which has no additives, is poured into the mold.

Cartoon explaining the process of solidification of metal in casting.

Cartoon explaining the process of solidification of metal with additives.

A cartoon explaining the hardening area.

Key words

Hydraulic casting processes.

Industry; Educational films
Sectors of the economy; Science

Reel №2

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The alloy structure is an important characteristic of the casting quality.

It is examined on the sections under a microscope.

The structure of the samples presented is very different from each other.

A cartoon explaining the formation of the metal structure at the microscopic level.

Coarse-grained structure of a metal casting on a break.

A cartoon explaining the formation of a metal structure at a microscopic level with increasing cooling intensity.

Crystallization of transparent organic liquids.

The dendritic character of crystallization is clearly visible.

In appearance, such crystallization does not differ from the structure of a real alloy.

Conditional pictures of crystallization and the corresponding structures of metal castings on the fracture.

The mechanical properties of fine-grained castings are better than coarse-grained ones.

The solidification of the metal is accompanied by a reduction in its volume and a decrease in the linear dimensions of the casting.

A cartoon explaining the processes of metal shrinkage and the appearance of pores.

Defective casting with shrink shell and porosity.

A cartoon explaining the methods of preventing such a marriage.

Profit pruning.

The cut-off profits are returned to the remelting.

Arrived with shells.

A cartoon explaining the porosity that occurs in the thickening and conjugation of the walls, and the elimination of such a marriage.

Rejected product with cracks.

A cartoon explaining the occurrence of cracks and the fight against them.

Pouring metal into molds.

Key words

The casting structure. Marriage of castings.

Industry; Educational films
Sectors of the economy