The Secret and the Obvious.. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belikov V., Karpov B.

Script writers: Belikov V., Zhukov D., Karpov B.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film tells about the activity of sionist organisations.

Temporary description

The film tells about the activities of Zionist organizations. The film features films, including: meeting in Brussels of the Jewish Congress, the UN meeting, mining gold and diamonds, presented by President Lyndon B. Johnson United States, protests against the Israeli aggression in the Middle East, the meeting of UN General Assembly session, putting UN forces on the territory of the Middle East, International Conference in Geneva on the Middle East, a demonstration in support of Soviet Jews in the Soviet Embassy in London, the departure of citizens of Jewish nationality from the Soviet Union to Israel, anti-Soviet demonstration in New York, classes of students in Zionist school of terrorists, a demonstration of protest against Zionism in the city of Beirut. The film features shots chronicle the Second World War, the Arab-Israeli war.

Reel №1

Street Brussels - panorama.

The police at the entrance to the building - the overall plan.

Congress, held at the direction of the World Zionist Organization and World Jewish society "B'nai B'rith" - an outline of the room.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, the rabbis and other members of Congress on the podium and in the audience.

Acts of the Congress party - panorama, freeze.

Photo - newspaper in German Zionist program and is the founder of the World Zionist Organization, the founders of Zionism, Herzl and Ahad Ha'am, the Zionist Congress.

The emblem of the Zionists - close-up.

Synagogue - medium, large plans.

From the windows of the house looks old - close-up.

Woman looking out of the window - the average plan.

The old traders on the street - large, medium plans, sitting in front of the house - the overall plan.

Grinder - the general plan.

The rabbi and the woman on the street - the overall plan.

Market in the Jewish quarter - the average plan.

Street - the overall plan.


Photo of the terrorist Zionist Jabotinsky - panorama (fade in).

Service in the synagogue - different plans.

Religious school, the teacher and the children pray - medium, large panorama.

Zionist Congress - the general plan of the hall.

The Bureau of the Congress.

Speakers: Evangelist Zionist Nahum Sokolow, Ben-Gurion.

Listen to the Hall - the average plan.


Photo: The suburbs in the pre-revolutionary Russia - the general plan.

Newsreel 1917 1918gg.

Locomotive whistle - close-up.

Working out of the factory gates - the general plan.

Soldiers pickets outside (after the February Revolution) - an outline.

The rally in the streets - panorama.

Mansion in Moscow, where in May 1917, was about the Zionist Congress - the general plan.

At the Congress, is leading Zionism Ussishkin - close-up.

Petrograd - the overall plan.

Passing cars with military cadets - the average, the overall plan (winter).

Minutes of the Zionist organization "Tze'irei Zion" - medium, large plans.


Palestine, drive train - the overall plan.

British soldiers of the occupying troops passing by camels - the average plan.

British cars are passing on to the city of Jerusalem, is in the community - the general plan.

Photo by British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour - A panorama.

A letter from Lord Balfour leader Zionist Organization of England to Lord Rothschild (in English) - A panorama.

Go out of the door first, Israeli President Weizman and others - panorama, the overall plan.

British soldiers raided the local Arab population - different plans.

Street in Jerusalem - the overall plan.

Top of the Zionist colonization of Palestine - the arrival of Jewish settlers - panorama.

Zionists conclude the sale of the land to the Arab peasant tenants - a common, average plans.

Arabs treat immigrants - different plans.

Settlers unload timber from the machine - the average plan.

Assembly houses - panorama.

Built a settlement for displaced people - the general plan.

Arabs in the building - the overall plan.

Is a caravan of camels - the average plan.

Jewish settlers in uniform engaged in combat training - panorama.

Militarized settlement - kibbutz named Ussishkin - close-up.

Passes Ussishkin, who came to the opening of the kibbutz - panorama.

Settlers make a barbed wire fence - different panorama.

The terrorist, a member of a secret Zionist organization swears - different plans.

Hand on the Torah and the gun - close-up.

Teens march in the stadium - panorama, the overall plan.

Look Ussishkin and other Zionists - the average plan.

Orchestra at the stadium - the overall plan.

Reel №2

German newsreel 1940 1945.

Youth fascist troops - the general plan, there are children drummers - large, medium plans.

Nazi military parade - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Hitler takes the salute - the average plan.

Are military vehicles - the general plan.

Passing military vehicles - the average plan.

Explosions - general panorama of the plan.

Black smoke - panorama.

Burning Russian village - panorama.

Looking woman, child - the general panorama of the plan.

On the way, are refugees - the overall plan.

The Nazis are arrested Jews - panorama.

Are arrested - different plans.

Warsaw Ghetto - dipped stretchers with the dead - the general plan.

Burial in the ghetto - panorama.

It takes an old Jew - panorama.

Beach for the wealthy inhabitants of the ghetto - a common, big plans.

Dancing woman in the audience - the average, close-up.

The audience applauded - the overall plan.

Zionists are policemen - medium, large plans.

The police dispersed the Jewish poor - the general plan.

Pass rabbis - panorama.

Rabbis at a reception in the Council of Management of Warsaw Ghetto - General, A panorama.

Nazis and the Zionist "government" in Hungary followed on the platform for boarding the train - the average plan.

Jews from wealthy families evacuated to Switzerland, board the train - panorama.

Planting Jewish poor in wagons - a common, average plans.

The Nazis closed the car, go to sleuth on the platform - the average plan.

Girl looks out of the car - the average plan.

Passing trains, sent to concentration camps - the average view.

The fence of the concentration camp - a large panorama of the plan.

Jewish prisoners in concentration camps behind barbed wire - different plans.

Russian women are the village street - panorama.

Women mourn at the grave of the dead - the overall plan.

Soviet soldier looks at the ashes - the general plan.

Nurse bandaging the wounded - close-up.

Lying wounded soldiers - the average plan.

Soviet soldiers fed the girl - a common, close-up.

Soviet girl soldier gives bread German population - panorama.

Street in Tel Aviv - an overall plan.

People read newspapers - the average plan.

Newspaper with a picture of a Nazi war criminal Eichmann - large, medium plans.

Eichmann in court - different plans.

The chief prosecutor - the average plan.

People outside the courthouse, security checks of the incoming documents - different plans.

A boy selling newspapers - the average plan.

Israeli newspaper - close-up.


Passing detachment of German "storm troopers" - the average plan.

Pass the Nazi soldiers with banners - the average plan.

Nazis expelled the Jews from the premises, draw six-pointed star in the window - the average plan.

Railway platform, the train leave the Jews sent from Germany to Israel - the average plan.

Jewish emigrants down the ladder ship, go to build - the average plan.

Photo founder Jabotinsky Zionist storm troopers with the soldiers, stormtroopers - panorama.

Zionist group stormtroopers running down the street with guns Palestinian city - a common, average plans.

Tank explosion, fire - the average, the overall plan.

The bear and the wounded are British - general, close-up.

Destroyed houses in the Arab village of Deir Yassin - panorama.

Photo by M. Begin - Zionist attack aircraft, the head of the gang "Irgun tsvey Leumi ', organized the massacre in the village of Deir Yassin, the 09/04/1948 - close-up.

Newsreels of World War II:

Russian women killed about - the average plan.

Lie the corpses of women and children - big plans.

Crying man - close-up (winter).

Newsreel, 1948 (?)

Lie the corpses of Arab women, children and elderly - medium, large panorama.

People stand at the grave - the general plan.

Fleeing soldiers, shooting at the windows and doors of the houses of the village of Deir Yassin - the general plan.

Shouts Arab child, wounded in the shoulder - close-up, impact.

Wounded Arab children - the average plan.

Eviction of Arabs from Palestine, burning houses - a common, average plans.

Panorama of empty homes Arabs - the overall plan.

Out of the car and up the stairs to the first Prime Minister of Israel, Ben-Gurion - a common, average plans.

Ben-Gurion speaking at the official ceremony the State of Israel - the average, close-up.

Listen to the Hall - the average, the overall plan.

Lowered the English flag, salute British soldiers (in the street) - the overall plan.

Sail boat British soldiers leave Palestine - panorama.

Israeli soldiers have run on the field, go into battle in the trenches, running on a city street, ride on an armored personnel carrier, watching through binoculars, firing machine guns - different plans.

Destroyed houses - panorama.

UN observers are - the average plan.

On the way are Arab refugees - a common, average plans (1948).

Reel №3

Newsreel (?)

Passes, enters the building UN mediator for the Arabs in the Middle East, the Swedish Count Bernadotte Foltke - the general plan.

F.Bernadott speaking at the UN - a common, average plans.

Listen to the conference room - the average, the overall plan.

The city of Jerusalem - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Tower with - panorama.

F. Bernadotte out of the plane, greeted meet - medium, large plans.

UN soldiers - the average plan.

House of Bernadotte - the general plan.

F. Bernadotte and others in the house - a common, average plans, pass on the street - the average plan.

Car travel - the general plan.

Street on the outskirts of Jerusalem - the general plan.

Bernadotte's car, pierced by bullets - inside and out - large, medium plans (F. Bernadotte was assassinated by Zionists).

Ambulance - the general plan.

UN troop patrol - the average plan.

Put in an ambulance stretcher - the average plan.

Ben-Gurion and Dayan M. kibbutz near the fence - different plans.

Young Israelis enclose kibbutz barbed wire - different plans.

The emblem of the Zionists - the six-pointed star - a close-up.

Newsreel of the Israeli invasion of Egypt in October 1956:

The landing of paratroopers - panorama, amphibious assault - an outline.

The explosion on the beach - the overall plan.

Military action - the general plan.

Sphinx - close-up.

Reports from the scene of military operations in foreign newspapers - big plans.

Photos of Nazi Zionist party leader M. Begin - close-up.

A panorama of the skyscrapers of Wall Street in New York City - the average plan.

The Exchange Building - panorama.

Exchange Hall - panorama, the average plan.

Backlit display with changing number - close-up.

Military factories: production tanks - panorama (shot from the top of) guns, the average plan.

Flying aircraft "Boeing-52" - panorama.

The building in the mountains.

Jerusalem - A panorama.

Conference millionaires speakers - different plans.

Emblems of foreign banks.

Photo: hand holding a globe.

Photos of millionaire Zionists from different countries - medium, large plans.

Shelves with gold bars - the average plan (shot with motion).

The bank unpacked and weighed gold bullion - the overall plan.

Gold auction - the average plan.

The spill in the form of gold - big plans.

Lie gold bullion - panorama.

Gold mining in the mine - the average plan.

Diamond mining - an outline (South Africa?).

Multimillionaire Harry Oppenheimer - owner of a large proportion of gold, diamonds, copper - in the office of the table - medium, large plans.

South Africa - a policeman with a whip - the general plan.

Ebony works - close-up.

Negros workers out of the mine - the average plan.

Beaten negros are on the ground, are the police - panorama, the average plan.

Ebony bandaging the wounded - the general plan.

28th Congress of the World Zionist Organization in Israel, meeting room - panorama; Bureau - the overall plan.

Ben-Gurion at the meeting - close-up.

Zionist Goldman on the podium and shakes hands with the President of the Congress - the average plan.

Raising the flag of Israel and the U.S. - panorama.

Young Jews take the oath - panorama.

The Capitol building in Washington, DC (USA) - the average plan.

Photos: President Truman and the first Israeli president Weizman, President Eisenhower and a group of Zionists, President John F. Kennedy, Ben-Gurion.

U.S. President Lyndon Johnson at the press conference - goes to the podium, stands - close-up.

Read the cameramen - the average plan.

The overall plan a news conference.

Skyscrapers of New York City - an outline (removed from the aircraft).

Pentagon - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Remote control of computing center - the average plan (shot with motion).

Backlit display - large, medium plans.

Photo killed an Arab - close-up.

Military action in the Middle East - explosions, burning earth - different plans.

Israelis stand around the Arab prisoners, bound and lying on the ground - the general plan, departure, close-up.

Israeli soldiers dance - a common, big plans.

Arabs in the ruined city - panorama.

Israeli soldiers captured on the streets of the city - panorama.

The soldier on the tower - the average plan.

Arab girl nearly killed mother - the average plan.

A small child is among the dead - a common, middle ground, impact.

Lawyer Abdul Hafed Daraushi tells of Israeli aggression (simultaneously in Arabic).

On the way, a passing car with Israeli soldiers, the soldiers out of the car, walking down the street - the average plan (shot with motion).

Israeli soldiers killed near an Arab - panorama.

Watchtower in the concentration camp - panorama.

Israeli soldier in the tower - A panorama.

Guard at the gate of the camp - panorama.

Soldiers are in camp prisoners Arabs - panorama.

Arab prisoners in a concentration camp (blindfolded, sitting and lying on the ground) - different plans.

Israeli soldiers at the wire fence - panorama.

Seated captive Arab woman blindfolded - A panorama.

Israelis praying at the "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem - a common, panorama of bulldozer, destroying homes of Arabs.

Crying Arab woman - panorama.

Eviction of the Arabs out of their homes - panorama.

Reel №4

Arab residents and Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem - the panorama.

A soldier runs Arab woman - close-up.

Bulldozer demolishes a house - an outline, break new ground at the "Wailing Wall" - panorama.

Rabbi in uniform at the "Wailing Wall" - close-up.

Opened prayerbook - close-up.

Israeli soldiers with the rabbi in prayer - the average plan.

The military occupation of Israeli soldiers - the average plan.

Israeli General Bar-Lev speaks at a press conference - a common, average plans.

Listen and write correspondents - different plans.

Recording equipment - the average plan.

Israeli newspapers - a common, average plans.

Soviet Union - a rally at the factory against Israeli aggression: are people with placards, big plans and listening to the speakers.

The rally in the streets - panorama.

Another rally - the average, the overall plan (shot from the top point).

Military action in the Middle East - the general plan.

Tank rides - the average plan.

Israeli soldier speaks field telephone - the general plan.

Military aircraft dropped bombs - explosion and fire - panorama.

Smoke - panorama.

Burning earth - panorama.

Consequences of the "Six Day War" in 1967 - destroyed houses (inside and outside) - different plans.

Salvage ships in the Suez Canal - a common, average plans.

Wounded in the hospital - a child, a man - a large, common plans.

Arab refugees go and crawled down the broken bridge - a common, panorama of, go on the road - the average plan.

Tent city of refugees - the average, the overall plan.

Crying baby - close-up.

Cries the old man - close-up.

"Pravda", a statement XXIV Congress of the CPSU on the Israeli aggression - the average plan.

Session of the UN General Assembly condemned the Israeli aggression - a common, average plans of the hall.

Delegation of Egypt, Israel, the session - the average plan.

UN Security Council - panorama.

Middle East - ground explosions - different plans.

Shooting guns - average plans.

Diving plane - panorama.

Defeated Israeli building ("Bar-Lev Line") - A panorama of the total plan.

Journalists and reporters visiting the destruction - the panorama.

Raising the flag Syrian Arab Republic (after winning the Syrian army on the Golan Heights) - Total Departure, close-up.

Israeli soldiers removed the flag - the average plan.

Checkpoint UN Security Council for the separation of Arab and Israeli troops - the general plan.

Passing car with a flag of the United Nations - panorama.

Disengagement - are men with a white flag - the average plan.

Geneva, crystal globe on the background of the building - the average plan.

International conference at the Palace of Nations - an outline of the meeting room.

Soviet delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR AA Gromyko - the average plan.

The U.S. delegation, led by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger - the average plan.

Delegation of Egypt, Syria, Israel - the average plan.

UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim at the meeting - the average plan.

Journalists, photographers and film at the meeting - a common, average plans.

AA acts Gromyko - the average plan.

The territory of Lebanon after Israeli air bombardment: smoke, damage - a common, average plans.

House after the bombs - inside and out - different plans.

Stretchers with the wounded taken out of the ambulance and are in the hospital - panorama.

Tel Aviv street - panorama (shot out the window.)

Zionist demonstration in front of the Soviet Embassy in London - General, A panorama.

Shoot photographers - a common, average plans.

Are the police - A panorama.

Airfield in Israel, turns the plane - panorama.

Signalman starter - close-up.

The ramp down Jews, immigrants, pass on the airfield - the average, the overall panorama.

Jewish immigrants in the registry - a common, average plans.

Jewish emigrants - former Soviet citizens - in the Soviet mission in Vienna - different plans.

Reel №5

Embankment in Prague, gulls over the river - the overall plan.

The bridge over the Vltava River - the general plan, impact.

People on the waterfront - the overall plan.

Passers-by on the street - the average plan.

People read newspapers on the street - different plans

Prague - A panorama (removed from the upper point).

Cover booklet "Lessons of the crisis in the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the society after the XIII Congress of the CPC" - close-up.

The text of the booklet - an overall plan.

Newsreel 1968:

Head right Zionist organization "Beitar", Chairman of the Union of Czech journalists, member of the Czech National Council B. Kaspar gives interviews (home) - the average plan, impact.

Zionist Goldstucker, chairman of the Union of Czech writers and other conversations in the room - large, the overall plan.

Zionist writer Lustig interviewed (at home) - close-up, departure.

The building of the newspaper "Mlada Front" - panorama.

The building of the newspaper "Rude Pravo" - the average plan.

Czechoslovak Radio building - panorama.

Panorama from the street to the building of the Czech television - an average plan.

Zionists - editorial staff in a telephone call, and include a tape recording - medium, large plans.

A meeting on the street, organized right-wing revisionists and Zionists - he spoke - the average plan, people with placards at the monument to Jan Hus - the general plan.

People gather in the streets and talk during the events in 1968 - the average plan.

Old streets of Prague - the general plan (shot with motion).

Pravorevizionistskaya newspaper "Literarni sheets" - the average plan.

Employees of the newspaper at the table - the average plan.

Building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Czechoslovakia - panorama, the overall plan.

Prague (shot from the car window) - the average plan.

Underpass - the average plan.

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia revisionist Hajek and reporters - panorama, the overall plan.

Rebels throw from machine flyers - the average plan.

People read the leaflets, pick them up from the ground - the average, the overall plan.

Street Prague - A panorama.

People leaving Czechoslovakia after the defeat of the counter-revolution of the car waving his hands - the average plan.

Bridge over the Vltava - the general plan, departure.

Said the current chairman of the Union of Czech writer Jan Kozak (simultaneously in Czech) - the average plan.

Street of the city - the average plan.

The street passing car - the overall plan.

Building edition - the average plan.

Journalists - average plans.

Says a former Gestapo agent, a member of Israeli intelligence, the former head of the Zionist spy association "The main focus for the documentation" S. Wiesenthal - panorama.

Shouting and waving their hands members of anti-Soviet demonstrations in the streets - the average plan.

Barrel of the machine - close-up.

Shots out the window - close-up.

Broken window - A panorama.

The building is representative of the USSR to the UN, with broken windows, to shoot the son of Rabbi Isaac of Kiev - a common, average plans.

School terrorists, adolescents learn to fight the Zionists - A panorama.

Terrorist shows teens fighting techniques - close-up, departure, the average plan.

The head of "Jewish Defense League" Rabbi Meir Kahane and his terrorists - general plans.

Photos of terrorists (USA) - the average plan.

Zionist demonstration in Germany: the protesters in prison garb, with chains - large, medium panorama.

Zionist demonstration in the U.S. - a common, big plans.

The newspaper of the Communist Party of Israel, photo Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel - A panorama, 17th Congress of the Communist Party of Israel - close-up.

Protest against Zionism in Lebanon (Beirut) - General, average plans