Saratov breeders. (1976)

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: A. Sergeev, M. Kudasov

Script writers: V. Kuksov

Operators: D. Ibragimov, O. Shelyugin

Recordist: N. Dorofeeva

Other authors: D. Popova


The film tells about the work of the research Institute of agriculture of the South-East of Russia on the development of new wheat varieties.

Institutions of science | Science

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of a wheat field in the Lower Volga region.

Combines in the field during harvesting.

View of the Elevator part.

Unloading grain trucks at the Elevator.

Loading grain into the hold of a grain carrier.

Ears of ripe wheat.

View of the building of the research Institute of agriculture of the South-East of Russia.

Panorama of part of the territory of the research Institute.

Portraits of breeders on the wall of the corridor of the research Institute.

A portrait of the scientist-breeder A. P. Shehurdina.

Newsreel: Shehurdina with colleagues in the field studying different varieties of wheat, Face Shehurdina.

Schemes of crossing different wheat varieties with the appearance of new biotypes and the formation of new plant types (animation).

Panorama of a part of a wheat field.

Scientist-breeder VN Mamontova is on the experimental site.

Mamontova takes part in the selection of new varieties of spring wheat in the laboratory of the Institute.

Sheaf of wheat varieties "Saratovskaya-29", bred by employees of the Institute.

Mamontova tells about the work on the creation of the variety "Saratovskaya-29", about the climate stability of wheat of this variety and its prevalence in the USSR (synchronously).

Map of the USSR indicating the regions where wheat of this variety is sown.

Laboratory assistant of the Institute at work on the selection of wheat grains for breeding a new variety.

Mamontova and head of the laboratory of spring wheat breeding L. G. Ilyina select seeds of various varieties for crossing.

Faces of ilina and Mamontova.

Employees of laboratories and departments of the Institute at work.

Melting ice on the Volga.

Plowing the experimental field.

Employees of the Institute on the experimental field.

Driving pegs on the site sown with samples of breeding material.

Employees of the Institute give instructions to the tractor driver during sowing on one of the experimental plots.

Sowing at the experimental site.

A peg on an experimental plot sown with spring wheat with a multi-grain ear, a view of part of the plot.

Seedlings of drought-resistant wheat.

Study of spring wheat seedlings by breeders at the experimental site.

Head of the laboratory of plant physiology V. A. Kumakov speaks about the trend towards a higher use of the achievements of genetics and physiology in plant breeding, the search for new plant types, the help of physiologists to breeders, the creation and theoretical justification of promising biotypes and models of wheat varieties (synchronously).

Kumakov with a colleague at work at the experimental site.

Selection of samples of flowering wheat ears at the experimental site of the Institute, the faces of breeders.

The process of crossing wheat varieties in the experimental field.

An employee of the Institute passes along the experimental plot, examines the marked crossed samples.

Monitoring the development of hybrids.

Mamontova and ilina conduct field observations of the development of a new variety of wheat in the experimental field, the faces of scientists.


Shehurdin Aleksej Pavlovich -- scientist-breeder
Mamontova Valentina Nikolaevna -- scientist-breeder
Iljina Lidiya Gerasimovna -- scientist-breeder




Saratov region



Figures of science; Agriculture
Biography; Science; Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Wheat harvesting on one of the experimental plots using a special combine.

Employees of the Institute collect ears of corn on experimental plots.

View of the experimental field during the harvest.

Accounting and weighing of collected wheat samples.

Collecting valuable and promising samples by hand, binding wheat stalks in sheaves.

Laboratory evaluation of collected samples.

The process of selecting the best seeds.

An employee of the laboratory makes an entry in the log.

Samples of laboratory hybrids in trays.

Research of seedlings grown in an artificial climate chamber.

Shoots in flower pots.

Snow on the branches of trees.

Carrying out snow retention activities on the experimental fields of the Institute.

Panorama of the territory and view of the Institute building in winter.

Snowdrifts near the greenhouse complex.

Planting hybrid seeds in pots with earth in a greenhouse.

Seedlings of hybrids potted in the greenhouse.

Ears of wheat grown from hybrid seeds in a greenhouse.

Panorama of the greenhouse, heating lamps on growing wheat.

An employee of the Institute examines the ears of wheat grown in the greenhouse.

Employees of the laboratory of genetics and Cytology conduct research on seeds of bred wheat hybrids.

The process of conducting a scientific experiment.

View of the laboratory.

The head of the laboratory V. A. Krupnov conducts research by looking through the eyepieces of a microscope.

Krupnov discusses with a colleague one of the scientific issues, the faces of Krupnov and the young scientist.

Plants without one of the chromosomes are aneuploids in one of the Institute's greenhouses.

Research of aneuploids by employees of the Institute.

Winter landscape.

Seed sampling in the laboratory of the Institute.

Ice drift on the Volga.

Sowing hybrid seeds in experimental plots.

Breeders conduct observations on the experimental field.

Wheat maturing in the experimental field.

Harvesting wheat in the experimental field with a special combine.

Panorama of the laboratory of the Institute, the laboratory staff conduct research.

Ears of ripening wheat.

Employees of the immunity laboratory conduct research on the experimental field.

Selection of stable samples in the laboratory.

Panorama of the experimental field.

Wheat in the experimental field.

The process of determining the technological qualities and nutritional advantages of grain in the laboratory of technology and biochemistry.

Grain analysis in the laboratory.

Research of various, including baking properties of grain in the laboratory, the faces of laboratory employees.

Research of bread baked from new grain varieties.

Ears of ripe wheat.

Birds fly over the field.

Selection of rolls of mown wheat in the field of the experimental farm "Central".

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the back of the truck.

Breeders in the field discuss a new variety of wheat.

Combine in the field.

Director of the Institute M. M. Popugaev speaks about the number of regions of the USSR in which spring wheat varieties are cultivated, bred by breeders of the Institute, about the work on creating more intensive wheat varieties for irrigated and non-irrigated agriculture, about the value of the opinions and judgments of agricultural workers who use bred wheat varieties (synchronously).

Combine harvester at the harvest.

Wheat in the field.

The ground grain is poured out, the dough is kneaded in the car.

Fresh loaves of white bread come off the conveyor of the bakery.

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the back of the truck.

Combine harvesters at the harvest.

Panorama of a part of a wheat field.




Saratov region



Sectors of the economy