Volga lights 1987 № 2 Volgograd Tractor Works. Time of change Part 2

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: A. Viljkens

Script writers: A. Viljkens

Operators: V. Sofjin

Other authors: D. Popova


Issue devoted to the problems of the Volgograd tractor plant for the production of a new tractor "Volgar" and prospects of development of the plant in conditions of perestroika.

Sectors of the economy | Restructuring


Reel №1

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Tank on the pedestal in front of the entrance to the territory of Volgograd tractor plant, people go to work.

Production processes in the forge and other workshops of the plant, working person.

A member of the party Committee Antipov and other factory workers say about the problems of Assembly of the tractor brand "Volgar", the restructuring of the production process in light of recent decisions of the party and the government (synchronously).

Team members Antipova at work in the forge.

Mechanical hammer.

Panorama of the meeting at the factory site.

Of the gate leaves the shop a new tractor "Volgar".

Construction work on the replacement of the main conveyor to start the production of tractors "Volgar".

The builders are working under a moving conveyor, welders at work.

The worker writes the name of the tractor on its supporting frame installed on the new pipeline.

Workers say about the merits of the new pipeline, its design shortcomings, the indifference of the leadership to the problems of the new pipeline.

The old automatic line on the factory floor.

Contractor is repairing one of the lines, the face of the Adjuster.

Types of shops with outdated automated lines.

A work Desk and a manipulator perform a single operation by stamping parts of tractor bodies.

Work takes positioner stamped part.

Hardware replacement in one of the shops.

The equipment of the factory floor.

Chief designer V. P. Shevchuk speaks regularly introduced into the plant information on the work of the tractors, on accounting for and analysis of detected defects, eliminating defects, reducing the number of defects over the past year (synchronously).

The work of the factory's computer center.

Engineers in the shop visiting one of the new tractors "Volgar".

Mechanic, invited to the factory, talks about the virtues of a new tractor (synchronously).

Photo of the tractor "Volgar".

Tractor Assembly on the Assembly line.

View of one of the shops.

Operation of automatic equipment.

The doctor explains to young professionals working principle of the automatic line.

View of one of the automatic units.

Interns-vocational school students talk about their desire to work at the Volgograd tractor factory (synchronously).

Young workers say about the prospects of further work at the plant (synchronously).

Workers and vocational school students in the factory shop.

Faces of young workers.

Tractor brand "Volgar" on the site of the finished products of the factory (panorama).







Sectors of the economy