Weekdays and holidays. (1991)

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The film is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Balakovo Order of the Red Banner of Labor "Khimvolokno" Lenin

Historical background

The construction of the plant was announced by the All-Union Shock Komsomol Construction. March 5, 1959 laid the first block in the foundation of the plant. On February 17, 1976, the plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor by the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces.

Industry | Anniversaries

Reel №1

The choir sings a folk song.

Stranding and winding of threads in the enterprise.

The choir sings a folklore song, sailing along the river on a water transport.

People land on the pier.

The soup is cooked on an open fire.

Workers of Balakovo association "Khimvolokno" spend their leisure time outdoors.

Newsreel footage: "A rally dedicated to the laying of an artificial fiber mill.

Speakers: the head of the construction of the hydropower plant Ivantsov, brigadier concrete workers Shchagin, First Secretary of the regional party committee Denisov.

Laying the memorial plaque (1959)

Bookmark the concrete slab ».

Nadezhda Vasilievna Makarova (Kopeychkina), a graduate of Balakovo vocational school.

Photo of Nadezhda Vasilyevna Kopeyochkina.

Experimental and experimental shop.

Workers of the pilot plant: Beloturkin Evgeniy Mikhailovich, Frolov Vladimir Vasilyevich, Shkvarin Vladimir Aleksandrovich.

Spools with carpet viscose thread.

Products made of carpet viscose yarn.

Artificial fiber stretching.

Weaving of fabric from synthetic fibers.

Workshop for the production of sulfuric acid.

Says VN Silantiev - the head of the workshop for the production of sulfuric acid.

Afonin Anatoly Fedorovich records the readings of the sensors.

Interview Afonin Anatoly Fedorovich and Bespalov Alexander Nikolaevich.

Korolev Victor Alexandrovich.

Weaving of cord fabric.

Labor Red Banner.

Article in the newspaper "Balakovskiy chemist".

The diploma.

Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Winding synthetic fibers on the shafts.

Apparatitsa Lydia Mikhailovna Moiseeva.


Ivantsov Nikolai Maksimovich - construction manager of the Saratov HPP Denisov George Apollinarevich - First Secretary of the Saratov Regional Committee of the CPSU


1959 1991


Saratov region [801]



Industry; Rallies; Amateur performances

Reel №2


Full knight of the Order of Labor Glory of all three degrees, the turner of the repair shop Gavrilov Valentin Nikolaevich at work.

Repair shop.

Zlobin Pavel Ivanovich.

Production of cellophane.

Dobina NI - the chief of cellophane production.

Mengerova Evdokiya Dmitrievna - a veteran of production, the first honorary chemist.

The area of ​​the film release for the apparatus "artificial kidney"

Achkasova Zinaida Mikhailovna.

Polypropylene production.

Rabotkina Nina Mikhailovna, Feofanova Lydia Alekseevna, Kalinin Nikolai Danatovich - veterans of production.


Service control devices and sensors at the production association.

Gas cleaning installation.

Take air samples for environmental contamination.

Water treatment facilities.


Workers of the laboratory.

Plants, vegetables in the green shop.

Speech of amateur collectives of the palace of culture of association.

Automated system for the installation of control of technical processes on cellophane production.

Says Razumovsky VT - the chief engineer of the association.

Manufacture of pipes from recycled raw materials.


Gavrilov Valentin Nikolaevich - Full Knight of the Order of Labor Glory of three degrees, Turner Repair Shop Mengerova Evdokiya Dmitrievna - veteran of production, the first honorary chemist Razumovsky VT - Chief Engineer of the Association




Saratov region [801]


Spring [825]

Industry; Amateur performances

Reel №3

Processing of raw materials.

Manufacturing of consumer goods.

Plastic workshop of the plant of spare parts and parts.

Says Lazarev MN - the chief engineer of the plant of spare parts and parts.

Manufacture of ski poles, telescopic rods made of carbon fiber.

Construction of a new building in the factory.

New buildings.

Cottages in the village of Nikonovka, Saratov region.

The village of Nikonovka.





Reception of workers of association at the doctor.

The dispensary.


Doing sports.


Pioneer camp.

Palace of Culture.

Construction of a health-improving complex.

Poster "The country received from Balakovo more than 2.5 million tons of chemical fibers!"

Says D. Melnikov is the general director of the production association Khimvolokno.


Lazarev MN - the chief engineer of a factory of spare parts and details Melnikov D. F. - General Director of the Production Association "Khimvolokno" them. Of VI Lenin.




Saratov region [801]


Spring [825] Summer [824] Winter [823]

Industry; Social life; Amateur performances