good afternoon. (1970)

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Director: V. Kashtelyan

Script writers: V. Alekseev

Operators: G. Amirov, E. Zagidullin, V. Kuzjmin

Composers: A. Eshpaj

Recordist: A. Nikulin

Other authors: V. Potehin


The film is dedicated to the 50th anniversary since the formation of the Mari Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, the Republic's achievements in agriculture and industry.

Russian cities and regions | Anniversaries

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature | Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Blooming Apple trees.

Women in the Mari national costumes during the "Feast of flowers".

Participants of the event in the back of a truck.

Presenting guests with bread and salt.

Musicians dudyat in pipes.

The speech of the participants of the festival from the stage.

Women play the harp.

Performances by folk dance ensembles, faces the audience, the audience applauded.

The man climbs up the pole.

Wrestling match.

Riding on the carousel.

The forest panorama, a summer rural landscapes.

Types Of The Volga.

Tourists walk through the forest.

Tourists at an old oak tree at the top of maple mountain.

Commemorative plaque on the trunk of an oak tree with the text on the revolt of Pugachev.

Tourists visiting the oak, the faces of the tourists.

The type of oak.

The text of the Decree "About formation of the Autonomous oblast of the Mari people".

The type of forest (top).

Loggers go to work.

Deforestation, falling trees.

Removal of felled trees with the help of special equipment.

Planting of the new coniferous forests.

Sprouted young firs.

Rafting on the river.

A barge-truck.

The captain in the wheelhouse.

Types Of The Volga.

The weaving of bast shoes in the Mari village.

Braiding bast, P. E. Kudykov in the yard at work.

Harvesting grain harvesters in the collective farms of Mari ASSR, a truck filled with harvested grain.

The harvesting of silage crops.

Panorama of a wheat field, Chairman of the kolkhoz "Pravda" Mari district of the E. V. Alekhin in the field.

Alekhine examining ripe ears of corn.

The view of the field during harvest.

The types of bird lines Asanovski poultry.

Attendant L. E. Vasileva talks about the factory (synchronously).

Hens in cages, the work of the automated line for sorting eggs.

Packing eggs.

A herd of cows of the farm "Semenovskiy" grazing.

The types of livestock farms of the farm.

View of a pig-breeding complex of the farm name Ulyanov Zvenigovskogo district.

Sows with pigs in metal pens.

Chief A. A. Vasiliev examines piglets in pens.

pigs at the trough.

Panorama of the pig-breeding complex.




Mari El Republic



Holidays; Geography and Nature; Folk Art; Agriculture
Social life; National culture; Culture and Arts; Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The students-members of construction teams are sent to construction sites in the villages and towns of the Republic.

Girls lay bricks.

View of the construction of residential houses and industrial objects.

The production process in the shops of the Mari pulp and paper mill, the finished products plant.

Working plant, Hero of Socialist labor I. R. Emulov at work.

The view of the universe shop Yescarolina plant of semiconductor devices.

Those workers, the production process.

The types of departments of the factory electrics, samples of the finished product.

Mechanic I. P. Ovechkin at work.

Ovechkin tells about the plant and the value of manufactured products for the national economy (synchronously), the production process in the plant shops.

Ready refrigerators off the production line of factory sales engineering.

The production process in the shops of the plant of artificial leather.

Factory worker "the Worker" for the creation of artistic embroidery.

The patterns created in the factory.

The production process in plants vitamin plant in Yoshkar-Ola, packing vitamins.

Lenin monument on the Central square of Yoshkar-Ola.

Types of streets, squares and buildings Yoshkar-Ola, people on the streets.

The fountain in one of the town squares.

Portrait of the poet and the actor Iyvan Kyrlya.

Fragment x/film "road to life".

The poster of the film "road to life" in front of the theater.

People on the streets of Yoshkar-Ola.

The buildings of the Polytechnic and pedagogical institutes.

The building of the city schools.

The flowers in the flower bed.

The view of the building of boarding school for gifted children.

The pupils during the lessons on painting.

The work of pupils boarding.

Music lessons in the boarding school.

Photos of the honored guests of the boarding - Composers Shostakovich and A. Eshpai.

View of the building of the musical College.

Ivan Almetov plays the piano.

Faces of the audience.

The parents of Ivan from the village of Medvedevo in the hall listening to the game son.

Ceremony assignment writer S. Wisniewski the title of people's poet of the Mari ASSR.

Wisniewski delivers a speech response (synchronous).

Volga landscapes, ships on the Volga.

The sun shines through the trees.

Pasturing horses.

Panorama of the forest (above).

View of the Volga, the ship sails.

Cover and pages of the score of the oratorio of A. Eshpai "Lenin with us".

Eshpai at the piano.

Views and panoramas of construction, of city streets and squares.

Harvesters in the field at harvest.

Ears of ripe wheat.

Panorama of the construction of a house.

Panorama of the forest.

The appearance of power plants and power lines.

Volga landscapes.


Vishnevskij Semen Vasiljevich -- the Mari writer and poet
Eshpaj Andrej Yakovlevich -- composer, pianist




Mari El Republic



Construction; Industry; Education; Literati; Composers
Sectors of the economy; Social life; Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Literature; Music