Bondju character. (1990)

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Director: G. Panov

Script writers: G. Panov

Operators: N. Morozov, S. Gubin

Recordist: Z. Gabduljyanov

Music designer: V. Korableva

Other authors: V. Anichkin, M. Kozlovskij, A. Poltavskaya


The film is dedicated to work Mendeleevsky chemical plant named after L. Karpov, talks about the history of the plant.

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the square in the city of Mendeleyevsk, people go through the area.

People come to the Palace of culture for the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the first Director of chemical plant of L. Ya.


The faces of the participants of the event.

People in the lobby of the Palace of culture is expected to start the event.

One of the guests tells about the history of the city, says the villagers of Bondyuga (synchronously).

Members of the women's choir of veterans are preparing to speak, behind the scenes is a story about the history of the village of Bondyuga (synchronously).

Guests talk about the role of Karpov and his associates in the creation of urban industry, the role of ordinary people in the preservation of the plant, the Russian-Tatar friendship (synchronously).

Persons participating in the choir behind the curtain.

Curtain opens, chorus of veterans begins to sing a song to the accompaniment of accordion, portrait Karpov above the stage.

The faces of the choristers.

Rural landscape view.

The ruined buildings of the old grantovogo plant Ushkova.

Photos Bondyuzhskoe plant, sailing ships on the Kama river.

Photos Ushkova and members of his family.

The exhibits in the Museum halls of the Chemical plant named after L. Y. Karpov, on the wall - a portrait of the founder of the plant Ushkova.

Students listening to the guide telling the history of the plant, the children's faces.

Paybook factory worker Ushkova in the Museum.

The first page "house Rules...".

Photos of workers and employees of the plant.

Photos of buildings Bondyuzhskoe plant in the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

Pictures of the house Ushkovyh in Kazan.

Photo of the plant Ushkova.

Photo of Peter Ushkova on his deathbed.

The exposition of the Museum, recreating the atmosphere of a peasant's hut.

Woman tells of her great-grandfather, who worked at the factory (synchronously), a portrait of grandfather.

The children and grandchildren of factory workers show photos of their fathers and grandfathers, talk about them (synchronously).

The participants of the event in the auditorium.

The scene of the Palace of culture.

Portrait of L. Y. Karpov in the office of the Director of the plant.

Son Karpov - Yuri L. Karpov at his home in Moscow give interviews to the filmmakers.

Paintings and works of art in the apartment L. Y. Karpov.

Portraits of L. Y. Karpov and his wife in his youth.

Photos of the village Bondyuzhskoe, behind the scenes is the story of Y. L. Karpov about their parents (synchronously).

A portrait of writer and poet Boris Pasternak, who lived in the house of Carp in 1916-1917.

Self-portrait of Pasternak, say.

L. Y. Karpov tells about the acquaintance with Pasternak, his love for painting and music (synchronously).

Portrait of L. Y. Karpov, painted by Leonid Pasternak, signed by the artist.

Interior view of the office of the Director of the plant.




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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Portraits by L. Y. Karpov, engineers and factory workers in the early 20th century.

Photograph of members of the party organization of the factory in 1918.

The title of the newspaper "Social Democrat".

Buzzing factory whistle.

Newsreel: speaker at the rally.

Panorama of the meeting.

Fragments x/film "October" scenes of a Winter storm.

Photos of members of the Commission for the nationalization of enterprises Ushkovyh.

Portrait Of L. Y. Karpov.

View of the building of the factory and Museum square with the bust Karpov.

Chairman of the Board of the factory Museum historian V. N. Solovyov says about the history of the plant and the city, about the revolutionary past of the plant (synchronously).

Map of the battle area azina division on the Eastern front.

Newsreel interspersed with photos: the red army fighting on the Eastern front.

The agitation steamboat Krasnaya Zvezda is on the Kama river in 1920.

Working Bondyuzhskoe chemical plant to meet the steamer.

Krupskaya N. To. delivers a speech to workers.

Panorama of the meeting.

Acts as the authorized Central Executive Committee Molotov V. M.

Speaks the next speaker, stands next to Molotov.

Photo of crew members of the ship.

The wheels of the locomotive.

The driver looks forward.

There is a train.

Photos of factory workers, and veterans talking about the workers ' struggle for the preservation of the factory in 1928 (synchronously).

Photos from the history of the plant in the Museum, is interspersed with newsreel.

Photograph of workers of a roofing workshop.

A fragment of the text of the appeal of the regional Committee of the RCP(b) the electoral Committee of tatrespublic on the conservation of the plant, photographs of the workers.

Newspaper articles about the closing of the plant, group photos of the workers.

The monument to L. Ya.

Karpov at the plant.

Newsreel 1929-1930 years.

Go trains with coal and equipment.

The construction of new industrial enterprises in the first five years.

Miners working in the mine.

Welders at work.

It takes part of tanks.

Exploding shells.

Portraits of factory workers - participants of the great Patriotic war.

The faces of the pupils of the school № 1.

War veteran Vladimir Georgievski speaks about the students - the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the bravery of monduzzi at the front (synchronously).

Students during recess.

Portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union hanging in the hallway of the school.

Newsreel of 1945: meeting of the victorious soldiers on the Belarusian railway station.

The view of red square may 9, 1945, people celebrate the Victory.

Sailing yacht sailing on the Kama, a river landscape.


Krupskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna -- revolutionary, politician and public figure
Molotov Vyacheslav Mihajlovich -- state and political figure, diplomat




The Republic of Tatarstan

World War II; Industry; Rallies; Trains; Construction; Victory Day
History; Sectors of the economy; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; Transportation; Holidays

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Veterans considering post-war photos of the plant, talking about the destruction at the plant because of its deterioration, to resolve the threat of a shutdown of the plant and overcome the workforce (synchronously).

Photography Director of plant Valnova.

The faces of the veterans.

Newsreel: working drilling rigs in the 1960-ies.

Panorama petrochemical plant.

Panorama of one of the new chemical enterprises.

Rural landscape, away - city home.

Mendeleev the first Secretary of the regional Committee of the CPSU M. M. Husnullin tells about the development of Mendeleevsk city of the chemists, about the construction of a new chemical enterprise.

The panorama of the Mendeleevsk.

Panorama of a mineral fertiliser plant (top).

Referring to buildings and the plant.

View of control room of the plant.

Chief engineer of the plant Busygin said about the modern production processes used at the plant, on waste-free production and modern system of treatment (synchronously).

Panorama of the Chemical plant named after L. Y. Karpov.

The form of a shell chemical plant laboratory, where he worked as D. I. Mendeleev.

Mendeleev's portrait on the wall of the laboratory, the laboratory staff at work.

Portrait Of Mendeleev.

Photo of the fortress.

Photos Mendeleev.

The staff of the laboratory at work.

The plant samples.

The photographic chemicals produced by the plant.

Production processes on the factory floor, the faces of the workers.

Packaging of finished products.

The faces of the representatives of worker dynasties of the plant.

Workers are photographed for the factory newspaper, the photographer is shooting.

Visitors in the halls of the city art gallery.

Plant Manager Mustafin said about the benefits of fine art for the people (synchronously).

Meeting in the office of the plant Manager, the person Mustafina.

Mustafin speaking at the meeting.

Person specialists and engineers participating in the meeting.

Participants leave the principal's office.

Panorama of the plant.

Mustafin speaks about his work as Director of the plant, to overcome the difficulties, the development of the factory tradition, the interaction with the party and the trade unions (synchronously).

Kinds of parts factory site, the movement of freight transport.

Interior view of one from the factory.




The Republic of Tatarstan



Industry; Chemistry
Sectors of the economy; Science

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Head of workshop for the production of hyposulphite Minnahmetov talks with the workers and plant management.

Minnahmetov is on the shop floor, overseeing the production process, behind the scenes is the story of Miniahmetova (synchronously).

Part of the production process for the manufacture of hyposulphite.

Packing of hyposulphite on the conveyor belt.

Panorama of the warehouse of finished products.

Packaging of hyposulphite on the automatic machine.

The production process at the packaging site, working person.

Plant Manager Mustafin tells about the advanced workers and their role in enhancing productivity and modernization of the plant, their rationalization proposals (synchronously).

Panorama of the shop building for the production of silica gel.

Interior views of the shop production process.

Technologist workshop discusses working with production issues.

Foreman Karimov talks about the merits of technology in the development of production (synchronously).

Technologist in the shop discussing with the workers the current issues, inspects the equipment.

Faces of the workers and engineers.

The party factory B. N. Piraeus talks with the workers and engineers.

Piraeus says about the merits of the first Director of the plant L. Y. Karpov, to continue in the factory of his case, the role of the party organization in the implementation of new economic relations (synchronously).

Commemorative inscription on the building Department of magnesium sulfate.

Panorama of the shop, carrying out external repair of the building.

Those workers shop, album page for the history of the shop.

Photos of working-class militants of the 1930-ies.

The party G. S. Kobzeva will hold the next meeting.

Those workers delegates of congresses of the CPSU.

Workers in the shop, the production process.

Veterans during a tea party share memories.

A commemorative badge and gift one of the workers.

The family of one of the workers is on the way.

People come into the yard, greet the owners.

The performance of the children ensemble at a ceremony in honor of the 110th anniversary of L. Ya.


Faces of the audience.

Types of houses and streets of Mendeleevsk, the monument to Lenin on the square.

The Chairman of the Council of labour collective of the plant Poles speaks to the urgent need of transition from administrative-command methods of management to economic, ability of work governments to solve these problems, the closure of polluting industries, the introduction of a number of measures to improve environmental situation (synchronously).

A meeting of the Council of the labor collective of the factory, the faces of the participants.

Panorama of the plant.




The Republic of Tatarstan



Sectors of the economy

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Chairman of the Council of labour collective of the Poles tells about the ecology, about the costs of cleaner production and the necessity of such production (synchronously).

Pupils plant the children's garden while Hiking.

Students learn to care for horses.

Occupation in the factory horse-sports school.

Students in class in the section of sailing, the face of the coach.

Members of the section have a boat to shore.

The sailing yacht.

Vocal Duo performs a song with a guitar, walking along the path in autumn Park.

Yellowing leaves on the trees, the streets of Mendeleyevsk.

Parents with toddlers are along at home, autumn cityscapes.

A person working.

The types of residential districts of Mendeleevsk.

The Chairman of the Council tells about the residents, their traditions, about the reasons for the renaming of the city in Mendeleyevsk (synchronously).

Arch over the entrance to the stadium "Chemist".

Solemn procession through the lanes of the stadium.

Speech by the dance ensemble during the celebration of Sabantuy.

The audience applauded.

Actors of Amateur performances of the plant go through the meadow.

The head of Amateur performances of the plant L. P. Mukhamadeeva speaks about the active participation of people in artistic activities, conducting parades and celebrations (synchronously).

A fragment of the play, staged at the factory House of culture.

The performance factory vocal-instrumental ensemble, people are dancing to the music.

People dancing in the cafe during one of the festive events.

Participants of the folk ensemble of the plant in the meadow sing a Gypsy song.

The performance of one of the factory ensembles during the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the birth of L. Ya.

Karpov, the spectators in the hall.




The Republic of Tatarstan



Sport; Life and leisure; Holidays
Social life

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The audience applauded.

Faces of the audience.

One of the veterans of the plant rises to the applause on stage, the Director of the plant Mustafin meets him, accompanied by a microphone.

The veteran sitting next to Mustafina, speaks, the faces of representatives of labor dynasties in the audience.

Honoring the representatives of labor dynasties of the plant, handing them flowers.

Family tree of the dynasty Hamidullina.

Stand with photos of the members of the dynasty.

Family Meftahetdinova at the holiday table.

A portrait of the founder of labor dynasty.

The plant Manager, who came to visit, congratulates grandson Meftahetdinova.

Mustafin speech, presenting the eldest in the family key to a new apartment.

Family Meftahetdinova at the table.

Panorama of the new residential district (top).

The ceremony of registration of Braga in the city registry office.

The bride and groom painted in the book.

Panorama of the plant in winter.

Plant Manager Mustafin says about the prospects for social development at the plant, the construction of children's art school, the prospects of building educational and cultural institutions (synchronously).

Panorama of the construction of the new district.

People in the audience during the celebrations.

Veterans and best workers accept congratulations and gifts during the anniversary event.

Mustafin presents a certificate to the worker of the plant.

Photographer is shooting veterans.

The celebration of veterans of work, workers and plant engineers speak of "bondyuzhskoe" the character of the people working at the plant (synchronously).

Veterans on the stage with bouquets of flowers.

The performance of the factory folk musical ensemble, performing a song, the faces of the participants in the ceremony.

View of the town square during the anniversary event in Mendeleevsk (above).




The Republic of Tatarstan



Holidays; Social life