On the Volga River. (1975)

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Director: V. Kuzjmina

Script writers: G. Durman-Ranevskij

Operators: V. Kuzjmin

Text writers: V. Levashov

Recordist: A. Hramova


The film tells about the various aspects of the life of the Upper, Middle and Lower Volga, the cities on the banks of the Volga.

Russian cities and regions

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Part of the Volga river on the map of the USSR.

Signal flags on the mast of the ship.

View of the Volga shore.

View of the building of the river station in the city of Gorky.

Passenger ship "Ilyich" at the Marina before the next navigation.

Brass band plays the river, the faces of the musicians.

The faces of the veterans rivermen.

Signal flags on the ropes.

The ship is the Volga, inside view of the captain's cabin.

View of birch forests in the Valdai hills.

Birds fly over the cliff.

River landscape in the lower reaches of the Volga.

Duck brood on the water.

Seagulls flying over the water.

Blooming daisies and Lotus flowers.

View of pine forest.

A moose in a clearing in the woods of the Middle Volga region.

A river landscape.

The ship sails on hydrofoils, the view of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin.

Volga landscapes.

Types of cities, standing on the banks of the Volga.

A pointer to the entry in Kostroma.

Types of historical buildings and churches of the Kostroma and Yaroslavl.

Panorama of Yaroslavl Kremlin.

View of the city's waterfront.

Bread and salt on a towel.

Ancient frescoes depicting the harvest.

Panorama of fields in the Northern Volga region.

Working sprinkler.

Harvesters for harvesting grain crop, ripe ears of wheat.

Vehicles moving out from the river ferry.

Panorama of Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin (above).

The carousel at the town fair.

Sale of Souvenirs and fabrics.

Visitors to the cafe, the waiter brings a tray with the pots.

Fresh loaves at the bakery.

The beekeeper collects the honey.

The honey is poured from the ladle.

Girl eating Astrakhan watermelon.

Wooden Souvenirs at the fair.

Panorama of one of the neighborhoods of bitter.

View of the promenade and the river station (at the top).

The cranes in the port.

A freight train leaves the port after loading.

Crawler tractor designed for dispatch, standing at the cargo port.

The products of the Yaroslavl tyre plant in the port.

The barge passes by the cargo jetty of the port.

Cargo ship Sormovskiy plant after launching.

Faces of the workers, the shipbuilders, the mourners they built the ship.

A barge with cargo.

Panorama of the waterfront quarter (above).

Boats go along the Volga.

Captain on the bridge giving commands.

Rotating ship's radar.

Passenger ship is the Volga.




Yaroslavl region



Sea and river transport; Agriculture; Folk Art; Industry; Geography and Nature
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the Kazan Kremlin.

Types of streets of Kazan, architectural monuments of the city.

View of the square in front of Kazan state University (top).

Students in the audience during the lecture.

The faces of the students, a teacher giving a lecture.

Students during laboratory classes.

Interior view of the chemical laboratory Butlerova.

View of one of the old classrooms and Assembly hall of the University.

The monument to V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin), on the square in front of the University.

Volga landscape.

The face of the Builder.

View of the construction site.

A welder at work.

Production processes at a textile factory and in a foundry of the steel plant.

Panorama of one of the new neighborhoods of Kazan.

Ship "Ilyich" is the Volga.

The faces of the captain and the senior assistant.

Types Of Ulyanovsk.

The house-Museum of Lenin in Ulyanovsk.

The house in which the family lived Ulyanov.

The plaque on the wall of the house.

Photo of the Ulyanov family.

Interior view of the rooms in the House-Museum of the Ulyanov family.

The interior of the room Volodya Ulyanov.

Photo of V. I. Ulyanov during my school years.

Sculpture Volodya Ulyanov with her mother, Maria Alexandrovna.

The ship is a hydrofoil on the Volga.

The view of the embankment of Volgograd, the fountain on the waterfront.

The types of the memorial ensemble at Mamaev Kurgan, fragments of monuments.

The monument of Motherland.

Memorial hall with an Eternal flame.

The names of the soldiers killed in the battle of Stalingrad, on the slab of red granite.

The sun behind the clouds.

Rain water runs down the trunk of a birch.

Forest trees in the rain, the rainbow in the meadow.

There is a girl, squeezes a wet braid.

The trunks of young birches, the children walk in the woods.

Panorama of the Volga hydroelectric power station.

View of the dam.

The transmission line towers Volga hydroelectric power station.

Train goes over the bridge across the Volga.

View Volga's banks.

A oil tanker is the Volga.

The sailor washes a deck.

The types of the waterfront Kuibyshev.

Plane on a pedestal.

Assembly of aircraft in the shops of the Kuibyshev aircraft factory, working person.

View of one of the buildings of the chocolate factory.

The operator of automatic control system for remote control.

Production processes at the factory, the finished products on the conveyor belt.

The face of a factory worker, showing a box of chocolates.




The Republic of Tatarstan
Ulyanovsk region



History; Construction; Sea and river transport; Monuments; Industry
Sectors of the economy; Transportation; Culture and Arts

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the Volga through the pine forest.

View site with passenger bus and one of the neighborhoods of the city of Togliatti (above).

View car Park in front of the Volga automobile plant (VAZ).

The process of assembling cars at the WHA, the new "Lada" cars off the Assembly line.

Transportation of cars by rail.

People on a city street.

View of the Volga from the city embankment.

Sailing boats on the Volga.

Evening Volga landscapes.

A herd of horses in the night.

Young herdsmen around the campfire.

View of the pine forest.

Old master carves a wooden spoon, the girl watching him.

Ready unpainted spoons in the basket.

Woman paints wooden products.

Samples of Gorodets deaf carving.

Flowers on the meadows of the Volga.

The girls painted wooden trays.

Jewelers village of Red at work.

Samples of modern Krasnosel filigree.

View of one of the gateways of the Volga, ships inside the gateway.

Motorship "Lenin" is on the lower reaches of the Volga.

View of the Astrakhan Kremlin.

Swans on the water, the view of one of the city streets.

Throwing a network from fishing boat.

The face of one of the fishermen.

Fishermen on the shore choose the network.

Fish caught in the network.

The process of packing in jars of caviar.

The calves on the farm in the reserve.

Girl in charge of the calves.

Ratica farm feeds a calf from a bucket.

The calves in the forest.

River landscape in the Volga Delta.

Lotus in the water blooming Lotus flower.

A Seagull flies over the sedge.

Rangers inspect the reserve in the Volga Delta.

Falcons take off from a tree branch.

The man on the Bank of the Volga leads the horse by the bridle.

Floating barge, a woman goes along the Mall.

Children play on a coastal meadow, panoramic meadows.

Flying flock of migrating birds.




Astrakhan region



Industry; Folk Art; Automobile transport; Geography and Nature
Sectors of the economy; National culture; Culture and Arts; Transportation