Remember the world saved. (1965)

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Director: V. Shorohov

Script writers: V. Nosarev, V. Shorohov

Operators: L. Dimich

Anouncers: L. Hmara

Recordist: G. Zubarev

Other authors: V. Tokarev


The film is dedicated to one of the heroes of the battle of Stalingrad, the sniper Anatoly Ivanovich Chekhov.

World War II | Biography


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1943: the ruins of Stalingrad after the end of hostilities.

View of the construction of the memorial on Mamayev Kurgan (top).

Fragments of the memorial, inscriptions made on the stone, alternates with newsreels of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Monument to Soviet soldiers.

Panorama of a part of Volgograd, a passenger ship is sailing.

View of the descent to the embankment.

Types of streets and blocks of Volgograd.

The tank tower on a pedestal in the square on the embankment.

The pigeon sits on the muzzle of the gun barrel.

Memorial inscription in honor of the feat of the soldiers of the Rodimtsev division.

A rose in a flower bed.

A sign with the name of the street Sniper Chekhov.

People on the street.

View of a part of the city park.

Newsreel of 1942: a German tank column on the march.

Wheeled armored personnel carrier moves to the front line.

Officers watch the Volga through binoculars.

Streets of Kazan in 1941.

Passes a unit of the Red Army.

Soviet tanks and artillery on the march.

Panorama of burning Stalingrad in the summer of 1942.

Bomb explosions near the shore.

On the Volga, a transport with troops and military equipment is moving, the Red Army soldiers on the deck waiting for the landing.

Landing of the replenishment on the Volga coast.

Rifle units make a march to the front line.

View of the destroyed Stalingrad (from above).

Civilians leave their destroyed homes.

A Red Army unit crosses the square.

The former battalion commander, Colonel I. I. Isakov and company commander Samchuk talk about the sniper A. I. Chekhov (synchronously), the stories alternate with newsreels of the fighting in Stalingrad.

Newsreel of 1942: German armored vehicles on the streets of Stalingrad.

Raising the Nazi flag.

The ceremony of awarding German soldiers with the Iron Cross.

The Nazis break into the houses, the atrocities of the German occupiers.

People are being taken to Germany.

Concentration camp prisoners behind barbed wire.

Corpses of prisoners.

Internal view of the crematorium in one of the concentration camps, the remains of people in the furnaces.

Victims of the Nazi occupation, murdered children, people hanged on balconies, the face of the German punisher.

A moat with the bodies of people who were shot.

The bodies of the murdered prisoners of the concentration camp in a stack of firewood, prepared for burning.

Burning village.

Himmler G. presents awards to SS officers.

Map of the Stalingrad front (animation).

Fighting of the Soviet troops in Stalingrad, street battles.

Sniper Anatoly Chekhov takes a position.

Chekhov makes a shot, the opponent falls.

Chekhov in position, German infantry before throwing across the street.

A dead man falls in the doorway.

The fighting of the Soviet infantry in Stalingrad.

Colonel Isakov continues the story about the sniper A. Chekhov and the number of fascists he destroyed (synchronously), alternates with newsreel footage with Chekhov.


Isakov Ivan Ivanovich -- warlord
Chehov Anatolij Ivanovich -- sniper







Starting the Battle of Stalingrad
World War II; History

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1942: an inscription on the wall of a destroyed house about the number of enemies destroyed by the Red Army soldier Deryabin.

Isakov and Samchuk talk about the combat activities and merits of their subordinate - sniper Anatoly Chekhov during the battles in Stalingrad, the development of the sniper movement on the Stalingrad front, Chekhov's injury, Chekhov's destruction of a German sniper (synchronously), the story alternates with newsreels of the fighting of Soviet and German troops in Stalingrad.

Newsreel of 1942-1943: evacuation of wounded Soviet soldiers.

Boats of the Volga Flotilla transport the wounded to the other side of the Volga.

Soviet troops are fighting on the streets of Stalingrad.

The calculation of the light machine gun takes a position on a pile of bricks.

Meeting of the Soviet troops in the Kalach area on November 23, 1942.

The gunner covers the barrel of the gun.

Soviet soldiers place a red banner on one of the buildings in Stalingrad.

Soviet soldiers and commanders congratulate each other on their victory.

Eternal Flame on Mamayev Kurgan.

Sniper Vasily Zaitsev tells about a meeting in Kazan with Chekhov, whom he considered dead Synchronously).

Photos of the meeting between Chekhov and Zaitsev in Kazan.

Publications about Chekhov in newspapers.

Letters addressed to Chekhov.

Chekhov at the helm of a boat on the Volga, Chekhov's face.

Chekhov on the bank of the Volga cooks fish soup on the fire, tastes it.

Chekhov and his family members at the table eating fish soup, the faces of Chekhov and his wife.

View of the Volga coast.

Types of streets and blocks of Kazan.

Chekhov is walking down the street.

Types of streets of Kazan.


Chehov Anatolij Ivanovich -- sniper
Zajcev Vasilij Grigorjevich -- sniper







Counter-offensive at Stalingrad (Operation "Uranus")
World War II; History

Reel №3