On the wide Volga 1985 № 12

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Director: V. Kuzjmina

Operators: N. Djyakov

Other authors: L. Suleeva


The issue is dedicated to advances in agriculture and industry of the Mordovian ASSR.

Russian cities and regions

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

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1. Breeders of Mordovia.

Participants of the All-Russian meeting of managers and performers of the program for breeding a new red-and-white breed of cattle, held in Saransk, talk during a break.

The faces of the meeting participants during the next report.

Speeches of speakers, faces of the members of the presidium.

Awards and diplomas awarded to farms of the Mordovian ASSR for successful breeding work.

The house of the directorate of the state farm.

Lenin of the Ruzaevsky district.

A sign with the name of the state farm.

Chief zootechnik of the state farm N. V. Dugushkin examines the breeding herd of bulls, breeding bulls and cows of the Simmental breed in the paddock.

Director of the state farm A. P. Lozhkarev talks with Dugushkin.

View of the feed complex of the state farm.

The process of feed processing.

Cows eat from the trough.

Laboratory assistants of the reference point of the Research Institute of Breeding A. Velmatov and V. Panin at work.

Scientists conduct measurements of breeding cattle.

2. Success of poultry farmers.

The car with the feed leaves the gate of the feed complex.

Chickens and chickens at the poultry farm "Oktyabrskaya", the face of the poultry house.

The work of mechanized lines for fattening poultry.

Chickens in cages, collecting laid eggs.

The faces of poultry farmers.

Factory lab technicians at work.

Children of factory workers in the kindergarten during breakfast.

Factory director V. A. Skobtsov inspects the construction of the second stage of the kindergarten.

Panorama of the construction of a kindergarten (top).

Chickens and roosters in cages.

Eggs laid by hens.

3. Chairman of the village Council.

Winter rural landscape.

People walk along the street of the village of Purdoshki.

Machine operators are standing at the truck crane.

The chairman of the village Council A. Ya.

Polyakova talks with the collective farmers, the face of Polyakova.

Polyakova talks with the district commissioner.

Collective farmers at a reception at Polyakova.

Polyakova talks with the collective farmers on the street of the village.

View of the building of the village school-ten-year-old.

Students during recess.

High school students during introductory classes on the choice of profession, the faces of young men.

Polyakov talks with the chairman of the collective farm O. S. Malashina.

Malashina and Polyakova inspect new living quarters for livestock breeders.

View of the village of Purdoshki, a bus passes on the road.

4. The innovators of lighting technology.

Persons of the participants of the meeting of the creative team of innovators of the Saransk production association "Lighting Engineering".

Discussion of the next issue.

The process of manual labor at one of the sites of the enterprise.

The process of manually winding the lamp spiral on the leg.

Innovators V. Dukhonkin and V. Zinina at the assembly machine introduced by them.

Dukhonkin and Zinina are looking through patent literature in the factory library.

The work of the assembly machine.

The work of an automated line for the production of traffic lights, the action of an automatic manipulator, the faces of innovators.

The innovators are discussing another technical issue.

The production process in one of the workshops.

Innovators during the next workshop.




Republic of Mordovia



Agriculture; Industry
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