Spring Theater. (1967)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Georgij Cvetkov

Script writers: Leonid Losj

Operators: Mihail Rotinov

Recordist: Raisa Levitina

Painter: Vladlen Ivanov

Other authors: Valentin Demin


The film tells about the Bolshoi drama theater (BDT) under The direction of G. A. Tovstonogov, young actors of the theater.

Theater | Culture and Arts

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Students at the entrance to the Leningrad theater Institute.

Poster of the play "West side story, staged by fourth-year students.

Fragments of the play's rehearsal, fragments of the rehearsal.

Girl's face.

Director G. A. Tovstonogov from the audience watching the progress of the rehearsal.

Fragments of the rehearsal.

Junior students on the main staircase of the Institute.

Exam on the rhythm of speech, the teacher's face.

Classes in choreography and stage fencing.

Students read textbooks during a theoretical lesson, the faces of students And teacher R. S. Agamirzyan.

Students of Agamirzyan's workshop depict threading a needle, shaving with an electric razor, and riding a motorcycle.

The face of a student depicting a bird.

Fragment of a student's game study with the image of a snake Charmer.

Faces of students and teachers.

Students to the music depict a jazz orchestra without musical instruments, the faces of students.

Agamirzyan makes notes.

The faces of the students and Agamirzian.

Students perform an etude in the proposed circumstances.

Students on the main staircase of the Institute.

Entrance to the Academic Bolshoi drama theater.

Gorky in Leningrad in the evening.

The audience climbs the stairs before the performance begins.

Young actors and Actresses behind the scenes.

Faces of actors, among them - M. M. Derzhavin.

Actresses walk down the hall.

Colleagues congratulate actress Zinaida sharko on her birthday, sharko's face.

The actors drink champagne to Charcot's health and congratulate her.

The audience in the foyer of the theater looks at photos of actors.

Portraits of actors on the foyer wall.

Portraits of Kirill Lavrov and Sergey Yursky.

Jurassic in the makeup room in front of the mirror.

Jurassic is getting ready to go on stage.

The title of Griboyedov's Comedy "Woe from wit".

Fragment of a Comedy with Jurassic in the role of Chatsky, reading the final monologue (synchronously).

Jurassic as the main character of the play by the Georgian playwright Dumbadze "I, grandma, Iliko and Illarion".

Fragment of the play, the hero of Jurassic performs a song (synchronously).

Posters of theater performances.

Portrait of actor George Shtil.

Fragment of the play "the Career of Arturo UI, which could not have been" based on the play by Brecht, in the role of the host-G. Stil.

The announcement of the rehearsal is on the sign in front of the door.

The chief Director of the Tovstonogov theater in the hall directs the rehearsal, gives instructions to the actor (synchronously).

Tovstonogov descends from the stage, continues to watch the actor play.

Tovstonogov in the hall during rehearsals.

Tovstonogov talks with the actors after the performance.

View of the auditorium, the audience takes their seats.

View of the theater foyer.

Playbill and program of the play based on Gorky's play "Philistines"with an indication of the performers.

Portrait of Evgeny Lebedev as merchant Vesenin.

Portraits of actors playing roles in the play.

A scene from the play with Vladimir Recepter as Peter and actress Lyudmila Makarova.

Portrait of Ludmila Sapozhnikova in the role of Paulie.

A scene from the play "Philistines" with Kirill Lavrov and Lyudmila Sapozhnikova.

Spectators in the stalls and boxes.

View of the stage during the performance.

Fragment of the performance, the audience's faces.

The curtain closes.

The audience applauds, views of the auditorium.

Actors on stage after the performance ends, Tovstonogov enters the stage.

Tovstonogov bows from the stage.

The audience applauds, the curtain closes.

The fading chandelier.

Interior of the working room of Sergey Yursky in the theater, a collection of autographs collected by Yursky.

French Director Jean Vilar leaves his autograph on the ceiling in the Jurassic room.

Jean Vilar talks with Tovstonogov.

Jurassic talks with foreign guests - Professor of the Sorbonne Scherer, Slovak Director Butsky.

Tovstonogov hall during the rehearsal of the performance-concert "Visible song", staged together with students of the theater Institute.

Fragments of the play "three-penny Opera".

Posters of the play "Visible song" in Russian and foreign languages.

Fragments of the play "Visible song".

The audience applauds, views of the auditorium.

Performers of roles and Tovstonogov sit on chairs on the stage during congratulations on a successful performance.

Tovstonogov's Face.

The audience gives a standing ovation.

Types of Nevsky Prospekt.

Fragment of one of the sculptures on the Anichkov bridge.

Faces of people walking along Nevsky Prospekt.

People stand in line at the theater's ticket office.

Passers-by and public transport on Nevsky Prospekt.

Types of buildings of the Bolshoi drama theater, Comedy Theater, Lensovet Theater.


Tovstonogov Georgij Aleksandrovich -- theater Director, teacher
Agamirzyan ruben Sergeevich -- actor, theater Director
Derzhavin Mihail Mihajlovich -- theater and film actor
Sharko Zinaida Maksimovna -- theater and film actress
Yurskij Sergej Yurjevich -- actor and Director of theater and cinema
Shtilj Georgij Antonovich -- theater and film actor
Recepter Vladimir Emmanuilovich -- actor, Director, writer
Makarova Lyudmila Iosifovna -- theater and film actress
Sapozhnikova Lyudmila Konstantinovna -- theater and film actress
Lavrov Kirill Yurjevich -- theater and film actor, public figure
Vilar Zhan -- French theater Director, actor







Theatrical figures; Education; Youth; Film actors
Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Theater; Social life; Movie