Pergamon Altar. (1958)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: N. Levickij

Operators: A. Klimov

Composers: A. Manevich

Other authors: G. Belov


The film shows the world-famous monument of ancient art - the great frieze of altar of Zeus in Pergamum, rescued by Soviet troops during the great Patriotic war and handed over by the decision of the government of the USSR, the German Democratic Republic.


Reel №1

Saver card with the NDP "Greece", "Pergamon"

A picture of Pergamum.

PNRM. the ruins of Pergamum.

The ruins with remnants of columns.

The ruins of the amphitheatre.

Graphics - the restored Pergamon fortress wall, the library, the temple of Zeus.

Hand drawn picture of a frieze from the temple of Zeus.

Fractured fragments of a frieze.

The frieze with a broken piece of high relief.

The picture part of the Pergamon temple of Zeus in the hall of the Museum in Berlin.

CU.PL. - sculptures of the frieze PNRM.

Fragments of the frieze of the right wing of the Western wall of the Church altar.

The high relief of the goddess Rhea with a lion.

The High Relief Of Dionysus.

The relief of Cybele, the left, the nymph Nemesis.

The relief of Typhon and goddess Selena.

The relief of Helios in a chariot.

The Relief Easy.

The relief Thea and giant.

The high relief of the Ether and the giant with a lion's head.

The Relief Of Uranium.

The high relief of the Phoebes and giant wings.

The relief Asterii, the beast is a lion.

Key words

sculpture, archaeology, dig, Ancient Greece, Greek Pantheon of gods

Visual Arts; History of Greece

Reel №2

Горельеф Клития и Гекаты.

Горельеф гиганта Отоса.

Горельеф Артемиды.

Горельеф собаки Артемиды и гиганта Эгейона.

Горельеф Латоны (Лето) и гигант Титий.

Горельеф Аполлона и гигант Эфиальт.

Горельеф крылатого коня.

Горельеф павшего титана.

Горельеф Зевса.

Горельеф гиганта Порфириона.

Горельеф Афины.

Горельеф Ники.

Горельеф гиганта Алкионейя.


Горельеф Афродиты.

Горельеф Дионы.

Горельеф сражающихся Кастора и Поллукса.

Горельеф Никсы.

Горельеф змеи.

Горельеф Иринии.

Горельеф Мойры и гиганта со змеевидными ногами.

Горельеф Тритона.

Фриз левого крыла западной стены.

Горельеф Нерея, Дориды и Океана.

Key words

sculpture, archaeology, excavations, ancient buildings,Greek Pantheon of gods

Visual Arts; History of Greece

Movie №1