The Khalkhin-Gol River. The Year 1939.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babak M.

Script writers: Ortenberg D., Lazarev L., Navaan C.

Operators: Kolobrodov A.


About the 40th Victory anniversary of the Soviet and Mongolian soldiers over Japanese invaders.

Historical background

In 1979, celebrated its 40 anniversary of the victory of the Soviet-Mongolian forces over the Japanese aggressors in Khalkhin-Gol. In May, July and August 1939, Japanese troops invaded the territory of Mongolia has an alliance with the USSR, but were routed by the Soviet-Mongolian troops, especially the major fighting took place in August between the 6 th of the Japanese Army and the Soviet 1st Army Group, commanded by Mr. . Zhukov.

Armed conflicts

Wars, conflicts and disasters

Temporary description

1 hour - River Khalkhin-Gol. Veterans. Tsedenbal in 1939 (photo). Photos of Japanese and Mongolian soldiers. Personnel battle: soldiers shooting, riding tanks, etc. 2 hours - Says VA Smirnov. The soldiers are digging trenches and repairing tanks. The Soviet and Mongolian warlords. Tsedenbal presents Zhukov Mongolian medal. Air battle. Soviet pilots. 3 hours - Military Cemetery. Monument to Heroes fedyunintsam. Gormobaator among the border guards. Rural landscape. Tractor plowing the earth.

Reel №1

There are war veterans, military view photos.

Photo: Veterans.

Mongolian steppe, river Halkin-Gol.

Promotion "Halkin-Gol, the year 1939" Photo of the Soviet and Mongolian soldiers.

Hero of the Soviet Union, retired Major-BA Smirnov.

Photo Smirnov.

Hero of the Soviet Union, a retired colonel Alexander Kotze.

Photo Kottsova.



Mongolian Border Tomorbaator.

Photo Tomorbaatora.

Photo Tsedenbal during the events at Halkin-Gol.

Tsedenbal says (synchronously).

Photo: signing of the document, the Japanese army in combat readiness.

Newsreel 1939:

The fighting in the Halkin-Gol - flying planes, tanks pass, shoot guns, exploding shells, flying bombs, land the plane, run a real soldier is wounded.

Kotze says (synchronously).

Newsreel 1939:

passing tanks, vehicles with food, supplies, ammunition, in the rear Mongolian men and women, the boxes on a conveyor belt, men carry bags, the steppe is a caravan of horses, are soldiers, cavalry.

Steppe, the place where the command post GK Zhukov, grazing a herd of horses.

Reel №2

Flying bird.

The storm clouds.

Says BA Smirnov (synchronously).

Newsreel 1939:

Halkin-Gol - flying planes, explosions, burning downed aircraft, soldiers are digging trenches, working men, soldiers, cleans gun, drives a tank.

Says A. Kotze (synchronously).

Halkin-Gol River.

Newsreel 1939:

Tanks crossing the river, are the Soviet and Mongolian voennachalniki Marshal Choibalsan, GK Beetles.

Beetles looking at maps.

The field after the battle, captured weapons, clothing, decorations, Japanese order, on the ground are Japanese swords and flags.

Tsedenbal hands Zhukov Mongolian Order of Military Merit by Halkin-Gol.

Photo: Zhukov among the soldiers, the soldiers eat in the field, a tank battle, passing tanks, fly planes, voennachalnik looking through binoculars, the air battle, falling aircraft, the pilot descends by parachute, drinking from a flask, burning wreckage of the plane, the pilots sit.

Photo was featured on the Halkin-Gol pilots (S. Gritsevets, G. Kravchenko).

Photo flyer Ya Smushkevich with G. Zhukov.

Newspaper "The heroic Red Army," typeset newspaper, worked as a typesetter.

Photo writers of war correspondents and cameramen: Stawski, Lapin, Hatsrevin, Slavin, Troshkin, Bernstein, and Temin, Dembrel, Gusev.

Photo: pilots read the newspaper, a soldier reads the newspaper.

Monument-tank on a pedestal.

Photo: KM Simonov Halkin-Gol.

Frustrated tank hole dug into the ground tank.

Reel №3

Monument to the Heroes of the 24th Motorized who fell in the battle for freedom and independence of the Soviet and Mongolian peoples.

War Cemetery, the NDP on the monuments.

Tomorbaator of border guards, shows medal on his chest, says (synchronously in Mongolian).

Photo Tomorbaatora war years.

Passing on horseback guards, report.

Mongolian children.

Monument-tank on a pedestal.

State farm in the Halkin-Gol: tractors, is a camel, on horseback, herd of cows.

Tsedenbal says (synchronously).

Tractor plowing the land to arable flies flock of birds hovering in the air.

The monument at the military cemetery, Halkin-Gol River (filmed from a helicopter).

Photo: Zhukov, Soviet and Mongolian soldiers, S. Gritsevets, BA Smirnov.

Mongolian steppe land is plowed (filmed from a helicopter).

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