We Shall Win With Intelligence And Strength (Give Your Shoulder To The Motherland).. (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev A.

Script writers: Vesenskiy V.

Operators: Kiselev A.

Text writers: Kanunnikov A.


The film is dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Chile Young Communist Organization, it tells about young communists' struggle for new life. A new edition has been supplemented with film material.

Foreign policy | History of Latin America

History | History of foreign countries | Policy

Reel №1

Newsreel beginning of the 1970s: Delegates gather at 7 Congress of the Communist Youth of Chile, in Santiago, youth ensemble.

The miners out of the mine, set the red flags in the back of a truck.

Opening 7 Chile Communist Youth Congress at the National Stadium in Santiago.

President Allende C. and a prominent figure in the Chilean Communist Gladys Marin at the stadium.

Panorama of the stadium, the delegates applauded.

Street fighting in Santiago during the coup September 11, 1973.

They fly airplanes, soldiers on the streets.

People throw stones at the soldiers, tank rides on the street.

Tanks and soldiers on the streets, fly airplanes.

General view of the presidential palace La Moneda during the bombardment and assault.

People fleeing lot of fire, the helicopter over the city.

Storming the palace of La Moneda.

Alede leaves the Palace balcony after his last public appearance.

Lights Palace of La Moneda.

The soldiers on the streets.

A. General Pinochet go down the line of soldiers, soldiers greet the General.

Those soldiers.

Verification of documents and searched in the streets and in the homes of Santiago.

The arrested citizens are under police escort.

People with their hands up out of the bus.

Soldiers and officers of the junta burn Marxist literature.

People lying on the sidewalk, arms linked, arrested put in the truck.

Urban and rural landscapes of Chile, the children play in the town square.

Street florist, people on the streets in 1970.

Musicians played on folk instruments and guitars.

People on the streets of Santiago.

Riots in the streets of Santiago, provoked by right-wing parties.

Clashes with the police fascists.

Youth demonstration in support of the government of Allende on the streets of Santiago.

Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth of Chile R. Diaz gives interviews (synchronously), the types of youth demonstration (top).

Night demonstration of Chilean workers in the house Allende.

Panorama of meeting students of the Technical University, Allende speaks from the podium (synchronously).

Students listening to the Allende.

Allende continues to serve, rally types, people applaud.

Students from the floor asking questions Allende, applauding him.

Allende leaves after his speech, the students form a cordon to pass the president.

Allende gets in the car, he leaves.


Salvador Allende Goossens - Chilean statesman and political figure Gladys Marin - a Chilean politician Augusto Pinochet Ugarte - Chilean statesman and political leader, military leader


1970 1973 09/11/1973


Chile [45]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Political figures; Demonstrations; Rallies; Youth

Reel №2

Newsreel, 1972: Celebration of the Independence Day of Chile, is a military band.

S. Allende takes hits.

Allende welcomed the audience.

The troops are on parade before the President, played by a military band.

Festivities in honor of Chile's Independence Day.

People dancing in the park.

Sellers of souvenirs from the national flags of Chile colors.

The participants of the festival are riding on llamas and horses.

Farmers tray Allende horn with wine, he demonstrates his associates, drinks.

View of the statue of an Indian hero Kaupalikano mounted on a rock, a fragment of the statue.

Holiday in one of the Indian tribes, the Indians face.

The Indians play in the national ancient game with sticks in their hands, the audience faces.

Indians dance with the national flags of Chile.

Members of the youth cooperative to them.

Rojas and Cordoba, and cut sawing trees.

Work crews advanced agricultural workers created by the Chilean Komsomol.

Landscape outside the window of the car, picture peasant hands.

Those employees of the former estate "Santa Cecilia", the types of the nationalized estates.

View the peasant rally.

Types of streets of a working-class districts of Santiago La Victoria, people on the streets.

Portrait of communist Tobar.

Members of the youth organization of them.

Tobar, one of the members of the organization gives interviews (synchronously).

Those members of the youth organization, photography demonstration in the newspaper.

People on the construction of a new home.

Forms of the main streets of Santiago, people on the street (off-screen sounds song by Victor Jara.

Riots in Santiago, Allende protests against the reforms.

Clashes with police in downtown Santiago.

Photo Nazi marches in Chile.

Newsreel 1972-1973 years: the Chilean fascist symbols on the fences and walls of houses Santiago.

The building, which houses the headquarters of the organization of the Chilean fascists "Homeland and Freedom".

The street goes truck propaganda of the Communist Youth of Chile.

The members of the propaganda unit in the back of a truck, Photo murdered in 1946 activists.

Members of the advocacy unit to write slogans on the fence.

Advocates continue their journey.

Forms of the main streets of Santiago, people on the streets.

Fascist demonstration in Santiago.

People read newspapers on the streets.

Panorama of the Santiago (above).


Salvador Allende Goossens - Chilean statesman and political figure




Chile [45]


Summer [824]

Political figures; Holidays; Demonstrations; Rallies

Reel №3

Newsreel 1972: forms the streets of Santiago in the early morning.

Demonstration of the Front of National Unity on the streets of Santiago, protesters carried banners with slogans.

There is a column Chilean Komsomol, people carry red banners and slogans, propaganda squad members wrote slogans on the walls of buildings.

The slogans in support of Allende, face demonstrators.

Passing farmers on tractors, youth carries slogans in support of Allende.

Production processes in the shops of Chile factories, workers face, demonstration on the streets of Santiago.

The production process at a textile factory, face workers demonstration in the streets of Santiago.

S. Allende welcomes the demonstrators, standing beside L. Corvalan

Protesters greet Allende, the general form of the rostrum, Allende on the podium.

Demonstrators chant slogans.

Landscapes Atacama Desert from the car window.

Type copper deposits, heavy-truck rides.

Work equipment in a copper mine.

General view of the mine, Chile's national flag flutters.

Workers come with change.

The meeting of the working Komsomol.

Kind of former US mansion, where the kindergarten is located.

Those children, children in the dining room, the workers on the shop floors.

Supports youth music ensemble, people dance Chilean folk dances in the new cultural center of the production process in the shop of one of the factories.

Landscapes Chuki-Kamata, where there are deposits of copper.

Workers are on the streets of the village.

Production of copper wire and other products in factories Chuki-Kamata, a person working.

Job Brigades avant-garde production, created by Chilean Komsomol.

The production process at the plant rolled copper and nationalized enterprise "Textiles-progress."

Director R. Medina factory talking with one of the workers.

One of the workers gives interviews (synchronously), working at the loom.

Are members of the youth march from Valparaiso to Santiago, dedicated to the 7 Congress of the Communist Youth of Chile.

Unloading banners for design activities 7 Chilean Congress of the Komsomol.

The members of the Communist Youth of Chile come to the Central Committee.

Congress delegates gather in the street, talking to each other.

Preparation of stands with the materials on the history of the Communist Party of Chile, a portrait of communist leader Chile Rikobarrena LE, photos of events Chile Communist.

Chilean Komsomol print posters.

Fragments of the posters, the girl's face.

General view of the building, where the opening of the congress took place.


Salvador Allende Goossens - Chilean statesman and political figure Luis Corvalan - Chilean politician






Spring [825]

Youth; Political figures; Industry; Rallies; Demonstrations; Childhood and youth

Reel №4

7 Delegates Congress of the Communist Youth of Chile applauded L. Corvalan, exiting the room to the podium.

Members of the presidium applaud, among them - Corvalan L.

Gladys M. goes to the podium, delegates welcomed her.

Gladys of the floor (synchronously), the delegates in the hall listening to her performance.

Release of the printing house of newspapers and newsletters with reports of the congress.

Members of the Komsomol delegations to the congress, among them - Boris Pastukhov Those delegates.

At the Congress are members of the delegations of young people from different countries.

General view of the conference room of the Congress, with the podium Corvalan L. (synchronously), the delegates listened Corvalan, applauding him.

Youth march through the streets of working-class neighborhoods of Santiago, the marchers carried the national flag of Chile.

People go to a meeting devoted to the closing of the congress.

A general view of one of the stands of the National Stadium during the rally.

The field consists of drummers, a general view of the stadium (above).

propaganda squad truck circles around the field of the stadium.

People in the stands applauded.

Gladys M. of the floor (synchronously), the participants of the meeting listened to her performance.

S. Allende at the stadium during the rally.

Gladys continued his speech, people in the stands listening to her, begin to applaud.

Gladys continues to speak, people listen to it, the cameraman's shooting, Corvalan and Shepherds on the podium.

People applaud after Gladys performances.

Gladys and Allende at the stadium.

Participants of the rally chanting slogans.

Portraits Allende S. Lopez V.-D., Lorca K., H. Weibel, Danosso MS, K. ​​Pratt and other leaders of the communist movement of Chile, who died at the hands of the fascist junta.

Newsreel September 1973: arrested at the National Stadium, transformed into a concentration camp, a portrait of the singer Victor Jara.

Protests against the Chilean junta in the cities of Europe and Latin America.

Gladys M. Arrival in the Soviet Union, people greet her.

Gladys with bouquets of flowers in their hands.

Panorama rally in honor of the arrival in the USSR Gladys, Gladys of the floor.

The protests against the junta's policy on Chilean streets, clashes with the military and police.

Underground publications of the Communist Party and Komsomol Chile.

Chilean youth ensemble guitar performing the song.


Salvador Allende Goossens - Chilean statesman and political figure Gladys Marin - a Chilean politician Luis Corvalan - Chilean politician Boris Pastukhov - state and political figure, diplomat


1972 09.1973


Chile [45]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Political figures; Youth; Rallies; Demonstrations; International cooperation