Rehearsal for war. (1937)

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The film focuses on political events in Europe, the Spanish civil war, and encourages US citizens to be prepared for a new world war.

History of foreign countries | War | Policy

History | Wars, conflicts and disasters

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Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Entrance to the headquarters of the American armed forces in Washington.

A sign that says "Chief of staff".

Meeting of intelligence officers.

Leaves a secret business.

Atlas and maps on the table.

Nazi flags are flying.

Mussolini's Face.

View of the rally of solidarity with Spanish nationalists.

Goering and Hitler on the podium.

Map of Europe with the designation of States with fascist regimes.

American military at the map.

The front line on the map, the faces of the military.

View of the building of the hotel "Miramar".

Diplomats on the phone.

American warship in the Bay.

Officers on the command bridge.

The commander of the ship looks through binoculars.

Type of sea map.

Map of Spain with the route designation through Gibraltar.

The headline of a newspaper article about Soviet aid to Republican Spain.

View of the factory shop, production of armored car hulls (top).

Manual processing of parts, installation of a machine gun in the turret of an armored car.

Republican units are marching through the streets of Madrid to the front line.

Meeting of officers.

Republicans are taking positions.

Poster With portraits of Stalin and Telman on one of the buildings.

View of the building of the General staff of the us armed forces in Washington.

American staff officers study the map of the combat situation on the fronts of the Spanish civil war.

Covers of American military publications.

Journalists are working on another article.

Military literature and a gas mask in the window of a bookstore.

A USAF squadron on a training flight.

the calculation of the Republican anti-aircraft gun is firing at enemy aircraft.

Christie tanks are marching.

Tankers at combat vehicles during a rest in the forest.

The battalion goes down the hill.

Officers study the map with the combat situation.

Soldiers in the trenches eat dry rations.


Mussolini Benito -- Italian statesman and politician
Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and politician
Gering German -- German statesman and politician







Political figures; Army; Russian civil war; Industry; Foreign policy
Biography; Policy; Defense and internal security; History; Sectors of the economy