On the wide Volga 1971 № 19 Guests of the oil region.

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Director: V. Ignatyuk

Operators: V. Alaberdin, E. Afanasjev, A. Dimich, V. Rajskij


The issue is devoted to various aspects of the life of the Tatar, Chuvash and Mordovian ASSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Steppe landscape.

View of a part of a drilling rig in one of the oil districts of the Tatar ASSR (from bottom to top).

View of a part of a rotating drill.

The plane is at the airport.

Meeting at the airport of the guests-representatives of the 8th World Petroleum Congress.

Guests at the plane, the faces of foreigners.

Guests walk to the airport building.

Foreign guests in the bus cabin.

View of one of the drilling rigs.

The process of drilling a well.

Moving car for exploration wells, the faces of foreign guests.

Guests stand on the road near the bus during a trip to the oil fields.

View of the oil rig part.

View from the back window of the bus.

The bus stops.

Foreign guests during a visit to the kindergarten.

Children play on the playground.

A tour of one of the oil refineries by foreign guests.

Guests take the bus.

The faces of foreign guests in the bus cabin.

Decisions of the 24th Congress of the CPSU-to life!

Pharmacy bottles with streptomycin.

Production processes in the shops of Saransk medical products, the faces of the workers.

Shift supervisor N. I. Veretennikova at work.

Operation of an automated packaging line.

Product quality control on the OTC line.

Streptomycin in a glass vial.

Construction of an auto parts factory in Kanash, Chuvash ASSR.

Installation of concrete structures.

Crane operator in the cab.

Builders at work.

panorama of the part of the plant under construction.

Chickens hatched in the incubator of the poultry farm of the state farm "Sarast" of the Atyashevsky district of the Mordovian ASSR.

Mechanical collection of freshly laid eggs.

Packaging of eggs.

Keeping records of chickens, the faces of poultry farm workers.

The face of the factory director.

Packaging of egg trays in cardboard containers.

View of a part of a sprinkler irrigation system.

Construction in the state farm "Guardsman" of the Batyrevsky district of the Chuvash ASSR.

Agricultural and cultural objects erected on the territory of the state farm (panorama).

View of a rural street.

Children on the territory of the kindergarten.

New houses built in the state farm.

The minibus enters the birch alley, a panorama of the territory of the state farm.

Guard operator.

Portrait of the cameraman Sushchinsky V. A. during the Great Patriotic War.

Children in the class of school No. 14 in Saransk.

The teacher's face.

Children's faces.

Photos and portraits of Sushchinsky, collected by schoolchildren for the museum.

The face of a schoolboy.

a student conducts a tour of the Sushchinsky Museum, the faces of the guests.

Photos and copies of documents on the stands of the museum.

Publication in the newspaper "Pravda" and photos of Sushchinsky.

Class in the school circle of young documentary filmmakers.

Pionerka in the museum shows photos from the frames of one and the other filming Sushchinsky.


I swear to carry it through my entire life."

Graduates of the Kazan State Medical Institute in the hall of the solemn meeting on the occasion of the next graduation.

View of the meeting presidium.

The diploma of one of the graduates is in the hands of the rector.

The graduates recite the Hippocratic oath in chorus.

The ambulance doctors get into the car, go to the call.

An air ambulance plane after landing.

The patient is carried on a stretcher from the plane to the ambulance.

Doctor and driver in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Performing a surgical operation.

The face of a pediatrician.

The child is examined by a pediatrician, the baby's face.

Young doctors review the badges and diplomas awarded to them.




The Republic of Tatarstan
Republic of Mordovia
Chuvash Republic



Russian cities and regions; International cooperation; Industry; Agriculture; Construction; Museums and exhibitions; Childhood and youth; Health
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Space; Sectors of the economy; Culture and Arts; Social life