Presentation of Christ in the Temple. (1992)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Chubakova T.

Script writers: Ivanova I.

Operators: Golovnya V.


From the series "The essence and meaning of Twelve Great Feasts" - Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

Religious Holidays

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Temporary description

Priest of the Church of the Presentation of the Lord in the New Village in the suburbs Father Vladimir conducts classes for children in Sunday school, explains the essence of the holiday Candlemas. Father Vladimir, the rite of communion and baptism. Photo: Father Alexander Men, who served in the Church of the Presentation of the Lord in the New Village. Newsreel: The funeral of Alexander I, who was murdered in 1990.

Reel №1

Spring landscape: the river, the snow on the shore, trees - LS.

Church, removed from the departure of the river and trees - LS.

Reflection of a church in the water - MS.

Icon "Candlemas» - CU.

Different portions of the icon - CU.

Service in the church, candles - CU.

View of the cross - CU.

Worshippers listen to the sermon (background voice of the priest) - MS.

Old woman lighting a candle - MS.

Worshipers cross themselves, kiss the icon of the festively decorated - MS.

A woman with a baby in her arms kissing icon - MS.

The hand that places a candle - CU.

Icon - CU.


Jerusalem street, are people - LS., MS.

Panorama of Jerusalem (shot from the top of) - LS.

Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the bell tower, the cathedral - LS.

Icon by Andrei Rublev - MS.

Madekina artworks devoted to the holiday of the Presentation of the Lord - MS.

Madekin artist says about the holiday Candlemas (synchronous) - MS.

Paintings Madekina - MS., CU.

The chandelier in the church - LS.

Communion Rite - MS.

Looking girl - CU.

The priests took Communion children - MS.


Moscow: Sretenka street, passing cars, are people - LS.

Pointer to the house "Sretenka Street» - CU.

Candlemas Monastery - LS., MS., CU.

The dome of the monastery, the cross - MS.

The priest of the church of the Presentation of the Lord suburban father Vladimir

working with children in Sunday school - MS.

Listen to the children - CU.

Father Vladimir shows children reproduce, tells the story

holiday and the meaning of the Presentation (synchronous) - MS.

Reel №2

Girl listen to his father, Vladimir - CU.

Said his father, Vladimir (synchronous) - CU.

Lamp, a panorama of the icon "Candlemas» - CU.

Rite of Baptism: Father Vladimir baptized girl - MS.

Views boy - CU.

View of the iconostasis - MS.

Church of the Presentation in the New Village near Moscow (in this church served as Father Alexander

Men) - LS.

Tomb of Alexander I - MS.

Newsreel 1990.:

The funeral of Alexander I - LS.

A.Menya photos (shot with the influx and assaults) - MS.

Madekin artist talks about his meetings with A.Menem (synchronous) - CU.

Father Vladimir said feast of the Meeting (synchronous) - CU.

Are nurses with nursing babies in their arms - LS.

Rite of Baptism: the priest dips babies in the font - CU., MS.

A baby - CU.

Close-ups of people on the street (the girl, men).

Village Church - PNRM.

Guys ring the bell - MS.

Spring Thaw, the creek - CU.

Birch Grove - LS.

Panorama of birches (removed from the left).

Tree by the River - LS.

River - LS.

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