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Scene №1 CSKA Equestrian Base

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The girl pours porridge from the bucket into the feeder.

A soldier leads a horse down the corridor.

The girl carries buckets.

Gelding Kharkiv-9 in the stall.

The soldier walks down the corridor, removes the wheelbarrow, takes the horse out of the stall, puts it on the denouement.

Beating (cleaning) of the stall.

At the end of the cleaning, the soldier delivers clean sawdust to the stall.

The soldier leads the horse into the stall, removes the halter, and leaves.

Horses eat porridge.

The girls are bandaging the horses' legs, soldiers are walking along the corridor.

Horses eat (feeders, porridge, horses' muzzles close-up).

The horse is standing at the junction.

Horses in stalls (close-ups).

The girl unties the horse, removes the halter, the horse enters the stall on its own.

The girl collects empty buckets and ammunition.

The stallion Essen Khan-98 (a sign on the wall, a horse eats porridge).

People walk along the corridor, a soldier leads a horse.

A man cleans a horse.

A saddled horse at the junction.

The man takes the horse away, a girl takes his place.

The girl removes the bandages from the horse.

A soldier leads a horse down the aisle.

Soldiers are walking through the stable.

A car wash, a soldier bathing a horse.

A soldier carries a bag on his shoulder.

Oats are poured into the bath.

Anatoly Alexandrovich Fadeichev, head of the veterinary service of the equestrian squadron of CSKA, talks about the rules of feeding horses, the day worker mixes porridge.

A.A. Fadeichev talks about veterinary work.

The soldier takes the horse outside.

A.A. Fadeichev examines the horse's leg, talks about the cause of lameness and treatment.

The blacksmith (koval) aligns the red-hot horseshoe and cauterizes the hoof after clearing.


The blacksmith sheds the horse, processes the hooves with a rasp, adjusts the horseshoes to size.

Horseshoes on the table.

The blacksmith bends the horseshoe nails on the hoof.

Kittens play under the camera tripod.





Army; Sport
Defense and internal security

Scene №2 Border outpost in the Ushtulu Gorge

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Junior Sergeant Arsen Mameev talks about the service at the outpost.

Arsen shows the correspondent a subsidiary farm.

Arsen's family is having dinner.

Arsen talks about his relations with fellow villagers, about the staff of the outpost and about his family.

The territory of the outpost.

Border post.

Single-storey houses.

Border guards in the yard.

Squad on formation, report, declaration of gratitude, distribution of service and combat duties.

Arsen Mameev raises the flag of Russia.

Border guard instructor Aslan Andreev talks about his family, about service at the outpost.

Deputy head of the department Ponomarenko is working with documents, talking on the phone.

At the command "Squad, in the gun!" the border guards arm themselves, run out of the building, get into the car.

The conductor with the dog jumps into the back, the car leaves.

Chef Sergey Kulik cooks food, talks about studying at the military school of cooks, about working at the outpost, about various national dishes, about family.

Raising the flag of Russia.




Kabardino-Balkar Republic

Defense and internal security

Scene №3 Airborne reconnaissance competitions in mountainous and wooded areas, crossing the river, part 1

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River, shore, coastal thickets (shooting on the water).

Soldiers are floating on a rubber raft (view through the foliage).

Coastal landscapes, fog.

A frog in the water.

Soldiers swim across the river (ammunition and weapons are packed), go ashore, put out lookouts.

Paratroopers are hiding in the thickets; negotiations on the radio.

Inspection and recalculation of weapons.

Soldiers are walking through the forest, carrying weapons and bags of ammunition in their hands.



Army; Military exercises and maneuvers
Defense and internal security

Scene №4 Airborne reconnaissance competitions in mountainous and wooded areas, crossing the river, part 2

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Soldiers swim across the river (ammunition and weapons are packed), go ashore, take up positions in the forest.

The signalman pulls out a field radio.

The soldiers are getting dressed.

Negotiations on the radio.

Natural landscapes (shooting on the water).

Soldiers undress, pack ammunition in waterproof bags, approach the water.

Paratroopers with machine guns wade across the river.

At a signal from the opposite bank, soldiers cross or swim across the river.

A frog on a log in the water.

Soldiers undress, pack things; there is a service dog in the group.

Senior scout Zakharov Denis Vladimirovich talks about a dog named Schneider.

Paratroopers with a dog swim across the river.

The head of the team, Junior Lieutenant Nikolai Nikolaevich, talks about the preparation for the competition and the combat experience that soldiers and commanders receive.

The chief judge, Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Ivanovich, speaks about the specifics of competitions in mountainous and wooded areas, increasing experience and comprehensive training of fighters.



Army; Military exercises and maneuvers
Defense and internal security

Scene №5 Competitions of Airborne artillery units

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Fighters throw grenades.

Types of snow-covered landfill.

A signal rocket in the sky.

The lieutenant makes calculations using a fire control device.

The captain records the readings of the DMK-01 weather instrument.

The captain sets the gun sight, looks into the barrel, gives instructions to the gunner.

The officer takes the readings of the weather device.

On the pole is an anemometer (wind sensor of the wing type).

125-mm anti-tank gun 2A45M "Octopus-B", front view.

Soldiers align and fix the sight.

Senior officer of the Missile Forces Department of the Airborne Headquarters, Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Yevgenyevich Mesoivanchenko, member of the competition commission.

Captain Zhukov passes the standard for preparing for the operation of the fire control device; comments by K.E.

Locoivanchenko Two self-propelled artillery and mortar installations 2S9 "Nona-S", a driver gets out of the hatch; it's snowing.

The self-propelled gun shoots.

The crew gets into the car, closes the hatches.

Self-propelled gun tower.

"Nona-S" shoots.

The correspondent is knee-deep in snow, talking about self-propelled artillery installations.

Crews on command take seats in cars.

Officers calculate the coordinates of targets using fire control devices.

"Nona-S" shoots.

Officers at the observation post.

Colonel Alexander Vasilyevich chastises the senior lieutenant for the mistake, explains the consequences.

Alexander Vasilyevich talks about traditional competitions, training of military personnel, the specifics of airborne artillery.

An appeal to young people to go to serve in the artillery.

The lieutenant calculates the coordinates of the target, the radio operator transmits data to the gun commanders; shell bursts.

Discussion of errors in calculations and shooting results.

The tower of a self-propelled installation, the operation of observation devices.

Observation post, officers discuss the progress of the exercises, look through binoculars.

Soldiers make calculations using fire control devices, transmit coordinates by radio.

A sheet with a firing pattern.

The officer looks through binoculars.

View of the polygon.



Army; Military exercises and maneuvers
Defense and internal security

Scene №6 Subsidiary farm of the military unit

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The private reports on the absence of incidents.

The colonel enters the barn.

The colonel walks down the aisle, examines the pigs.

Sick piglets in separate compartments.

The colonel holds a piglet in his arms, talks about the subsidiary farm and the position of an economic officer.

Piglets sleep in sawdust.

A sow.

The colonel is walking down the aisle, stroking piglets, talking about animals.

Grown-up piglets in the pen.

General view of the pigsty, the colonel is walking down the aisle.

Chicken coop, private comes out of the aviary.

Feeding birds, chickens at feeders.

The colonel talks about a poultry farm.

The colonel walks through the aviary.


Soldiers feed the animals.

Pigs in stalls.

Sows with piglets.

Boar Vasya.

An ordinary man enters the enclosure to a sow, picks up a piglet, talks about the specifics of working with animals, about service in a subsidiary farm.

A soldier transplants piglets into a separate pen.

Piglets in a pen with lamp heating.



Defense and internal security