Documentary series

The Unknown War

Digitized 20 of 20. Years 1979 - 1979

On materials collected during the Great Patriotic War, Roman Karmen, together with the Americans created the film "The Unknown War", which was a real eye-opener for a Western audience, who knew almost nothing about the heroism of Soviet soldiers and our people, who became the principal creator of the victory over Hitler's fascism. For his work in 1942, 1947, 1952 and in 1960 received a Roman Carmen State and the Lenin Prize of the USSR. Awarded five medals and plenty of medals.

General Manager 's Line

Digitized 18 of 18. Years 2020 - 2022

BAM film chronicle

Digitized 16 of 18. Years 1974 - 1985


Digitized 8 of 8. Years 1981 - 1981

Epic "Dearest" is a logical continuation of cinema "The Great Patriotic War" (The Unknown War). 8 films documentary series devoted to the story of the first postwar years: the restoration of Russia's economy and the formation of the socialist camp, about the invention of nuclear weapons and the Cold War, the Labour exploits the first postwar five-year.


Digitized 4 of 4. Years 1985 - 1985

A series of films "People-Legend" is devoted heroism of the Soviet people during the Second World War. Each one of them: and Belarusian underground fighter Vera Khoruzhaya, and scout Nikolai Kuznetsov, and Leningrad girl Tanya Savicheva, and sergeants Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantaria, contributed to the victory over fascism.

Cosmic Jura and Nyura

Digitized 4 of 4. Years 2016 - 2016