Around the USSR 1979 № 163 Plowmans of free fields

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Operators: Osipov I.


Journal of collective farms in Kazakhstan, Latvia and Georgia.

Professions | Agriculture

Social life | Sectors of the economy

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Field of wheat, the wind shakes ears.


Excavator at work.

Harvesters in the field.

Fishing boat in the sea, a network with a catch.

Apple tree with ripe fruits.

PNRM. on the bunch.

Wheat fields in Kazakhstan.

Newsreel 1954 .: train arrives conquerors of virgin lands in Kazakhstan.

Harvesters "Niva" to harvest.

Director of the farm with his colleagues in the field, visiting the new crop.

Combiner takes place in the cockpit of his car.

Bulk grain harvester truck.

Grain in his hands (large).

Plant for processing grain.

Convoy of trucks driven grain to the elevator.

Car overturn spetsustroystv, emptying grain from the body.

PNRM. on buildings and areas of livestock farming.

Cows chew food.

Chairman of the farm in the talks with the tractor.

Tractor handles field.

Machine operators in the office of the director of the farm at the meeting.

Construction of residential buildings, brick houses of members of the farm.

PNRM. from the top of the village for new houses.

Passenger car drove up to the township home.

Kindergarten, playground, carousel, swings Director of the farm is a loaf of bread.

Waves of the sea, the lighthouse on the coast, the port of fishing boats.

Board fishing collective farm "Red Lighthouse".

The meeting with the director of the collective farm.

The ship is sent to fish.

Captain at the helm.

Sailors prepare network.

A flock of seagulls over the sea.

Winch pulls out of the sea with their catch network.

PNRM. for fish caught.

The captain of the vessel shall report to the Director on the beach on the work of the collective farm.

Fishing boat in the sea.

The plant on the shore processing of fish products Canned fish on the automated line.

The village collective houses.

White Rose (large), other colors.

The family at the table, the child is drinking tea.

Sailboats school young sailors.

Yacht under sail floating on the water.

Palace of Culture, cafes, visitors at the tables.

In the port of fishermen go to your ship.

Ships at sea.

PNRM. the gardens, trees with fruits.

Georgian village.

Monument to victims of the Second World War.

Carnations are at the Eternal Flame.

Laying flowers.

Girls harvest the trees.

PNRM. on a bunch of grapes.


Pour buckets of grapes in the truck.

Boxes with the crop harvested pears.

Trucks with grapes arrive at the winery.

Barrels of wine.

Family sitting at the big table in the open air.

Musicians beat their drums.

Ensemble in folk costumes perform Georgian dance.

Tree branches covered with apples.

Grapes (close-up).

PNRM. the vineyard.