Russian card. The second film.. (2002)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Sideljnikov I., Gurkalenko V.

Script writers: Sideljnikov I., Gurkalenko V.

Operators: Yakubovskij A.

Anouncers: Sideljnikov I.


The film deals with the theme of Russia on the world market. How compatible are Russia and the world market? Is there a correct "special" geopolitical role for Russia? Natural course of events in the country? Finally, will Russia have a demographic catastrophe? These and other vital issues for Russia - the subject of the controversy of the prominent political figures and representatives of the "fourth power".

Domestic policy | Russian cities and regions | Media

Policy | Towns and countries | Geography and Nature | Social life

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The opening credits.

Computer graphics:

Planet Earth in space.

Space satellites.

Among the satellites flying modern Emelya on the stove.

Out of the oven it dish with chicken.

Snow cap of the North pole.

Winter rural landscape.

Ruined Church in the cemetery.

The grave.

A fallen fence.

Boarded-up house.



Fence in a field.

A view of the village from the field.

Polar bear (shooting from the air).

Pilots and scientists in a helicopter.

In bear shoot ambien.

Bear lies in the snow.

People come to the bear.

Scientists examine the beast and take tests.


Transportation of bear in the air.

Computer graphics:

Bear studied in the laboratory.

The scientists are playing chess.

The bear on the couch.

The screen, appear on the map of the country, the map rotates and turns in the book Brzezinski "the Grand chessboard".

Moscow, square of the three stations (transportation, people, advertising).

Buyers and sellers on book bazaars.

Book cover from a rain.

A. P. Parshev walking down the street.

Dom knigi Molodaya Gvardiya".

Customers in the store.

Types of Moscow at night.

A. P. Parshev out of the house with the dog.

A. P. Parshev.

Road view from the driver's seat.

The river is the ferry.

The queue at the pier.

The car drives onto the ferry.

Alternation: A. P. Parshin on the ferry, river landscapes.

Road view from the car.

People are discussing the route.


A pointer to Arkhangelsk.

Russian flag on the roof of the farmhouse.

A sign with the street name.

A. P. Parshin enters the store.

The nurse's office.

Rural residents.

Products on store shelves.

A. P. Parshin goes out.

The car on the back roads.

Computer graphics:

Book A. P. Parshin on the background of the road and maps of Russia.

Designation of Railways and industrial facilities throughout the country.

Enterprise of Yamal.

The movement of machinery.

Gas processing plant.

Factory equipment.


Workers in the mine.

Coal mining.

Tractor pull rig.

The laying of the pipeline.

The movement of the tower.

The aerial view of the mining site.

Drilling in the winter.

Panorama of the city.

Working at the Rover, lit the gas torch.

A kid eating a newspaper.

Father takes the baby in his arms.

Gas torches (shooting from the air).

Sunset over the gas field (the camera moves back).

Chronicle of the 1990-ies:

The white house, and end view.

Participants in political meetings.

A worker removes posters.

B. N. Yeltsin flirts with in the room are women.

B. N. Yeltsin dancing at a concert.

Computer graphics:

A. R. Koch gives an interview; during the interview, scholars playing chess, Guinea bear, the collapse of the Soviet Union on the monitor.

Policy at the microphones.

Road view from the car.

Computer graphics: Emelya on the stove and not fully cooked the chicken fly over the planet.

The pages of Newspapers.

The plane takes off.

A horse pulls a sleigh through the snow.

R. M. Arifjanov at the computer.

Mud pumps.

A man collects the water in the column.

The war memorial in the background the bell tower.

Girl in a scarf.

Article about M. H. Thatcher.

The doctor gives interviews.

The woman doing the abortion.

Information on the stand.

Child with balloon.


Military vehicles on the road.

The newspaper "Arguments and facts".

Soldiers with a map.

A poster on the wall.

Newspapers are also available.

A scheme of foreign attacks on Russia.

Soldiers on maneuvers.

Abandoned equipment and debris on the road.

Saver program "Today" on NTV.

Burning house are falling.

Fireman with a walkie-talkie.

Falls power house.

Computer graphics: the space satellite.

The issue of the newspaper "Izvestia".



Newspaper page.

The man counts the money.

Map image of Russia in the newspaper.


Actors in life-size costumes.

Oil fountain.

People trade animals in transit.

Boy playing the accordion.

Muslim prayer on Prospekt Mira.

Computer monitor, the website of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

A soldier gives a command.

Veterans marching.

Splash news on the 1st channel.

Onlookers on the street.

Rescuers around the chip fell on the town of the aircraft.

Stuck in the fence flowers.

Workers banging their helmets on the ground.

The jeweler examines the stones.

Rotary excavator.

Jeweler lays large crystals.

The participants of the protest March.


A tent city of strikers.

The smoke near the airport.

The glow of a forest fire.

Computer monitor.

Ampoule of morphine in her hand.

Man rakes in the palm marijuana.

A drug addict in the hospital.

Teenage drug addict on the street.

The man opens the window.

Under the window lies a corpse.

Boy with a dog.

Children in the street, boy eating a tangerine.

Splash news on TV channel DW.

Panorama of the flooded city.

On the street of the sailing boat MOE.

A man carries on the back the elderly woman, the people on the porch of the house.

Computer monitor, the website of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

People buy boots.

Soldiers in winter uniform.

The submarine during the storm.


The APC pulls the tram in tow.

A man with a dog, a sunset, a snowstorm.

R. M. Arifjanov at the computer.

Advertising on outdoor TV.

Riots on the streets.

Girl begging in the cemetery.

Models on the catwalk.

Computer monitor, the website of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

A polar bear goes through the ice.

An ambulance is taking away the deceased.

The gate on the border of the exclusion zone.

The Russian flag.

Computer graphics:

Planet Earth in space.

Space satellites.

Interview with R. M. by Arifdjanova.

The alternation of the pages of Newspapers, R. M. Arifjanov at the computer.

R. M. Arifjanov talking with a colleague.


R. M. Arifjanov talking on the phone.

High-rise buildings.

The journalist out of the office.

A man walks down the stairs.

Chronicle of the 1990-ies:

The participants of the protest rallies.

Meeting politicians.


The President of the United States participated in the marathon.

Dollars fall on the pages of Newspapers.

Alternation: the Moscow riots of 1993 year, footage of news reports from CNN.

The photo in the newspaper.

Foreign news chronicle:

The consequences of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the burning skyscraper.

Frightened people on the street.

The skyscraper falls.

View of Manhattan from the water.

Chronicle of the terrorist attack in Moscow 23-26 October 2002:

View of the building of the theatrical center on Dubrovka.

The soldiers at the entrance.


From the building the withdrawal of the hostages, take out the bodies.

Ambulance on the road, a policeman regulating traffic.

A. P. Parshev on the shore of Onega.

Trucks entering the ferry.

Rural landscape.

The dog is standing in water.

A. P. Parshev lying on the grass, the dog runs around.

The view on the opposite Bank of the river.

A man sails on a boat.


A rifle with cartridges, disks, and the lamp on the table.

A. P. Parshev working on a book.

The view outside the window.

The woods at night.

The alternation of types of Moscow at night, models on the catwalks, terrorists, young people at the disco, soldiers.

Billboard on the background of the White house.

Rural landscapes.

The cross on the dome of the temple.

The flag with the coat of arms of Belozersk.

Dissolve: the flag of the old ramparts.

A view of the shaft and the surrounding area.

The Church dome.

The boat is under sail.

Re-enactors in the costumes of ancient warriors.


A duel with swords.

The battle troops.

Paratroopers in the sky.

The spectators on the embankment.

Competition swimmers.

People taking pictures with the reenactors.

The dragon's head.



The ark with the relics of Admiral F. F. Ushakov transferred to the ship.

The boy rings the bell.

The ship is leaving.

Says A. A. Zybalov.

The ship sails along the waterfront.

The Opinion Of R. M. Arifjanov.

Computer graphics:

Planet Earth in space.

Space satellites.

Dissolve: Emelya on the stove, bear in the laboratory, the collapse of the Soviet Union on the screen, the cock relieves the bear.

The bear sits on the pole, the planet is removed.


A pointer to the Flask.

The cross shaft.

Tree branches, rustic house.

A man walks through the yard.

Geological outcrop in Flasks, nature monument.

A man stands in front of the cut.

Types of cut.

A three-masted sailing ship.

Sailors under the flag.

Sailors stand on the masts.

Panorama of the polar ice.

Sea lion.

The Baikal seal.

Polar bears run away on ice floes.

Plane in the clouds.


Bn Yeltsin. - statesman and political figure, first President of the Russian Federation.
Putin V. V.-master of sports of USSR in judo and Sambo, Honoured trainer of the Russian Federation, the Colonel of KGB in reserve, candidate of economic Sciences, public and political figure, the President of the Russian Federation.
Parshev A. P. -- literary, public and military figure, Colonel FPS, essayist, and teacher.
Arifdjanov R. M. -- Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, analyst, analyst, writer, screenwriter, and businessman.
Clinton D. -- American statesman and politician, 42nd President of the United States.
Tsymbalov A. A.-head of administration of Belozersky municipal district, Vologda region, member of the Legislative Assembly of the Vologda region.


1990s 11.09.2001


Primorsky Krai
Arkhangelsk region
Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Vologda region