Medicine khaki (from the series "the Face of modern warfare"). (2003)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Doronin V.

Script writers: V.Doronin pri uch. V.Gurkalenko

Operators: Doronin V., Ivanyuk V.

Recordist: E.Manukyan


The story about the activities of physicians in Medical Groups of Special Purpose (MOSN). The film includes interviews with officers of MASN footage of actual combat and military exercises.

Wars, conflicts and disasters | Army | Defense and internal security | Medicine


Movie №1 Khaki medicine

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Clouds, spinning helicopter rotor.

The pilots of the aircraft types from the cockpit.

The driver behind the wheel of the car of medical.

A landing aircraft.

The planes on the tarmac.

Open the hatch of the cargo plane.

The wounded transferred to a machine.

In the fireplace the fire burns.

Officer MON.

The man gets a watch.

The officer assumes the chair to the table.

People always lay the table.

The fire is burning, foot soldiers.


Carry wounded to the helicopter.

The helicopter flies away.

Officers MON.

The soldier fires.

Lying on the ground dead.

The doctor prepares a syringe.

Closed doors of medical.

The doctor accompanies the car.

Wounded inside.

The doctor takes the subway.

Medical suitcase.

The doctor in the cab.

The view from the cars on the road.

The doctor goes through the alley.

Machines medical officer enter the territory of the hospital.

Doctors pass through the gate.

Medics with the wounded on stretchers.

Doctors walk along the corridor.

Inspection and triage.

First aid on the battlefield.

In the fireplace the fire burns.

They say the officers of MEN.

Personnel news in the frame:

The soldiers on the platform.

Military trucks.

Officers in the office.

Patient data on the monitor.

Doctors preparing for surgery.

The patient's foot off the bandage.

Lighting of the operating table.

The doctor examines the x-rays.

Doctors wash their hands.

Sister tying doctoral form.

The operating light, medical equipment.

The patient is prepared for surgery.

Says the doctor of MEN faces.

Surgeons in the operating room.

The movement of troops on the streets of cities.

The helicopter in the sky.

A helicopter flies over the airfield.

On the airfield are soldiers.

The soldiers on the BMP.

A helicopter flies over the site.

Helicopter over the mosque.

Helicopters come in for a landing.

The congestion of wounded in the car of medical.

The soldier sitting in the tent.

First aid on the battlefield.

Says the officer MEN.

On the road going tank.

Soldiers ride on the BMP.

Says the officer MEN faces.

The helicopter fires at the mountain village.

Soldiers fried bread over a campfire.

Driving on the road.

Lunch around the campfire.

A truck of medical.

Movement through the village, burning the barn.

Soldier aiming assault rifle.

The alternation of BMP on the road, told officers MON.

The base of MON.


Soldiers riding through the database.


The movement of the destroyed village.

The fighting in the village.

The helicopter in the air.

Loading the wounded.

Tank shots.

The doctors and the wounded in a field hospital.

Officer MON.

Camp MEN, military and medical equipment.

Future military doctors before exercise.

Exercises on the range.

The movement of troops on the road.

He lit the fire.

Doctors around the campfire near the field hospital.

Dissolve: the campfire, the faces of the people.

Personnel news:

Faces of the soldiers.

A soldier with a rifle.

A soldier sits in the car.

The influx of soldiers, fire, army doctor.

Officers MEN look at the sky.

Helicopter in the clouds.

The city panorama (shooting from helicopter).

Helicopter over the forest.

The helicopter rises from the ground in the foreground weapons.

The gunner at the door of the helicopter.

The views from the Windows.

The helicopter takes place.

The pilot at the controls.

The alternation of first aid to the wounded, the views from the helicopter.

Helicopter over forest statistics.




The Chechen Republic