Born to fly. (1975)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Operators: Persidskij I.

Other authors: Persidskij I.


The film describes the profession of helicopter pilot and the wide usage of helicopters in the USSR economy.

Air transport | Professions

Transportation | Sectors of the economy | Aviation | Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Helicopters at the airport.

Alternation: take off and landing helicopters, training with a group of high school students.

Kremenchug flight school, pilots go past the building.

The boy passes the entrance exam.

Entrants in the hallway.

The film's protagonist.

Dissolve: the face of the hero, the image loses focus.

Panorama marshes.

Mi-6 with the load on the suspension.

Alternation: views from the helicopter cabin crew members, the load on the suspension.


City view from the tower.

The use of the helicopter Mi-8 in the assembly work on CHP.

Dissolve: hero of the film.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Far Eastern taiga.

The views from the helicopter cabin.

The use of helicopters in the construction of transmission lines (lifting towers, cable feed).

Panorama taiga.

Dissolve: hero of the film.

Helicopter takes off.

The pilot at the controls.

Using Ka-26 in agriculture (pollination with air).

The film's protagonist.

Applicants come in and out of the office.

The protagonist is sitting against the wall.

The inhabitants of mountain settlements meet the plane.

Helicopter takes off.

Alternation: mountain views, the crew and passengers, the helicopter over the mountains.

Unloading a helicopter.

Weather station on the Fedchenko Glacier.

Arctic icebreaker "Murmansk".

The crew is paving the course.

View from the icebreaker.

From the deck of the helicopter rises.

Views of the ocean from the air.

Pilots reconcile their course.

Helicopter over the ice field.

The crew of the icebreaker.

The ship breaks the ice.

Views from the icebreaker.

Dissolve: hero of the film.

The helicopter flies over the forest, the view from the cockpit.


Above the trees, smoke rising.

Forest fire.

Landing fire.

He lit the fire.

Fire fighting.

Helicopter with a bag for collecting water.

Dissolve: hero of the film.

The young man is sent to take the exam.


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