Liberated France.. (1944)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: S. Yutkevich

Anouncers: L. Hmara


The film tells of the heroic struggle of the French people against the Nazi occupiers and the liberation of France.

World War II | Foreign policy

History | Policy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A fragment of the monument to the French soldiers of the First World War in Verdun.

Views of Normandy (above), the shelling of German military installations and railway junctions from the plane.

Allied planes bomb the territories occupied by the Germans in France, bomb explosions.

Allied landing ships are moving towards the Normandy coast.

The landing begins on June 6, 1944.

Amphibious units after landing on the beach.

View of the area under the wing of the aircraft (from above).

The landing of the Allied air assault.

View of Chinonceau Castle on the Loire in the 1930s.

Views of the gardens of Versailles (top).

Types of architectural and historical monuments of France.

On the road, participants of the Tour de France cycling race pass, a panorama of the ancient Roman aqueduct.

Cyclists enter Paris, go past the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris.

Fragments of the cathedral building.

Fishermen on the banks of the Seine.

A man and a woman look at Paris from the top of the cathedral, statues of gargoyles and chimeras on the parapets of the cathedral, views of the central part of Paris (from above).

Views and panoramas of Parisian neighborhoods (top).

View of the Arc de Triomphe on the Place de l'Etoile (top).

Eternal flame on the grave of the Unknown Soldier under the Triumphal Arch, the inscription on the tombstone.

View of the Champs-Elysees, street cafes on the sidewalks.

General view of the Place de la Concorde, the fountain and the Luxor obelisk on the square.

View of the Eiffel Tower, the Paris metro, views of the historical quarters of Paris (top).

Views of the working-class districts of Paris - Belleville and Menilmontane, roofs of buildings and streets.

A street in one of the working-class neighborhoods.

Homeless people sleep on sidewalks and benches.

Residential barges near the Seine embankment.

Trading on the Paris Bourse.

Production processes in the shops of factories and factories in Paris, workers at the machine tools.

Seamstresses and dressmakers at work in the workshops.

Workers and employees of Paris go on a break for breakfast.

People at the tables of cafes and bistros.

View of the market "The Belly of Paris", trade in food supplies in the market.

Fishmongers lay out the goods.

Views of Marseille, general view of the seaport (top).


1930s 1944





Towns and countries; Normandy operation ("Overlord")
Geography and Nature; World War II; History

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Vacationers in the French resort during sporting events in 1930.

Children ride a roller coaster.

Toddlers take health treatments.

A. Hitler of the floor.

Playing a military band.

Marching of the Wehrmacht and the SS stormtroopers parades in Berlin, Hitler welcomed the troops.

Hitler before the performance in one of the workshops Krupp factory, general view of the assembly plant for artillery.

Military inspect the finished products.

Made Party gun barrels and projectiles.

German soldiers in the ranks of Hitler of the floor.

B. Mussolini speaks at a rally in Rome.

Italian troops on parade.

Production of artillery and tanks in the German factories.

Types fortifications of the Maginot Line.

Train with soldiers passing through the underground tunnel between the fortifications.

Underground storage of ammunition.

The gunner in sight.

Interior view of the gun casemates.

Antitank obstacles from the rail to the Belgian border.

Monument Maginot A.

Unfold the sash window frame, flowers on the windowsill, view from the window.

Types of French villages, rural landscapes.

Everyday life and work of the French peasants.

People work in the vineyards, harvest, taste the grapes.

French winemakers at work, pouring wine.

Roll out the barrels for wine.

Those girls, wine festival in one of the departments of France.

Funny ceremonial elected "Queen of wine".

Parisians celebrate Bastille Day, dancing in the streets and squares of the city, the view of the July column pageant.

Night illumination of Paris.

Types of Paris at night, dancers performance in "Moulin Rouge."

Design cancan, fireworks over the park of Versailles in honor of the Feast of Fire.


Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure
Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and political figure







Towns and countries; Holidays; Industry; Life and leisure; Armament; Rallies
Geography and Nature; Social life; Sectors of the economy; Defense and internal security; Society, social activities and community organizations

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Night torchlight procession in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The burning of the books on the square in Berlin in May 1933, titles of books burned.

Mussolini speaks at a rally.

Fighting during the Italo-Abyssinian War 1935-1936 year, artillery firing, Abyssinian troops retreating.

Types of streets and squares of Madrid during the Nazi air raid.

People in the area falling bombs, collapsing buildings.

People run through the area, go down to the shelter.

People affected by the bombing, the dead corpses.

Hitler welcomes General Franco F. at the station.

The bodies of the inhabitants of Madrid. killed during the air strikes.

French volunteers sent to Spain, the soldiers of the International Brigades in the town square.

The demonstrations in the cities of France in support of Republican Spain, demonstrators clashed with police.

The arrival of Marshal Petain as Ambassador A. Burgos, Franco down the stairs of the palace.

Rides cars internees Spanish Republicans.

Street demonstrations in support of the Popular Front in Paris (above).

Clashes on the streets with the Popular Front for the opponents, an inverted car.

The arrival of the French delegation in Munich in 1938.

Hitler climbs the steps of the palace, arriving E. Daladier and Foreign Minister Jean Bonn Arrival British Prime Minister Chamberlain N.

The signing of the Munich Agreement.

Views of Prague.

SS troops marching through the streets of Prague.

People on the sidewalk welcome the Germans entered the Sudetenland.

MM Litvinov of the floor during the meeting of the League of Nations.

Anti-fascist demonstration in one of the European cities.

Returning to London, Chamberlain, Chamberlain made a speech at the airport.

Hitler from the rostrum welcomed the troops, stormtroopers are with banners and standards.

The shelling of German warships port of Gdynia in 1939.

Hitler welcomes warships, standing at the side.

Hitler, Mussolini, Goering G. over the map of Europe.

Daladier signed the order for the mobilization of September 3, 1939.

The issue in the printing of newspapers, the newspapers carried about on bicycles newspaper.

People on the streets read the order to mobilize.

Mobilized are in order, say goodbye to their relatives.

Recruits entering the territory of the military unit.

Seeing mobilized at the station, people wave goodbye hands.

Women waving from the shore sailors, floating battleships.

Those French soldiers.

The soldiers run to the cars and board the train.

Gunners roll heavy weapons, sending shells to the front rail.

People from the windows of houses waving departing soldiers at the front.

Infantry regiment passes through the streets of the city.

Go French mountain direction.

French generals on the card fighting.

Soldiers occupied fortifications on the Maginot Line, the train passes through the tunnel with the soldiers.


Gitler Adoljf -- german statesman and politician
Gering German -- german statesman and politician
Mussolini Benito -- italian statesman and politician
Franko Fransisko -- Spanish statesman and politician
Chemberlen Nevill -- british statesman and politician
Daladje Eduard -- french statesman and politician
Bonne Zhorzh -- french statesman and politician, diplomat
Peten Anri Filipp -- french statesman and politician, military commander
Litvinov Maksim Maksimovich -- statesman and politician, diplomat


1930s 05.1933 1935-1936 1938 09.1939





Political figures; Daylight of Czechoslovakia under the German control; Start of the Second World War; International cooperation; Foreign policy
Biography; Policy; World War II; History; Space

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shelter glass shop windows of Paris streets with sandbags.

People with masks on the streets of Paris.

People go to the shelter during air raid the first trial.

Laying suckling in a protective anti-gas package.

Women in masks with babies in their arms.

Chemical resistant teaching in Paris, deserted streets.

Flying German planes, the navigator in the cockpit, bombs are falling down.

The explosions, the person injured girl.

Destroyed as a result of air raids the building.

Evacuation of church property, of library books.

Used books in the van.

People with belongings and children, and DUT to the station.

A soldier carries a baby in her arms.

People with children sitting on suitcases waiting for the train.

Planting evacuees in cars.

The train starts to move.

Abandoned railway stations and streets of towns and villages in France.

On the way, moving carriage refugees sit behind elderly woman.

Squares and streets deserted towns and villages, the shop windows with goods.

Observation post of one of the French military units, wire fences in the snow.

French soldiers in the positions in the winter of 1940, the scouts crawl under barbed wire.

officer's family decorates Christmas tree, celebration of the new 1940.

Distribution of gifts to the soldiers on the positions.

soldier's face, reveals a parcel from home.

New soldier's table on the Maginot Line.

Presentation of soldiers rugby balls as Christmas gifts.

Soldiers ride with, chase the ball.

Performance of ballet dancers in front of the French seamen.

A. Hitler of the floor, the protesters raise their hands in a Nazi salute, the general view of the hall where the meeting is being held.

German long-range gun pushed on rails to the firing position, training guns to open fire.

The German soldiers were thrown from the bridge wire fence.

German long-range guns are firing.

French artillery fire back.

German soldiers attacked, the officer watches the fight in the telescope.

Exploding shells, crumbling factory chimney.

French planes taking off.

German tanks come out of hiding and begin to attack.

There is a French tank crew inside the tank.

The German infantry attacked under the cover of the armored car.

Dogfight, French gunner firing incident plane.

German tank breaks through a brick wall, the German tanks and infantry attack.


Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure







German invasion to France, Belgium and Holland; Political figures; New Year
World War II; History; Biography; Policy; Holidays; Social life

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flying German bombers, dive on the target.

Bomb explosions on the ground.

German planes bombed the city, burn buildings destroyed.

Types of burning neighborhoods.

View the burning of the cathedral of Rouen.

The interiors of the cathedral, the woman puts a candle, praying.

the priest's face.

Burning buildings.

In the ruined street is blind, crumbling walls of buildings, the German planes continued to bomb.

Panorama burning oil storage tanks at Rouen.

People fleeing from the advancing German troops.

Refugees with carts and in cars loaded with things moving on the roads of France.

Crying girl children go.

People traveling in the trucks, go walking, the refugees face.

German planes bombed a column of refugees, people run up to the side of the road, shooting of refugees from the air.

The face of a German pilot.

The road after the airstrike, lie the bodies of men, overturned carts, going by a German tank.

German soldiers walk past abandoned cars on the road, carts with things.

The French military equipment, abandoned on the roadside during the retreat.

German armored car passing on the street deserted French village, a person of a German soldier.

German troops occupied the city streets.

The shelling of buildings with guns.

German soldiers on a street, the types of destroyed neighborhoods.

The German troops are in Paris, the generals greet passing troops.

Shuttered windows of Parisian houses, the German troops are in Paris.

Monuments Voltaire and Diderot.

German artillery crew on the streets of Paris.

View Notre Dame Cathedral, the statues of chimeras on the walls of the cathedral.

German troops move past the Eiffel Tower, the generals face.

View Invalides.

Square type, on which the German troops (top) move.

View of empty Champs Elysees and other Parisian streets.

Kind of an empty room in the Town Hall.

Game footage Bastille events of the French Revolution, the Paris Commune.

Newsreel, 1914: Taxi deliver French troops to the front to the Marne.

French troops attack.

Monument to the Heroes of the Battle of Verdun.

French gunners on the Maginot Line are firing on the advancing German troops in 1940.

The German gunners charged heavy gun, run for cover.

The shelling by the Germans surrounded the forts of the Maginot Line.

German planes bombed the forts, breaks of bombs and shells.

The Germans used flamethrowers, forts continue to shoot.

The Nazi flag captured in one of the forts.







German invasion to France, Belgium and Holland
World War II; History

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the memorial in Compiegne, the car in which the armistice was signed in 1918.

The arrival of Hitler and Goering in Compiegne.

Hitler, Goering and their entourage climb into the car, sit down at the table.

French General Huetzinger approaches the car, climbs the steps.

Hützinger enters the car, Hitler Goering greets him, everyone sits down.

Hitler and Goering during the negotiations for the armistice and the surrender of France.

General view of the car.

Ammunition in one of the French warehouses, aircraft at the airfield, heavy long-range guns on railway platforms, transferred to the German command.

French prisoners of war in the town square.

Map of the occupation zone in France (animation).

Hützinger signs the surrender of France.

People on the streets of Paris listen to the message of surrender.

Hitler and Goering get off the train in Compiegne.

Hitler talks to the military after signing the surrender of France, awarding the soldiers of the 6th German Army for the French campaign.

The face of a German soldier, a panorama of a part of the burning quarter of Stalingrad during the fighting in the summer and autumn of 1942, a view of the Square of Fallen Fighters.

Soviet and German troops are fighting street battles in Stalingrad.

Soviet gunners are firing.

The face of a German soldier, hoisting the Nazi banner on the Eiffel Tower in 1940.

Soviet infantry attacks the enemy in Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-1943, artillery fires.

Tanks and infantry attack across the steppe.

Armored aerial vehicles pass by, cavalry attacks.

The scheme of the encirclement of the German troops at Stalingrad (animation.

Soviet artillery is firing at the enemy.

Turning a swastika into a grave cross (animation).

Soldiers ' cemeteries the corpses of Germans killed in the battles near Stalingrad.

Hitler talks to the military in Compiegne.

Hitler meets the head of the Vichy government, Petain a.

Laval P. before the reception at Hitler.

French prisoners of war are led through the streets of Paris, weeping women and men.

Captured French officers pass by, people cheer them on.

Landing of prisoners of war at the train station in the cars, people see them off.

A crying soldier in the car window, crying children.

Shooting of French patriots.

Laval's face, the corpses of people shot.

The face of Petain, a meeting of the Vichy government.

Fragment of the monument to the heroes of Verdun.

General De Gaulle speaks.

The French go to England by boat.

The partisans leave for the Savoy Mountains.

Training of partisans in the use of weapons.

Allied warships are firing on the coast of North Africa.

Landing boats are heading for the shore.

Allied troops land on the coast of North Africa in December 1942.

French units are fighting in North Africa, machine gunners and mortar men are firing at the enemy.

The armored vehicles and artillery of the allies fire, the infantry rises to the attack.

A soldier of the French Foreign Legion in a captured position.

Warships blown up and sunk by French sailors in Toulon, a panorama of burning ships.


Gitler Adoljf -- german statesman and politician
Gering German -- german statesman and politician
Peten Anri Filipp -- french statesman and politician, military commander
Lavalj Pjer -- french statesman and politician
Hyuntcinger Sharlj -- french military commander
De Gollj Sharlj -- french statesman and politician, military commander


06.1940 1942-1943


At Sea



North African campaign; Political figures; Starting the Battle of Stalingrad; Counter-offensive at Stalingrad (Operation "Uranus")
World War II; History; Biography; Policy

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

French ship enters the port of New York, is across the Hudson.

Honor guard at the pier.

French sailors systems are on the streets of New York, the people welcome them.

French military attache welcomes sailors, sailors marching through the city streets.

Parade of troops "Fighting France" in North Africa.

Artillery, tank, and air units "Fighting France".

African arrows look at airplanes sitting on camels.

De Gaulle was a parade of African horse archers.

HOT sunflower field.

Marshal Rokossovsky KK at an observation post during the Battle of Kursk.

Soviet artillery fire and infantry attack rises.

German soldiers in the trenches under fire, explosions of shells at the German positions.

The pilots of the French squadron "Normandie" fly on a combat mission near Kursk, the face of pilots before departure.

Plane takes off.

Soviet and French officers were keeping in touch with the pilots by radio.

Aircraft attacking ground targets, burning German armored vehicles.

The face of the pilot, dogfight, shot down a German plane drops.

Burns to the ground fragments of German planes.

Reactive artillery firing, tanks are on the attack.

Fleeing German soldiers burning German tank shell-shocked German gunner with the broken gun.

French partisan leaflets, work underground press.

The hand of the French underground worker, changing the inscription in German poster.

Savoy guerrillas stand in formation.

German sentry on duty, a German observation post defense.

Factory equipment, prepared for shipment to Germany, men in the ranks.

Ads in the windows of shops on the absence of French food.

Diners German soldiers, guerrillas in the mountains watching the enemy.

German soldiers break out the house door, the guerrillas before the operation.

Sending parcels to Germany, the guerrillas face.

The Germans were driven herds of cows, horses are taken.

It drives a German convoy, a train goes with the equipment.

Go wagons with coal.

Partisan squad go out on a combat operation.

Go train, the wheels of locomotives and wagons, men descend from the mountains to ski.

Guerrillas occupy a position to carry out sabotage, preparation of the explosive mechanism.

The driver in the cab of the locomotive, the train goes over the bridge.

Face partisan bombing of the railway bridge.

Guerrillas in the ranks, burning German military installations and warehouses, blow up bridges, fleeing from the fire by German soldiers, fire-fighting.

Torn flag with a swastika.

It is flying the French flag.

Awarding of the pilots of the French squadron "Normandie", the head of the French military mission in the USSR General E. Petit, burning to the ground by German aircraft.

Pass awarded the French pilots.

Girls kiss returned guerrillas face of French pilots.

People greeted the Allied and French troops in the streets of liberated cities in North Africa.

French destroyers go to the liberation of the island of Corsica.

Deck antiaircraft gun fires, fly a plane, an officer on the deck of the ship, the soldiers preparing for landing.

The destroyer moored at the pier, Corsican guerrillas met the French troops.

Those guerrillas.

It takes a French infantry unit.

Types of destroyed buildings, the road through the village. people coming out of the houses, greet soldiers.

People come up to drive up to the soldiers, hugging them, treat wine.

The soldier drinks from a flask, a woman with a child in her arms.

Residents returned to their homes.

The soldiers pass through the town.


Konstantin Rokossovsky - commander
Charles De Gaulle - French statesman and political leader, military leader
Ernest Petit - French military commander




New York
Orel region
On the sea



Army; Fleet; Starting the Battle of Kursk
Defense and internal security; World War II; History

Reel №8

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The national flag of France flies over the building.

General De Gaulle among the inhabitants of the liberated city in 1944.

People sing "La Marseillaise".

French paratroopers land on the southern coast of France.

French tanks and infantry are marching North.

Residents of France welcome the liberators.

French soldiers on the street of the liberated city.

The faces of children in the window of the house.

A soldier talks to a young French partisan.

View of the island of Cite in Paris (top).

The headquarters of the internal resistance forces in the Hotel de Ville.

The soldiers are sent on a mission, a member of the staff gives instructions over the phone.

People are preparing grenades and ammunition for a decisive battle with the German occupiers.

Resistance fighters in the ranks.

People roll captured weapons, cut down trees for barricades.

People are dismantling the pavement, building barricades.

People on the barricades are preparing for battle, checking weapons.

Barricades on the streets of Paris.

Resistance fighters take up positions behind barricades and in the windows of buildings.

Views of the streets of Paris (above), the destruction of the German sniper, the soldiers take the weapons of the dead.

Fighting on the streets of Paris, near the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris.

German tanks retreating deep into the streets.

Resistance fighters are firing at German troops.

Destruction of a German truck with soldiers, the truck is burning, burning Germans are running away.

The continuation of the shelling of German units, medics run through with stretchers, a German truck burns.

Resistance fighters capture Germans and collaborators, German equipment burns.

Faces of Resistance fighters, captured fascist banner.

American tanks are fighting with German troops in the area of the Eiffel Tower.

American infantry and tanks are fighting on the streets of Paris, the girl helps the wounded.

The shopkeeper pulls down the metal blinds.

An American soldier leads a German with a white flag.

Parisians greet General Leclerc's tankers entering the city.

Cheering people on the streets of liberated Paris.

A solemn procession on the Champs-Elysees, the face of De Gaulle.

De Gaulle greets the troops.

Panic among the people because of the shelling by a German sniper.

People are fleeing from the shelling

Soldiers and partisans are firing at snipers.

General view of the square, people lay down near tanks and cars.

Orderlies take out the wounded.

Captured German sniper.

The collaborators are led out of the building, and people attack them with their fists.

Raising the French national flag on the square in front of the town hall, people sing "La Marseillaise", people's faces.

Views of Parisian streets and squares filled with cheering people.

Panorama of the Place de la Concorde (above), a plane flies over the square.

View of the Arc de Triomphe with the French national flag raised above it.


Charles De Gaulle - French statesman and political leader, military leader







Political figures; Army
Biography; Policy; Defense and internal security