The science of machines - the foundation of mechanical engineering. (1988)

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Director: A. Krupnov

Script writers: A. Anichkin

Operators: Ya. Maevskij

Recordist: L. Scherbakova

Other authors: O. Batrakova


The film tells about the research work in the field of mechanical engineering conducted at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Science | Institutions of science

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Demonstration of ways to produce fire by friction.

Bending the hoop.

A rolling hoop.

Potter's hands.

The retro train is on the rails.

Replica car of the late 19th century at a car show.

Newsreel of the early 20th century: a walking all-terrain vehicle leaves the garage.

The car with the passengers starts moving.

Unsuccessful attempts to take off one of the first helicopters.

Vintage car rides on the road.

An airplane flying away into the distance.

Cars and trams on the streets of one of the European cities, people run across the roadway.

Automobile traffic on Nevsky Prospekt in Leningrad.

A passenger plane is flying.

Various types of modern transport - monorail, airplane.

Launch of the spacecraft.

The pendulum of the grandfather clock.

The director of the Research Institute of Machine Science, Academician Frolov K. V. explains the concept of machine science, lists the scientific disciplines included in it, talks about the work of the Research Institute of Machine Science and the directions of its work, about the role of machine science in the development of technology (synchronously).

View of the old mansion of the Moscow Polytechnic Society.

D. Chizhov's book on Mechanics.

Portrait of P. Chebyshev, who studied the mechanics of machines.

Portraits of Zhukovsky, Tsiolkovsky and other scientists engaged in research in the field of mechanics.

Drawings of the first machines in production.

Cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva.

Tank gun shot.

Newsreel of the 1920s and 1930s.

Production processes in the foundry of the plant.

The first tractor in the shop of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant.

View of the rally on the occasion of the release of the first tractor (top).

Conducting experiments on mechanics by scientists.

Tsiolkovsky demonstrates a new model of the airship.

Take-off of the balloon.

The steamer Chelyuskin goes through the ice in 1933.

Conversation of mechanical scientists in the Moscow House of the Polytechnic Society, the faces of the speakers.

Portraits of scientists in the field of machine science Chudakov, Khrushchev, Artobolevsky, Grigorovsky, Bruevich, Dyachkov, Lozinsky, Petrusevich, Blagonravov, and Worknov.

Conducting a scientific experiment at the Research Institute of Machine Science.

Studies of the material by the polarization-optical method.

Conducting technical diagnostics by thermal imaging.

The break of a metal part, the data on the monitor screen.

The course of metal destruction (computer graphics).

The production process in the rolling shop.

Build a model to study the stress and strain of machines.

Creation of resistors for measuring strain in the laboratory of the Institute.

Laboratory staff at work.

Type of test facility.

Installation of resistors on sections of the finished structure.

The helicopter is in flight.

Types of composite heavy-duty fibers.

Conducting an experiment to create a composite material that exceeds steel in strength and elasticity.

Conducting studies of bimetals under static and thermocyclic loads.

Newsreel of 1941: the fighting of the German-fascist troops, tanks and aircraft.

Bombers enter the target, bombs explode.

Balloons are brought to a position on Gorky Street in the autumn of 1941 in Moscow.

Assembly of aircraft in the workshops of aircraft factories.

Installation of the engine on the aircraft, production processes.

Assembly of aircraft components and assemblies, the faces of workers and engineers.


Frolov Konstantin vasiljevich -- scientist in the field of mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering







Automobile transport; Air transport; World War II; Industry; Figures of science
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation; History; Biography; Science

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1941-1945: a German pilot closes the cockpit.

Bombers in flight.

Falling bombs.

Bomb bursts on the target.

A battery of Soviet rocket-propelled mortars is firing.

Artillery is firing at the enemy.

Installation of a rocket shell during the shelling of the Reichstag.

Fighting on the streets of Berlin in April 1945.

Soviet soldiers at the banner mounted on the roof of the Reichstag.

Conducting scientific experiments on machine science after the end of the Great Patriotic War.

Academician I. V. Kurchatov at work.

Rotation of various mechanisms.

Stopping the mechanism.

Worn-out rubbing parts of the mechanism.

Road transport in the rain.

Panorama of the heating plant.

A flask with an aqueous solution of the components necessary for lubrication.

View of the workshop of the weaving factory.

Demonstration of fire safety and environmental friendliness of a new lubricant created at the Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Flowers in a vase.

Demonstration of the use of a gas lubrication pad for turntables.

Drops of grease fall on the teeth of the moving gears.

Examples of traditional lubricants that have lost their performance in extreme conditions.

Application of a magnetic powder lubricant used at high temperatures.

A model of a lunar rover on a mock-up of the Moon's surface.

Conducting a scientific experiment on the study of thermal processes in friction.

Combine harvester at the grain harvest.

A plane taking off.

The work of the computer center, data processing by the center's employees.

The work of the computer-aided design system (CAD), the faces of the designers.

The teacher of the institute writes formulas on the blackboard.

The faces of the students.

Conducting a scientific symposium (panorama).

The participants of the symposium make presentations.

Students in the classroom.

The professor at the blackboard explains the subject.

Employees of the Scientific and Engineering Center of the Leningrad branch of IMASH at work.

Conducting experiments on the creation of various reinforcing coatings for power equipment.

The process of plasma spraying on the working surfaces of gas turbine blades.

The turbine rotor rotates.

Cars on a city street.

Conducting research in the field of vibration mechanisms.

Operation of the measuring machine for vibration diagnostics.

Types of diagnostic sensors and analyzers, author's certificates for them.

The car before the test on the vibration stand.

A glass of water on the hood.

Launch of the stand, removal of research data.

Helicopter landing.

The pilot turns off the engine.

Scientists connect diagnostic analyzers to the nodes and mechanisms of the helicopter.

Starting the helicopter engine and analyzers.

Scientists monitor the readings of the analyzers.

Steelworker at the furnace.

Data on the monitor screen.

The production process in the foundry, controlled by a mini-computer.

Newsreel of the 1960s: S. P. Korolev during the assembly of spacecraft, examines the components and assemblies.

The icebreaker "Lenin" goes through the ice.

Launch of the spacecraft.

Gagarin Yu. A. in a spacesuit before the flight into space.

An astronaut in outer space.

Lunar rover on the surface of the moon.


Kurchatov Igorj Vasiljevich -- physicist
Korolev Sergej Pavlovich -- designer of rocket and space technology
Gagarin Yurij Alekseevich -- pilot-cosmonaut





Figures of science; Heroes of Space; World War II; The storming of Berlin; Industry; Agriculture; Education; Automobile transport
Biography; Science; Space; History; Sectors of the economy; Social life; Transportation

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Conducting an experiment on nonlinear oscillations of multiphase media.

Effects of transportation, swarming, vibration mixing, and phase separation that occur under certain vibration conditions.

View of the part of the field with oil rigs.

View of a part of an oil refinery.

Cars on one of the Moscow avenues, it is raining.

Collecting measurement information about complex-shaped parts using an adaptive robot.

Robot actions.

The work of a special stand for processing the parameters of advanced design of contour robots.

Operation of the Sigma adaptive control system based on the resonance effect.

Conducting an analysis of the optimality of the factory site using a computer, a picture on the monitor screen.

Testing of the human body in contact with the machine during vibration.

Employees of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering at work.

Examples of dynamic body models for working poses on the monitor screen.

Testing of the vibration-proof transport seat.

The work of the Institute's computing center.

Conducting research in the field of biotechnics.

Connecting vibration analyzers to a person's legs for early rehabilitation after a heart attack and stroke.

The faces of the doctor and the patient.

Assembly of electronic circuits of vibration stimulators.

Airport dispatchers at work.

Entrance to the building of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Views of the streets of Moscow, Leningrad and other cities of the USSR, where the branches of the Institute are located.

Academician Frolov K. V. speaks about the problems solved by the Institute of Machine Science, the prospects of scientific research and new problems of machine science as a science (synchronously).

Employees of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering during scientific experiments and tests of developments.

Take-off of the helicopter after testing by the staff of the Institute.







Russian cities and regions; Automobile transport; Air transport
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation