Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 713

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Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Funeral in Munich Gauleiter Adolf Wagner.

Memorial hall.

A memorial service.

Funeral procession through the streets of the city.

RAD Soldiers with shovels.

Coffin on the gun carriage.

General next to the widow of the late escorted the coffin on his last journey.

2. Germany.

Mourning meeting at the Reich Chancellery at the tomb of Nazi General armored forces Kubena.

In the sitting room Himmler, Doenitz, Keitel.

Awards deceased.

Goering at the ceremony a speech.

Laying wreaths, garland from the Führer.

Hitler helps to lay a wreath, ribbon spreads.

The inscription "German greetings".

3. Spain.

Military parade in Barcelona, in front of Franco on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Franco regime are different kinds of troops.

4. Belgium.

Return to Belgium from the Eastern Front SS Legion "Wallonia".

General Otto Dietrich and the leader of the Belgian fascist Léon Degrelle reward soldiers.

The arrival of the Legion in Brussels, stormy meeting fellow SS, women throw flowers.

Residents of Brussels near the tanks and vehicles.

5. Germany.


Ley and Baldur von Schirach a parade of Nazi political school graduates in Ornsburge.

Go exams, students take tickets with questions.

Sports after the exam, exercises on the bar, jumping, running, etc.

6. Germany.

Fragment of a football match between Munich and Berlin.

After the match spectators run onto the pitch.

7. Germany.

Cadets School miners in Cuxhaven in the classroom.

The teacher explains the various device min.

At the blackboard student.

Samples min.

Practical exercises in the sea.

Reset min overboard.

Students of mine pulled on the ropes.

Mine explosion on the beach.

8. Germany.

School emblem with an eagle's head and the words: "Sharpshooter".

Cadets sapper-infantry school in the classroom in the woods.

Target shooting, a variety of purposes.

Masking techniques in the field, students are masked twigs, moss, straw.

9. Eastern Front, the southern portion of Zhytomyr region, Kirovograd, Nikopol.

Winter at the front.

Horses eat thawed patch on last year's grass.

The soldiers are resting, sleeping on the ground, clean weapons.

World War II; Football
History; Sport

Reel №2

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Location Hungarian parts near the town of Stanislav.

Soldiers on vacation, they shave, eat from the pot.

The infantry is on the road, go carts.

Meeting at the front of father and son on the way.

Trucks stuck on a dirt road, road clearance.

The tanks are filled with fuel and go to the front.

Field radio operator with a portable radio in the car.

Fires Artillery.

Occupation of the village.

Joint military meeting German and Hungarian officers.

Marines go on the armor of tanks.

Soldiers go forward through the mud.

The meeting with the card.

On the road go carts, on the sidelines are burning cars, damaged equipment.

Arriving at the front of the Hungarian units.

Awarding of the German Order of Hungarian soldiers.

10. La Manche.

Training in the Netherlands and Belgium for a possible attack on the Atlantic coast.

German fortifications, barbed wire.

Pillboxes, post obstacles, trenches, barbed wire along the coast.

Preparations for the opening of locks in the event of the threat of invasion.

German troops on the march.

General Rundstedt inspects tank division, he bypasses the system.

Field Marshal Rommel as part of the inspection.

A drill, all take their places.

Fleeing soldiers.

Unmasking guns.

Drive up the shells.

Aiming guns at the positions of the "enemy".

11. Detail of the American Chronicle: How Americans see the upcoming landing in Normandy.

For the ferries run-American paratroopers.

Amphibious tanks.

German artillery maneuvers.

Americans in the offensive.

Maneuvers of German soldiers - rehearsal repel a possible invasion of the allies in German-occupied France.

Shoot flamethrowers, guns.