Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 542

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Producer UFA

Operators: G.Bauh,V.Hege,K.Zeljbah,E.Shtyublj i dr

Reel №1

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The celebration of 2600 years anniversary of the existence of the Japanese monarchy.

Go to the Japanese military.

German delegation.

Thousands greet Japanese Emperor Hirohito and Empress, standing on a decorated dais.

Four Japanese perform a ritual dance.

Evening festivities and fireworks.

Of the Soviet Union.


The signing of the Molotov and Schulenburg 10.1.1941 agreement on the resettlement of Germans from the Baltic republics to Germany.

Molotov and the German Ambassador to Russia Schulenburg signed the document, put print.

The shaking of hands.

Snowfall in Europe.



Drifts at the Brandenburg gate.

Snowbound train, clearing paths.

Roofs and houses covered with snow.

A skier goes through the roof.

Prague: Charles bridge in the snow, snow-covered streets.

Car clean snow.

Road to Bremen in the snow, comes car.

Krakow: cleaning the snow on the station.

Rome: snow, children playing in the snow.

Northern Norway.

Fishing vessels at sea.

Islands Lofoten, island views.

For about a thousand years, there is fishing in the period, when from January to April from the Barents sea enter the shoals of Arctic cod.

Fishermen with their catch, they pull a huge fish at the boat, then being moved to the boat.

Fishing is conducted under the protection of the German Wehrmacht.


Dutch fascists in the ranks on the town square, General bypass operation.

A mass meeting of Dutch Nazis in Utrecht in the hall on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the founding of the fascist party.

Their leader Anton Mussert stands in front of his associates, said of the joint fight with the Germans against the British in Africa.

East Prussia.

The construction of a new bridge on the highway Berlin - Konigsberg. 1000-foot span of the bridge falls into place.

Gauleiter Erich Koch cuts the ribbon on the new bridge going cars.


The General province /former.the territory of Poland incorporated into the Reich/.

Restored on the orders of Goebbels, the building of the municipal theatre in poznań.

Head of the restoration architect from Munich Litman.

General appearance.


The wardrobe shop.

Collection of hats.


Sketches of scenery on the stage layout.


Berlin. 54th exhibition of the German Union of visual arts /QUDBK/.

Selected paintings: landscapes, construction sites, work in the field.

Portrait of George Sibaja "My son", the picture Addeke with the image of a ballerina.

Female bust, bust of Goering.

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Reel №2

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Germany. 48th anniversary of Hermann Goering.

Goering in front of the camera at the Desk in the uniform of a field Marshal.

Peasant with a basket on the back transmits the Reichsmarschall greetings from Westphalia.

A gift to Goering: crystal encrusted gun, sword with a fancy hilt.

Goering with wife Emma considered gifts.

Lie flowers, a portrait of Hitler.

Goebbels, Viktor lutze, the Italian Ambassador Alfieri, Dr.

Ley and others congratulated the Marshal.

Generals of the Luftwaffe in the house of Goering, General field Marshal milch, field-Marshal albert Kesselring.


The Assembly of floodlights at one of the plants.

Work installation.

Check the finished product.

Battery projectorion on the English channel, they will bring a spotlight on the trucks, set in place.

Occupied southern France.

German troops on maneuvers.

Soldiers ride on a motorcycle on a forest road.

The soldiers are improvised material, suggest crossing over the river.

The crossing of the river.

Reflection attack "the enemy".

Maneuvers in the abandoned French town.


German pilots, on the shore of the English channel.

They're on vacation.

The game tag, the player kicks ass friend, he tries to guess who strikes.

Alarm signal flare.

There are enemy planes.

German pilots run to the aircraft, sit on the machines.

Knight Knight's cross with Oak Leaves, Colonel Adolf Galland sits in the cockpit with a cigarette in his mouth.

The mechanic said its another victory stripes on the tail of the aircraft.

Planes fly in the air.

Fragments of air combat.

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