Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 576-2 Working material

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Reel №1

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Of the Soviet Union.

The Central section of the front.

Raised the Nazi flag, story of German soldiers in the area.

Decorated with garlands building.

Joint meeting of the German occupation authorities and the local population in Minsk.

Transfer of control into the hands of local authorities.

German radio stations operating in Smolensk.

Population listens to radio on the street.

The building commandant, stands sentry.

People read the newspaper on the stand.

Trade in the store.

The main station, the arrival of the German train, unloading of bread.

Motorized units of the German army moving to the East.

The cars are on dirt.

Artillery shelled positions of the Bolsheviks.

The battle over the settlements.

The corpse of a Soviet soldier.

German technology that boosts the river.

Column of Soviet prisoners

Of the Soviet Union.

The occupied territory in the rear.

The restoration of the German sappers destroyed bridge.

Go diving operations.

The restoration of bridges on the roads.

The employment of Soviet prisoners of war, they are sleepers, dig.

Car rides by building a moving car.

German motorcyclists.

Frontline workshop for maintenance of vehicles.

Work in mechanics, welding

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Reel №2

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Of the Soviet Union.

The Northern section of the Eastern front.

The entry of German troops into revel.

Destruction in the port, a sunken destroyer.

Blasted military echelon, derailed on the shore.

Incapacitated the train.

Wrecks in the port.

On the shores of broken guns

Of the Soviet Union.

The Great Bow.

German soldiers remove driftwood timber on the river for the construction and repair of bridges.

German cavalry on the March.

Horse carts, horse with difficulty pulled the cart.

Veterinary care of sick and injured horses, they are taken to the Assembly point, where they have help.

Bathing horses in the river.

Soldiers on vacation in the woods.

They sleep on the ground, soldiers at a fire warming his feet.

Soldiers shave, play cards, carry boxes of beer.

The soldiers chasing chickens and geese, catch the pig.

Military field kitchen.

Soldiers eat boiled chicken.

Distribution of mail

Of the Soviet Union.

Northern section /Karelia/.

German RAD soldiers to fortify.

Dig, carry stones, were grading a road.

Awarding iron crosses of soldiers who distinguished themselves in the work.

Unloading meat and other products.

Soldiers drink coffee.

Darlings - tamed bird sits on the cap of a soldier.

The advance of the troops, the crossing of the river.

A transport plane drops parachute material for the signal corps.

Laying telephone line.

Signalers pull cable

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Reel №3

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Of the Soviet Union.

Eastern front.

Map of military operations in the area of Kiev, Krivoy Rog.


Romanian General inspects the position.

The cavalry is coming.

Burning town.

The German tanks.

Of an industrial giant.

The rest of the structure.

Pathetic home workers.

The building of the mining Institute-technical school.

The theater building.

German infantrymen of the Dnieper.

Explosions on the river.

The Germans cross the river.

The German observers.


Kind Of Dnepropetrovsk.

The burning city.

The bridge across the Dnieper.

Burning industrial enterprises.

The Germans blow up the ruins.

Communications restore line

Of the Soviet Union.

German planes in the air.

The bombing of the Soviet communications.


Planes in the air.

Flying bombs on the town.

Barrage balloon in the air.

German engineering on the road.

A German tank.

The infantry in the trenches.

Germans on the streets of the village.

They're on vacation.

Sappers clear mines.

The burning house.

Fragments of street fighting.

Firing a weapon.

Shoots flamethrower

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