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French pilot on an airplane took Lemoine 11779 meters high and surpassed the previous record.

Lemoine getting into an airplane and flies.

burning steamer "Munich" in the port Nu York.

Firefighters extinguish it with boats.

Austrian bundeskantsler Johann Schober gets an official visit to Berlin.

Schober system bypasses honor guard, behind him a detachment of cavalry.

Chancellor Arrival removed correspondents.

In Berlin Koepenick district opened a new higher high school for girls.

Students should learn self-reliance in all areas.

The school building Dorothea audience.

Girls in the chemical laboratory, in art class, in the sewing workshop.

Classes at the school sports.

Girls train on the layout of the boat, engaged in physical exercise, doing exercises with balls.

In Belgrade, the German Ambassador Adolph died Koester.

Belgrade diplomatic corps and numerous representatives of the Serbian government in the last journey escorted ambassador.

The coffin was taken to the hearse down the street, followed by marching soldiers.

The coffin with the body of the ambassador would be transferred to Germany.

The American oil region constantly arise huge fires causing loss of many millions of dollars.

Clubs of smoke over the oil tanks.

Last survey ship "Monte Cervantes", which sank in the Strait of Magellan.

The ship at the pier.

Spanish dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera, chairman of the government by King Alfonso XIII, 28 January resigned from his post.

Close-up of the river.

A huge power plant being built in the west of Berlin.

The station will produce daily 228,000 kw., Which corresponds to a daily consumption of electricity cities such as Munich, Dresden or Leipzig.

Construction of power plants, are workflows.

London hosts conference on limiting naval armaments.

The US delegation, led by Secretary of State Henry Stimson, arrived on the ship 'George Washington. "

Lord Mayor of Plymouth Mayor welcomed Stimson.

The leaders of countries participating in the conference, in front of the camera in the garden of the residence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Macro officials: British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, the French Prime Minister André Tardieu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Dino Grandi, Minister Vakatsuki from Japan.

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