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Reel №1

XI Olympic games in Berlin.

On the streets of Berlin goes the motorcade, the people welcomed Hitler standing in open car.

Vehicles drive past the columns of the athletes to the stadium, the view from the top.

Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Hess and other officials are on the track of the stadium, they greet the audience.

Girl presents flowers to the Fuhrer.

Parade participants of the Olympic games, marching under the flags of their countries.

The parade of athletes discover Greece, then the rest of the participants.

Are athletes of Germany.

On the podium, Hitler, Goebbels, Hess pulled his hands in the Nazi salute.

Behind them, the President of the Olympic Committee, count Henri de baie-Latour.

Hitler at the microphone, he opens the XI th Olympic games.

In the air release a lot of pigeons.

The rise of the Olympic flag.

In honor of the opening of the games is heard and a salute of guns, ringing of bells.

On the track stadium athlete runs with the torch in hand, runs up the stairs and lights the Olympic flame in the bowl. pnrm. by flags of the participating countries.

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Reel №2

The competition of women in the javelin.

German Tilly Fleischer set a new Olympic record of 45.18 meters and won a gold medal.

Second and third place was shared by Louise Kruger (Germany) and Maria Kwasniewska (Poland).

On the podium happy with Hitler and Goering, Goering rubbing his hands.

German athlete Black won the silver medal in the hammer throw, his result is 56.49 meters.

Germany leads the competition in the shot put.

Gold medal at Hans Wolke with a score of 16.20 meters.

In second place bärlund (Finland), the third - Steck (Germany).

High jump for men.

Gold medal at Johnson from the USA, his result is 2.03 meters.

Second and third places also have American athletes Albritton and Thurber.

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Germany, 1936, Olympics, sports, athletics, personalities

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Footage of the parade at the opening of the Olympic games, is the team of Argentina.

The girls riding horses, which are under the reins of the German soldiers.

It takes a team of great Britain.

The view of the stadium from above.

There is competition in equestrian Polo between the teams of Argentina and England.

On the scoreboard the score of 11:0 in favor of Argentina.

The competition on the run at 1500 meters for men.

Athlete of the Lovelock of New Zealand won the gold medal with a new world record of 3 minutes 47.8 seconds.

The second Cunningham comes from the United States.

The winner smiles.

Triple jump for men.

A gold medal gets him Tajima from Japan, it is the result of 16 metres.

Second - Narada, Japan, the third - Metcalfe, Australia.

Running the 80 meter hurdles for women.

First to the finish comes of Trebizond, Valla, Italy, for her Annie Steuer, Germany and Elizabeth Taylor, Canada.

On the podium, Hitler, Goering, Goebbels.

Scoreboard competitions.

The German on the podium, pulls his hand in the Nazi salute.

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Germany, 1936, sports, Olympics, parade, equestrian, athletics, personalities

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The failure of the German athletes in the run with the baton.

In these competitions, winning the American and English.

Running the 400 meters for men.

Wins black athlete from the USA Williams with a score of 46.5 seconds.

Javelin throw for men.

The convincing victory of German athlete Gerhard Stec, 71.84 meters.

On the second and third Finnish athletes, Nikkanen and Toivonen.

The rise of the German and two Finnish flags.

Marathon distance at 42.195 km Japanese athlete wins Kitei Sleep with a time of 2 hours 29 minutes 19.2 seconds.

Actually it was a Korean athlete Sleep Ki-Chang, who was forced to change the name, as Korea was then occupied by Japan.

The second was Harper from England, the third - Nan from Japan.

Key words

Germany, 1936, sports, Olympics, athletics, personalities