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Budapest, in the advertising the Cabinet adhered to the message of 21 September about the events in the Sudetenland.

People read Newspapers.

Street demonstrators with Pro-fascist slogans.

Ahead of brass band musicians in Alpine costumes.

Marching column of women, men with national flags, young people in uniform.

Through the crowd, the truck travels with people.

The rally in the square, people held up placards with the slogan: "Heil Hitler!", portraits of Hitler, Mussolini, Horthy.

Personnel news showing riots in Czechoslovakia: destroyed houses, overturned cart in the yard.

Organizing volunteer units of the Sudeten Germans.

The crowd welcomed the passing truck with the men.

On the road removed the barricades made of logs.

The entry in the units, the Sudeten Germans pass by the table, apply.

Stroy marching of volunteers, results weapons.

Volunteers clean the rifle.

Distribution of dry food rations.

Volunteers sit in a clearing in a forest, next to a pyramid of rifles.

Conducting a drill of the volunteers, the soldiers are with rifles in their hands.

The communicators are establishing a connection, near the tent Communicator with your phone.

Volunteers are preparing for battle.

In the estate of Hitler's Berghof arrives Prime Minister Chamberlain.

He is greeted by Ribbentrop, with stairs down Hitler.

They discuss the relationship of Britain and France to events in the Sudetenland.

At the "liberation" of the Sudeten town.

Pointer on the road to Praga and Saska Kepa.

The crowds on the street, through the gate, blocked the street, pass the Sudeten Nazis in uniform, smiling into the camera.

For the building up of the Nazi flag.

Demonstration of the Sudeten Germans, they bear a portrait of Hitler, chanting slogans.

Close-UPS of smiling faces of the citizens: children, women.

On the wall of the customs building city Al sign on which dirty words in Czech.

Held a rally, shouting: "Sieg Heil".

Along the street are the troops raised in the Nazi salute hands, go girls, young men in uniform, soldiers.

The movement of the camera through the crowd, passing carts pulled by a horse, mane where you tucked the flag with the swastika, movers in leather aprons waving their hands.

Rides a truck with young people who shout fascist slogans, pulling his hands.

Berchtesgaden, where finished negotiations with Chamberlain.

View of the estate from the river.

English and hang Nazi flags, are cars with English flags.

Chamberlain and Ribbentrop out of the building.

Chamberlain is coming to the microphone, delivers a speech, then gets in the car.

Together with Ribbentrop they were going to the airport, bypass the guard of honor.

Chamberlain gets on the plane.

Hitler out of the building, a woman brings him flowers, the people welcomed Hitler.

Hitler gets in the car, riding.

Photo of General Serbia with a black eye patch, mobilized and spearheaded the resistance.

The Czech army in the fight for the Sudetenland.

The fence sitting of the Czech soldiers, armored car rides, galloping horse artillery, the tanks.

Gunners deploy gun fire.

Visible broken bridge, burning houses, fires.

Wounded Sudeten Germans volunteer in a German hospital.

Nurse talking with injured, he talks about the events at home.

The beds are wounded.

German refugees from the Sudetenland go with things on the road, the trucks carry the frail elderly, women with children are in the woods, tied to the carts cattle.

Refugees cross the border of Germany.

Berlin sports Palace, where he held a rally 26.9.1938 on the occasion of the National day of the German people.

Hitler in the car heading to the sports Palace.

The audience in the hall.

Hitler speaks.

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Reel №2

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Hitler on the podium, behind him the ranks of party activists and supporters, bearers.

Hitler speaks to the German nation.

The audience clap, scream, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

The view of night outside, listeners from the loudspeakers.

Hitler's speech listen to the radio in the cafe, at work, in the army.

Hitler on the balcony of the Reich Chancellery, at the bottom cheering crowd.

Military parade in front of the Pantheon on Unter den Linden.

Hitler rides in the car.

Hanging in the sky, the airship, flying planes, riding tanks.

On the street marching soldiers, sailors, riding tanks, mechanized artillery, fly planes.


Newspaper headlines and photographs of: Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain and Daladier meet in Munich regarding the Sudetenland.

Police thronging crowd.

Meeting at the station of Mussolini and Hitler, they pass a formation of troops, of residents.

In the entourage of Hitler, Goering, Hess, Himmler.

Travel through the streets of Munich, Hitler and Mussolini standing welcome of cheering residents.

At the airport oberwiesenfeld underground station in Munich lands a plane with the French President Daladier, he is greeted by Ribbentrop, they ride in the car.

The plane arrives with Chamberlain, he is greeted by Ribbentrop.

On the street riding a motorcade.

In the city: the arrival of Hitler to the building, then there are Chamberlain and Daladier.

The entrance comes Goering, Mussolini.

In the boardroom, at the table with Hitler at the map, next to the Hess, Himmler, Goering, generals.

Goering quite rubbing his hands.

Hitler talks to Mussolini, next to Goering.

Members of the Munich meetings are held at the gallery.

The signing of the text agreement on the Sudetenland.

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