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Propaganda footage shot in the Sudetenland on the village, populated by Germans, which defeated the Czechs.

Abandoned houses, broken furniture, stuff.

A local resident, who tells about events that happened here.

Responses from different countries.

In Czechoslovakia hard and Polish residents.

People were actively discussing the problems on the street.

In Hungary mass demonstrations for the release of comrades.

Meeting at the town hall, in the crowd of the portraits of Hitler, Mussolini, Horthy.

The announcer says that the Czechs, however, continued to provoke the outbreak of a universal European war.

Volunteers from different countries stand in the struggle against Bolshevism.

France, marching reservists, men say goodbye to their families, held a rally.

In England is the strengthening of critical points.

On the background of Westminster Abbey, and big Ben is the antiaircraft gun.

In the streets digging trenches.

Marching volunteers from different countries of Europe.

The Munich agreement.

On 29-30 September 1938 in Munich, an agreement was signed between Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain and Daladier on the occupation of the Sudetenland by Germany.

Mussolini's departure from Munich, his escort.

Mussolini arrives from Munich to Florence on the pier personally welcomed by the king, Victor Emmanuel III, they ignore the troops.

Mussolini in the train, he went to Rome, looks out the window of the car.

Crowds of people greet the Duce in the course of movement.

Mussolini on the balcony of the building.

Foreign Minister Ribbentrop was escorted to the airport by the French Prime Minister Daladier, they bypass the soldiers, the residents escorted guests, waving their hands.

Daladier gets on the plane.

The arrival of Daladier in France, an enthusiastic reception by the inhabitants.

Travel around the city, Daladier on the balcony.

British Prime Minister Chamberlain leaves Munich, at the airport he escorted Ribbentrop, they bypass the guard of honor.

Chamberlain gets on the plane.

Arriving in London in the rain.

At the airport to meet his wife and family.

The Prime Minister before the microphone, he speaks approvingly of the policies of Hitler, shows a document signed by him in Munich, read it.

Travel by car around the city.

In the evening the crowds at the Royal Palace, on the balcony, George VI and Elizabeth.

A lot of Nazi banners.

Hitler arrives in Berlin from Munich by train.

Atmosphere at the station, Goering, Goebbels, Neurath.

They bypass the soldiers.

Residents welcome the führer at the train station and all the way to Berlin.

Everywhere cheering crowds, held back by police.

A car pulls up with Hitler to the Reich Chancellery, a balcony.

At the bottom of a sea of people.

Close-UPS of children, drawing hands in a Nazi salute, people standing on balconies, on roofs of houses.

October 1 - start of the liberation of the Sudeten lands.

Border town, crossing customs checkpoint, the soldiers dumped the pole, raise the barrier.

The entry of German troops into the Sudetenland.

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Reel №2

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German cavalrymen ride across the border.

Residents joyfully greeted the German army, women, old people waving their hands in greeting.

In town drive motorcyclists, armored vehicles.

The soldiers are smiling, the people give them flowers.

On the wall official sign of the tax service of Czechoslovakia, buildings.

Open gate to the town include German troops, they were met with flowers, waving flags.

Residents in ecstasy shouting out the Nazi greeting.

Hitler arrives in the Sudetenland, he rides around town by car, shakes hands with the residents.

Motorcade passes through the city of Ash, Hitler exits car, approaches the ranks of the shooters.

Hitler in the resort town.

In the location of one of the parts in Eger directly into the box set the long table at which Hitler with generals trying lunch.

Hitler in Eger, the city is decorated with banners, garlands, flowers.

On the streets marching German soldiers.

At the last rally, the Conrad Henlein with words of gratitude toward the "liberators".

Henlein, shakes hands with Hitler, behind Himmler.

Motorcade driving through the streets of the city, pnrm.on the facades of houses.

People stand on the sidewalks, welcome the Fuhrer, the children run behind the car, the women throw flowers.

Key words

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