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The liberation of the Sudeten lands.

The border of the Czechoslovak Republic, a view of the emblem of the country.

German soldiers knocked on the border post with the car.

A marching column of soldiers.

The population welcomed the Germans, bring them flowers, hang banners: "Welcome!", "Slavery in the past."

Heard the shouts: "Sieg Heil!".

Ride German trucks, one military band played.

A pointer to Prague.

Soldiers with machines shake the hands of the villagers, the old lady throws the flowers.

The arrival of Hitler in carlsbad, residents gleefully run to the car, waving his hands.

Hitler on the balcony of a government building, it faces the street, children run to him with flowers.

At the sports Palace in Berlin, the opening of the campaign "Winter aid" 1938/39 years in the presence of Hitler.

In the ranks are soldiers with standard.

Goebbels speech with the report for last year.

It illustrated scenes Chronicles: the storage of potatoes, the loading of wagons, the distribution of the population free of hot soup, the children receive gifts.

Scheme of assistance to people in need.

Fundraising campaign lead Hess, chammer-Austen and other public officials.

Panorama of the hall, sit in the stands, Hitler, Ley, generals.

The distribution of charity dinners and things in the Sudetenland.

Hitler speaks about the liberation of the Sudetenland.

It illustrated scenes Chronicles.

Fortifications are tanks.

Destroyed houses, bridges, weeping women, children.

Care for women and children in Germany, kindergartens and boarding houses for travelers.

Refugees on the streets with children in the Sudetenland.

The distribution of food by German soldiers from the field kitchens.

The stew and bread truck, handing out to people.

Travel around the city the motorcade with Hitler, who arrived at the first parade in the Sudetenland.

Hitler's generals bypasses the formation of soldiers, a parade with Keitel.

Motorcade rides by Reichenberg, crowds greet the führer, waving flags.

Hitler on the balcony of the building in front of a crowd.

The faces of the people in the crowd, a German soldier next to an old lady.

Hitler visited the former border between Germany and Czechoslovakia, showing him the abandoned bunkers.

Hitler and the generals out of the bunker, visiting the places of past battles, of the line of fortifications.

Ruins of houses in the city.

The City Freudenthal.

Hitler and Goering on the square among the crowd, people greet them, pulling his hands, crying with emotion.

Goering suitable for children, pats the girl on the cheek, and gives cookies.

Travel to another city, the children bring flowers.

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