Tonwoche 1938 № 425

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Producer UFA

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The Italian Minister of economy Alfieri makes a visual inspection of a large construction site in Rome.

The Minister with the layout of the residential quarter.

Construction work, crane work.

USA. The view from the air on a big fire on neftesclad.

Tank in flames.

Firefighters are trying to extinguish the fire.

Seeing the Italian legionaries to the front in Spain.

The rally in the city.

The Legionnaires and the population meet General Franco, who came to the ceremony.

Police thronging crowd.

Franco bypasses the Legionnaires.

Girl tied to a pole with a standard tape.

Franco produces the rewarding of officers and soldiers.

Solemn aisle foreign players past the grandstand with Franco and officials.

The soldiers on the ship, going to Spain.

Above the ship is flying the plane, and throws the leaflets that fall on the deck.

Exhibition of Parisian fashion.

Fashion models represent models of evening dresses.

Two mannequins sit in a chair and an Ottoman.

Close-up detail: bow on shoulder, elegant embroidery on the jacket.

Fashion model in long white dress with straps looks in the mirror.

Mannequin jewelry made of gold, the bracelets, the ring, the necklace, she is holding a long cigarette holder with a cigarette.

Illuminated advertising circus Krone in Munich.

Representation in the circus.

In the arena of the performance of trained horses, then elephants.

Elephants go on the stage, one rests on a pedestal, while others crawl under his belly.

The elephant is on thumbs.

In the end the elephants go to a chain, standing front paws on the back in front of the partner.

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Reel №2

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Maneuvers Hungarian bombers.

The aircraft on the field, they are shells, strengthen.

Bombers in flight and during the bombing of the object.

The devastation caused by explosions: broken platform, warped rails.

The occasion of police in Rome.

A large column of police on bikes passing on the road.

Mussolini on a white horse welcomes columns policemen, riding motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars.

On the podium of a foreign military.

Demonstrations the police at the stadium with gymnastic exercises.

The performances of riders with tricks, they enter on a moving wedge with it slung over her track.

The motorcycles race by jumping through a burning ring.

Motorcyclists ride, arms raised in a Nazi salute.

Steeplechase riding, fancy riding.


On the river Bank is a flock of sheep.

Workers prepare the mixture for washing the sheep, put it in a special bath.

Pump pumps water from the river.

The sheep in turn dipped into the solution, washed and released into the corral.

In Burgos celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the inauguration of President Franco.

The street car rides with Franco with an escort from the Muslim horse guards.

The facade of the Palace reliefs, where the official celebrations.

The car comes Franco, he is greeted by the cavalry.

View of the huge poster with the face of Franco in a helmet and a welcome banner.

Franco goes to the balcony, a parade of troops.

Exemplary boarding house for women in the town Hotelbetten.

The bus arrives women, meet them at the entrance.

Lunch in the fresh air.

Physical exercises on the grass.

Woman resting, they sit at the table in the room, read, write letters, knit.

Others sunbathe on the beds, someone sleeps on the air, walking in the Park.

Key words

Hungary, 1938, the air force maneuvers Italy, 1938, celebrations, police, Mussolini, motorcycles, stunts, animals, home, horse racing Germany, 1938, agriculture, animal Spain, 1938, statesmen, personalities, parade Germany, 1938, women, health resorts