Starlet 1971 № 10

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Director: N.Nikitkin, G.Eljnickaya, G.Holjnij, K.Rovnin

Script writers: N.Pozharickaya, R.Bagiryan, B.Zahoder, V.Stezhenskij

Operators: E.Potievskij, B.Mahov, V.Novgorodcev


Popular science almanac for preschool children.

Reel №1

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The host of the almanac, the Paganel doll, is introduced to the audience.

Sailboat in the sea.

A young man with a dog in a boat.

"The Robinsons of the Great Island".

Storm at sea.

A young man lies on a sandy beach.

The dog comes up to him and licks his face.

The young man recovers, sits up, and looks around.

The dog finds glasses in the sand and brings them to the owner.

A young man examines a boat with a broken side.

A young man and a dog explore the area.

Nest with chicks.

A duck with a brood of ducklings is floating on the lake.

The rocky beach of the sea.

Gulls over the sea.

A young man with a dog sits on the beach.

The dog chases the birds.

A young man is attacked by gulls.

As a result of the attack, his glasses are broken.



Reel №2

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A young man is resting on the rocks, and a dog brings him a mouse he has caught.

The dog moves away and lies down on the grass.

Paganel watches the characters through a telescope and comments on what is happening(synchronously).

A bear is walking through the forest.

A young man with a dog on his shoulder runs away.

A dog and a man run through the forest.

They stop at the stream to drink.

The young man finds the berries and eats them.

The part gives to the dog.

The young man falls somewhere.

Paganel watches and comments.

The young man throws a rope out of the hole and asks the dog to pull.

A woman with a gun approaches the dog.

The woman takes the rope and pulls the hapless traveler.

A young man is sitting by the fire and eating something from a bowl.

A young man talks to the woman who saved him.

A female forest ranger tells him about the island he came to.

The two Robinsons fell asleep by the fire.

In the morning, the Robinsons ' boat and the travelers themselves are taken in tow and taken to the mainland.


Murmansk region


Great Island



Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ships in port.

A sailboat with torn sails in the sea.

"The Secret of the Flying Dutchman".

A beam of light crosses the screen.

The beam is reflected by a mirror.

The Talking Head trick.

Exposing the trick.

The Flying Ghost trick.

The Musketeer tries to kill him with his sword.

Exposing the trick.

When meeting with water, the light beam breaks, changes direction.

Piglet in the hands.

The coin is thrown into the bowl, it is not visible.

Water is poured into the bowl and the coin appears.

Changing the direction of the beam with multiple glasses.

The effect is the refraction of a beam of light in the air.

A drawing explaining this effect.


A mirage in the desert.

A lone traveler in the sand.

Cumulus clouds.

Two people see their own reflection in the sky.

Books that tell about various mirages.

Illustrations of the most famous mirages.

The ghost ship (illustration).

Water surface.

A sailboat with torn sails gradually dissolves into thin air.

Paganel comments on the plot.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Through 100 tunnels-to the monkeys."

The train goes through a tunnel in the mountains.

The Taj Mahal.

Several decorated elephants with drovers.

The procession of camels on parade.


Men's orchestra.

Snake charmer.

One of the Indian temples.

Sculptures on the street.

Smoking sticks in a vase.

Image of Hanuman.

The abduction of Situ (illustration).

The monkey people are building a bridge between India and Lanka.

Saving Sita (illustrations).

Foothills of the Himalayas.

The train goes through the tunnels.

Simla city.

Cars before entering the city.

Houses perched on a mountain.

The monkey is lying on the roof.

A family of monkeys on the roof.

The monkey crosses the street.

A dog barks at a group of monkeys.

Hotel room after visiting it by monkeys.

Monkeys climb up the pipe.

Monkeys in the trees.

A temple dedicated to Hanuman in the jungle.

A man rings the bells.

Temple attendants feed the monkeys in front of the entrance.

The monkey climbs into the things left by the film crew.

The monkey looks at the movie camera.

Paganel comments on what he saw.

Train on a mountain road.




Simla City

Reel №5

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"*Gymnastics for tadpoles".

An overgrown pond.

Pond inhabitants: small crustaceans, floating beetle, etc.

A duck is swimming in a pond.

Large-frog eggs.

Development of eggs (macro photography).

A tadpole emerges from the egg.

The tadpole feeds on small crustaceans.


Dragonfly on a branch.

A snail on a leaf of an aquatic plant.


A little frog on land.


Paganel comments.